welcome to the awards session 2016 2017 n.
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Welcome to the Awards Session 2016/2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Awards Session 2016/2017

Welcome to the Awards Session 2016/2017

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Welcome to the Awards Session 2016/2017

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  1. Welcome to the Awards Session2016/2017

  2. The Life of a Scientist Write grant Get money Do experiments Analyze results Write papers REPEAT OFTEN!

  3. Research Area • NSERC – natural sciences and engineering OR • SSHRC – social sciences and humanities OR • CIHR – health sciences • DO NOT submit an application to e.g. NSERC and CIHR at the same time. Otherwise both agencies will not consider your application. Send both agencies a ½ page abstract to ask which one you should apply to.

  4. Important Things to Keep in Mind • Applications that are submitted after the deadline will NOT be considered for the competition. NO extensions!!! Stick to the deadline and follow instructions! • Have your lay abstract proof-read by someone who is not working in your field of study to see whether it is easily understandable. • Please impress the committee by sticking to margins, not leave anything blank (use N/A whenever something does not apply to you), not having any typos etc. => the overall appearance DOES matter • Type everything in a word-document first and use spell check. Paste into the forms when final draft is ready. Look out for any changes to symbols, etc. • Keep an eye on your referees. Make sure they upload their letters of reference on time and stay in contact with them. • Choose your referees wisely – one ‘mediocre’ reference can have a major negative impact on your application • CIHR-CGSD and Vanier: Register for MEDI649 (PhD) before you order your UBC transcript and also order your transcripts from other Canadian universities.

  5. Application Forms • Fill in everything that applies to you • Forms are online: • CIHR doctoral award: ResearchNet • NSERC doctoral award: NSERC website • Tri-Agency Master’s awards: Research Portal • Affiliated Awards: FG+PS website • Affiliated Awards must be submitted as hard-copy (with the first page signed) • IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions

  6. Transcripts • Original, official transcripts from North American Universities (Vanier, CIHR-CGSD) • Certified true copies of international and domestic transcripts (including UBC) are allowed for NSERC doctoral, Tri-Agency Master’s, and Affiliated Awards • Send us updated transcripts if applicable!!! • All postsecondary studies transcripts are needed

  7. Reference Letters • Vanier: 3 • CIHR Doctoral: 3 • NSERC Doctoral: 2 • Tri-Agency MSc: 2 • Affiliated Awards: 2 • Affiliated Fellowship Reference form • Received in sealed envelope or via email directly from referee • Max. 1 page

  8. Reference Letters • Always include your supervisor (if possible) • Requires some advance planning: • Make sure you provide the referee with your most up to date CV • Meet with the referee to discuss your project • Take every opportunity to have your referee included in discussions about your research • Former instructors are okay, as long as they know you (are you just one of many students?)

  9. Vanier application deadline has passed. Our program will be providing supporting letters for all submissions (we have a quota of 5) October 4 – deadline for Tri-Agency doctoral applications via ResearchNet for CIHR (NSERC Oct 17) (earlier deadline to submit to ORS for signatures for CIHR) October 17 – deadline for doctoral Affiliated Awards application recommendation by ExpMed December 1 – deadline for Tri-Agency Masters applications December 1 – deadline for Masters Affiliated Awards application Approx. April 2017 – Awards results will be released Timeline

  10. Affiliated Fellowship SSHRC CIHR-CGSM NSERC Research Portal for all M.Sc. applications Experimental Medicine Program •Review applications for eligibility and completeness •Rank applications (Masters and Doctoral separately) •Forwards top applications to FG+PS (based on quotas) FG+PS Please note: CIHR doctoral awards are submitted directly to CIHR

  11. Submission to CIHR • CIHR submissions go via ResearchNet and are completely electronic • At the end of submission, CIHR must verify with UBC to give final approval • ORS must have a record of your application • You must complete a RPIF well before the deadline • You must indicate UBC as the institution to be paid

  12. Office of Research Services • ORS Website: • Download the Research Project Information Form as a fillable pdf (from ‘Electronic Forms’ under Resources and Links) • Your supervisor must be listed first • You will need to provide a pdf of your application (not necessarily complete, but it should have as much info as possible) • You will need to have the form signed by your supervisor’s department head first (2-5 days!)

  13. Eligibility Doctoral Students • First-class academic standing in each of the last two years of full-time study • Each award type has restrictions on number of months of graduate study completed as of a certain date: • CIHR doctoral: minimum of 12 months (as of October 1st, 2016) Completed maximum of: • 22 months in Ph.D. program (start date after January 2015) if MSc completed or transferred from MSc • 34 months (start date January 2013) if direct-entry PhD • NSERC doctoral (as of December 31, 2016): • less than 24 months (start date January 2015) from start date in PhD • between 4-36 months (start date January 2014 if direct-entry PhD) • Affiliated Awards (as of December 31, 2016): • less than 36 months (start date January 2014) • less than 48 months (start date January 2013 if direct-entry PhD)

  14. Eligibility Master’s Students • First-class academic standing in each of the last two years of full-time study • Each award type has restrictions on the number of months of graduate study you have completed as of a certain date: • Tri-Agency (as of December 31, 2016): less than 12 months (start date January 2016 or later) • in MSc • in PhD (direct-entry students) • in MSc (for students intending to transfer to PhD) • Affiliated Awards: • MSc students: less than 24 months as of December 31, 2015 (start date January 2014)

  15. International Students • Unfortunately…not many options • International students are eligible to apply only to the UBC Affiliated Fellowship and Vanier competitions. • International students are not eligible for CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC

  16. Application materials CIHR-CGSD • Signed signature pages • Common CV • Training expectations • Summary of Research Project • Space, Facilities, and Personnel Support • 3 letters of reference • Transcripts • Proof of citizenship or Permanent Residency

  17. Application materials NSERC • Application Forms 201 (4 pages) • Outline of proposed research (1 page) • Contributions and Statement • Justification for Eligibility of Proposed Research (if applicable) • Transcripts • Two letters of reference (Appendix 1) • Referees should use Appendix 1 form

  18. Typical ‘Weighting’ • Selection Criteria Weightings • CGS D/PGS D (percent) • Academic excellence 30 • Research ability or potential 50 • Communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities 20

  19. Affiliated Awards – Downloads Download instructions, application form and reference form

  20. Application materials Affiliated • Affiliated Awards Application Form • Outline of Proposed Research (1 page) • Contributions and Statement (1 page) • Special circumstances (optional) • Transcripts • Two letters of reference (Appendix 1) • Referees should use Appendix 1 form • If free format: max. 1 page

  21. Application materials Affiliated Please note: • If Canadian citizen or permanent resident: Check external funding (CIHR etc.). If eligible, you HAVE TO apply for external funding!!!

  22. Application materials Affiliated

  23. General Advice • Provide as much detail as possible and use all parts of the forms • Get help from your supervisor • Have others read your application • Check your spelling and be careful about formatting • Sloppy application = sloppy research? • Follow the instructions

  24. Thank you very much for your attention! If you have any questions: Virginia Grosman Senior Program Assistant Experimental Medicine Program 604-875-4111 -ext. 63140