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Procurement Training

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Procurement Training. Mission Statement.

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mission statement
Mission Statement
  • Procurement Services is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services required by Utah Valley University and all its departments. The most important function of UVU Procurement Services is to serve other campus departments and to help them obtain the supplies and services they need for effective operation. We are dedicated to implementing policies and procedures that incorporate the University's Core Themes and Administrative Imperatives by establishing operating procedures with which to locate and ensure adequate and continuing sources of supply, consistent with legal, budgetary, and delivery requirements of user departments.
  • It is our mission to:
    • Acquire goods and services on a timely and economical basis;
    • Assure compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and University regulations during the procurement process;
    • Provide assistance, consultation, and advice regarding all procurement needs of the University.
purchasing assistance
Purchasing Assistance
  • Procurement Services provides help with:
    • Saving your department money
    • Sourcing assistance
    • Purchasing expertise and experience
    • Creating efficiencies
    • Upholding University policies and procedures
update to state code
Update to State Code
  • U.C.A. 63G-6a: Utah Procurement Code
    • Various high-profile procurement-related issues
  • Update process
    • 2012 Legislative Session
    • 2013 Legislative Session
  • Effective Date: May 1, 2013
  • More changes coming.
new uvu policies
New UVU Policies
  • New policies
    • 241, University Procurement
    • 242, Solicitation and Award of Procurement Contracts
    • 243, Small Purchases
    • 244, Requisitions and Purchase Orders
    • 245, Receiving Goods and Services
    • 246, Surplus Property
other uvu policies
Other UVU Policies
  • 204, Appropriateness of Expenditures
  • 211, Employee Appreciation and Recognition (Gifts and Rewards)
expenditure policy
Expenditure Policy
  • “Each school, department, unit, and approving official must exercise prudent judgment to ensure that the commitment of funds is appropriate and justified for institutional operations.” (Policy 204 4.1.1)
campus standards
Campus Standards
  • Computers
    • Computer Shop
  • Printers
    • HP
  • Audio/Visual Equipment
    • Contact Media Services
  • Furniture
  • Construction/Room Changes
  • Printing
unique ordering requirements
Unique Ordering Requirements
  • Software, including apps
    • Software Ordering System
  • Campus-owned cellphones/aircards
  • Office Supplies – Ordering On-line
inappropriate expenditures
Inappropriate Expenditures
  • Personal expenses of any kind
  • Donations
  • Gifts to employees over $50 (other than approved recognition programs)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Going-away receptions (reason other than leaving the University)
  • Child care expenses
  • Intra-campus holiday cards paid for with appropriated funds
  • Flowers for weddings, baby showers, Secretary’s Day, Valentines
  • Loans
  • Political contributions from appropriated funds
emergency vs urgent
Emergency vs. Urgent
  • Emergency procurements are procurements needed due to an emergency situation
    • Threat to public health or welfare
    • Serious threat to the functioning of the institution
    • Procurements made at Purchasing’s discretion
  • Urgent procurements are procurements that are needed due to a lack of planning or circumstances beyond the control of the requestor.
    • All procurement policies and procedures must still be followed.
  • Small-Dollar Purchase Threshold
    • $5,000
    • $15,000 (Construction)
  • Large-Dollar Purchase Threshold
    • $50,000
purchasing card
Purchasing Card
  • Intended for small-dollar purchases.
    • Per-purchase limit usually set at $1500.
  • Monthlylimit usually set at $5000.
  • Must keep receipts and documentation for seven (7) years.
  • Must reconcile, sign, and date monthly statements.
    • Supervisor must review, sign, and date.
  • Written pre-approval must be obtained for certain purchases (see policy).
limited purchase check
Limited Purchase Check
  • Request up to 5 checks per Index.
    • Stores Requisition.
  • Two types of checks: $150 & $500.
  • Individuals must be authorized to pick up checks by Responsible Party.
  • Notification will be sent to the department when the checks are available for pickup.
  • Used LPC should be returned within five (5) days of use.

This is how it works regardless of:

