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  1. DO NOW • Take out a half sheet of paper • Label your quiz like this: Name Date Period English Quiz R1.2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Quiz R1.5 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  2. AGENDA • Quiz • Check Quiz • Read a Drama and Answer Questions: • Pages 814-815 • Unit Assessment next week!! • Foldable next week

  3. Quiz Time! • Answer each question carefully! • I will slowly read the questions and answer choices. • We will start with R1.2 and then finish with R1.5

  4. Quiz R1.2 • Which sentence contains a simile? • Sheila ran as fast as she could to the finish line • Henry said he would like to eat ice cream at every meal • Sophia wrote an essay that looked like it would get an A • Jose rode the horse like a cowboy in an old western movie

  5. Quiz R1.2 • Which line from a story is an example of personification? • “Your hair dances when you walk around.” • “Glass is made from sand that is melted.” • “It has been around for a very long time.” • “People will benefit from inventions.”

  6. Quiz R1.2 • Which sentence contains a metaphor? • Jennifer ran to the base after she hit the ball. • Mark was cold when he went outside. • The pillow was a cloud when I rested my head against it. • The bed was soft.

  7. Quiz R1.2 • What does award mean as it is used in this sentence from a story? “Samuel did not realize that his writing skills would award him a future as a newspaper editor.” • deny • present • force • purchase

  8. Quiz R1.2 • Which line from a story is an example of a metaphor? • The moon was a vanilla wafer in the night sky. • The hills were lush and green after the spring rain. • The lions paced in their cages as if they were nervous. • The fountain sparked and danced in the sunlight.

  9. Quiz R1.5 • Read the following sentence and answer the question: “I think the start of your assignment is right here on my desk. Which of the these means nearly the same as assignment? • Task • Voyage • Contest • Operation

  10. Quiz R1.5 • Read the following sentence and answer the question: “Rose’s research had already started.” Which of the these means nearly the same as research? • Manuscript • Progress • Study • Panel

  11. Quiz R1.5 • Read the following sentence and answer the question: “Leading health officials tell us that our bodies require at least eight glasses of water a day.” What is the BEST synonym for the word require in the sentence above? • Need • Miss • Desire • Wish

  12. Quiz R1.5 • Which of the following could be different shades of meaning for the word awful? • white, gray, black • horrible, terrible, unpleasant • wonderful, average, bad • dreadful, amazing, beautiful

  13. Quiz R1.5 • Which of these words could replace the word erosion in the following sentence? “Erosion of the cliffs produces large blocks of sandstone that litter the beaches at the foot of the cliffs.” • gravel • flooding • damage • misfortune

  14. Drama • Turn to page 814-815 in your Literature Textbook • I need three volunteers to help me read the drama: • Eleni • Zack • Sandra • When we finish reading the drama, we will analyze it and its characters by answering the 8 questions that follow.

  15. #1 What is the purpose of the use of scenes in this drama? • To show change and time of setting • To show Zach’s character growth • To indicate various emotions • To reveal setting

  16. #2 What main problem does the dialogue in this play reveal? • Eleni and Zack did not want to move • Tim and Sandra do not understand the game that Eleni and Zack are playing • Zack does not understand what Elemi is doing when they go to the park • Eleni and Zack have not yet made friends in their new town

  17. #3 Why do the stage directions in the play include descriptions such as Brightening and Shyly? • So the actors will know how to move on the stage • So the actors will know mood is being set • So the actors will know how to react to one another • So the actors will know how loudly to speak

  18. #4 According to the stage directions, where does the main part of the drama take place? • At Eleni and Zack’s house • At Tim’s house • At a neighborhood park • Inside Eleni and Zack’s house

  19. #5 Which of these would most likely serve as a prop in this drama? • A bicycle tire • A park swing set • A book • A game board

  20. #6 What happens in the resolution of the play? • Zack and Eleni play a game • Zack and Eleni move to a new town • Eleni invents a new game • Zack and Eleni make new friends

  21. #7 Which of these is most likely the author’spurpose for writing this play? • To entertain • To Persuade • To inform • To explain

  22. #8 Vocabulary in Context. Which word is closest in meaning to the underlined word sheepish? • Angry • Suspicious • Embarrassed • Confused