Fund source

Sourcing method

requisition tips
Requisition Tips
  • Do not include $0.00 commodity or FOAPAL lines.
  • Use the same commodity code on every line.
  • Replace the commodity default description.
  • You can only use indexes for which you have Banner authorization.
  • Purchasing cannot adjust requisitions after they have been completed, but you can.
  • Once a requisition has been completely approved, it cannot be changed.
deleting comm foapal lines
Deleting Comm./FOAPAL lines
  • Highlight the line you want to delete.
  • Press Shift-F6, click the record remove button on the taskbar, or select remove from the record menu.
  • If you can’t delete the line, you may need to complete the line with erroneous information before deleting the line.
required approvals
Required Approvals
  • Vice Presidents must approve:
    • all expenditures for $25,000 and above.
    • all expenditures for memberships, floral, clothing, or awards/gifts.
  • The President must approve:
    • all expenditures for $100,000 and above.
    • all expenditures for a memberships, floral, clothing, or awards/gifts from his personal staff.
  • President’s Council must approve all expenditures between $150,000 and $500,000.
  • The Board of Trustees must approve all expenditures for $500,000
approval process
Approval Process
  • Required approval based on account code (commodity code), amount, and organization.
  • Approving officials receive an e-mail.
  • Approval Queues
  • Check Approval Queue
  • See Approval History
  • Lists all documents for which the user is the next approver.
  • To see all documents which the user must approve, uncheck the Next Approver box.
  • List of queues on left, list of approvers on right.
  • May be used to approve documents.
  • Enter req number and press execute query (F8).
uv link approvals
UV Link Approvals
  • Documents can also be approved on UVLink.
    • Employee Tab, Financial Information Folder
bid process
Bid Process
  • Bids are completed by the Purchasing Office.
  • Include minimum specifications in the requisition.
  • Typical Timeline
    • $5,000 to $20,000
      • 3-5 days
    • $20,000 to $50,000
      • 5-10 days
    • Over $50,000
      • 2 – 3 weeks
bid process1
Bid Process
  • Requests for Quotes (RFQs)
    • Over $5,000, equal or less than $50,000.
    • Sent to three (3) or more known vendors.
  • Invitations for Bids (IFBs)
    • Over $50,000.
    • Posted on BidSync
    • Minimum of 10 days
enhanced procurement methods
Enhanced Procurement Methods
  • Multi-Stage Bid (MSB)
  • Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Multi-Year Pricing Agreement/Contract
  • Requires justification
    • Fill out Justification for Enhanced Procurement Method
ethical requirements
Ethical Requirements
  • All individuals participating in a procurement, including contract administration, must adhere to the ethical requirements outlined in the Utah Procurement Code
    • Gratuities
    • Kickbacks
    • Fairness
    • Impropriety
uvu procurement code of ethics
UVU Procurement Code of Ethics
  • Know and obey the letter and spirit of laws, regulations, and policies
  • Prevent the appearance of unethical behavior
  • Protect confidential information
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Do not accept gifts, gratuities, or kickbacks from vendors which may appear to influence purchasing decisions.
  • State Contracts
    • Bid or RFP Completed by the State or WSCA
    • No Additional Competition Needed
    • Purchase Directly
  • University Contracts
sole source procurement
Sole Source Procurement
  • Sole source procurement may be used when a requirement is only reasonably available from a single supplier
    • Availability
    • Compatibility
    • Transition costs
  • Require justification
    • Sole Source Justification Form
  • Not reasons: price, time
types of purchase orders
Types of Purchase Orders
  • Regular PO
    • Used to order specific items.
    • Requisitions should include separate commodity lines for each product/service.
    • Orders that will have multiple invoices for the same amount.
  • Standing/Open PO
    • Used for contract orders that result in multiple invoices for different amounts.
change orders
Change Orders
  • Requisitions should have a good estimated amount
    • No $1.00 requisitions
  • Change Orders submitted through website form
  • Additional items will not be added from invoice
  • Analyzed to ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and applicable contracts
  • If products are delivered by the Receiving Dept., no reporting is necessary.
  • If products are delivered directly to department by vendor or picked up, send proof of delivery to the Receiving Dept.
  • If service, send confirmation of services rendered to the Receiving Dept.
  • Receiving is not required on Standing POs.
  • Contact the Receiving Dept. via e-mail,
  • If invoice is received in the department:
    • Verify that PO number is on the invoice.
    • Send the invoice to Accounts Payable, MS 109.
  • Memberships/Conferences/Subscription
    • Registration/subscription forms should be sent to A/P with the requisition/PO number on them.
  • Not allowed
  • Exceptions determined by Purchasing
    • Deposits
    • Progress Payments
  • An unauthorized purchase is a purchase made without following the authorized procurement processes. 
  • An after-the-fact purchase occurs when a University employee places an order without first completing a requisition and receiving a purchase order.
violations cont
Violations – cont.
  • Result in duplicate payments to the vendor, for which the department is responsible.
  • Result in higher costs for goods and services
  • Lead to significant vendor payment issues that can result in problems for other departments on campus.
  • Bypass the appropriate approval process.
  • Place the University at financial risk and create potential personal liability.
  • Create additional, often unnecessary, work for administrative support staff.
violations cont1
Violations – cont.

Ways to Avoid Violations:

  • If you have to place an order, create the requisition right away.  Work with the Purchasing Office if you need the order expedited.
  • You must arrange a payment method BEFORE placing an order.  “I didn’t know…,” is not a valid excuse for violating policy.
violations cont2
Violations – cont.

What to do if a violation occurs:

  • If a violation occurs, fill out all sections of the Purchase Violation Form. 
    • An explanation of why policy was not followed
    • Future corrective action
  • Attach invoice and send for authorizing signatures
  • Vendor is paid
  • DO NOT enter a requisition.
stores warehouse requisitions
Stores/Warehouse Requisitions
  • Warehouse purchases are done on Banner using the Stores Requisition screen (FSAREQN).
  • Items are delivered within three (3) days, some within 24 hours.
  • Use Account Code 720076.
  • Paper, paper cups, tissues, bags, forms.
independent contractors a p
Independent Contractors – A/P
  • Services performed by individuals.
    • No product
    • No companies
  • Requires Responsible Party signature.
  • Second Level approval required for payments $1000 or more.
independent contractors
Independent Contractors
  • Deemed “Independent” by FaBS and Human Resources.
  • Guest Speakers/Performers are always considered independent.
  • Form can be downloaded from the Finance and Business Services Website.
check requests a p
Check Requests – A/P
  • “Any expenditure external to UVU that cannot be purchased with a limited purchase check or purchasing card must be obtained using a requisition through the Purchasing Department” (Policy 204.V.A.1.g).
  • Sales Tax.
  • Lack of proper controls.
check requests proper use
Check Requests – Proper Use
  • Reimburse a government entity for procurement performed by the government entity
  • Reimbursement for employee for an expenditure approved by Procurement Services.
  • Reimbursement to students as approved by FaBS.
  • Include a detailed explanation on the check request.
  • Check Requests received for reimbursement may be sent to the VP as a violation.
  • Questions regarding Check Requests are referred to Scott Wood.
  • Personal reimbursement program
  • No P-Card or LPC
  • Travel Office
thank you for coming
Thank You for Coming
  • If you have questions, please call Procurement Services at 8301or e-mail