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Procurement Management Training

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Procurement Management Training What this session will cover An overview of Business Affairs including Procurement Management and the departments therein A quick tour of the Procurement Management website, which contains most information you’ll ever need An overview of Procurement Policies

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Procurement Management Training

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what this session will cover
What this session will cover
  • An overview of Business Affairs including Procurement Management and the departments therein
  • A quick tour of the Procurement Management website, which contains most information you’ll ever need
  • An overview of Procurement Policies
  • A more extensive look at travel-related policies and procedures
business affairs
Business Affairs
  • Headed by Dr. Calvin Jamison, Vice President for Business Affairs. Dr. Jamison joined UTD on August 1, 2007.
business affairs4
Business Affairs
  • Business Affairs includes the functional areas of: financial management, budgets and reporting, facilities maintenance, planning and construction, land development, police, human resources, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, print shop, food service and bookstore.
business affairs5
Business Affairs
  • Our Mission: The mission of Business Affairs is to manage The University of Texas at Dallas business operations in a manner that facilitates the achievement of the university’s teaching, research, and public service objectives. Essential to achieving this mission are effective business processes, financial health, and the safety of the campus community. The core values underlying all Business Affairs operations are transparency, integrity, and accountability.
business affairs6
Business Affairs
  • Current Initiatives
    • Customer Service
    • Efficiency Improvements
    • Campus Signage
    • Transportation and Parking
what is procurement management
What is Procurement Management?
  • Procurement Management is one area of Business Affairs.
  • Formed in 1996 as part of a re-engineering effort designed to streamline and increase effectiveness of the member departments
  • Originally comprised of Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Travel, Central Stores, Receiving and Property Administration
  • Purchasing Card added in 1998; Mail Services added in 2004, Print Shop and Auxiliary Services added in 2005
department contacts11
Department Contacts

You can also reach a departmental supervisor by sending email to the following easy-to-remember addresses:

our website
Our Website
  • business/procure/
  • Can also be found on the main UTD website by using the A-Z search index and looking for “Procurement Management”
policies and procedures

Policies and Procedures

UTD, Fiscal Year 2008

important things to know
Important Things to Know
  • UTD is part of the State of Texas, and must exercise fiscal responsibility when dealing with taxpayer and tuition dollars. Adherence to our policies and procedures is vital to this goal.
  • Even if your department has delegated purchasing authority, ONLY the Vice President for Business Affairs and the AVP for Procurement Management are authorized to sign contracts or agreements.
important things to know22
Important Things to Know
  • Only the Procurement Management Office is authorized to collect competitive bids from vendors. Feel free to get a single quote for estimation purposes, but only we can initiate the actual bidding process.
  • Any requests for purchase or payment against a contract/grant account (6xxxxx) must also be approved by the Contract/Grant Accounting Office, AD37.
the purchasing cycle
The Purchasing Cycle
  • Department perceives need for product/service
  • Purchasing department acquires product/service if delegated purchasing methods cannot be used
  • Property tags qualifying products as they arrive
  • Receiving coordinates shipments and delivers products to department
  • Accounts Payable processes invoices for payment
  • AVP for Procurement Management coordinates all departments to ensure smooth operation
  • Is responsible for overseeing the purchase of all goods and services as required by the University
  • Is responsible for monitoring the use of delegated purchasing methods to ensure compliance with UTD policy and State law
delegated purchasing methods
Delegated Purchasing Methods

Petty Cash

When a purchase is for less than $50, an authorized employee can buy the item with his/her own money and then seek reimbursement. Take a properly completed and signed Request for Payment/Reimbursement of Business Expense form to the Bursar’s office, along with the original receipt.

delegated purchasing methods26
Delegated Purchasing Methods

Small Order System (SOS)

Certain departments have SOS Purchase Orders, which can be used for purchases under $500 at any vendor that will accept a UTD Purchase Order. The SOS must be properly signed, and the pink and green copies must be sent to Procurement (AD34) within 48 hours of making the purchase.

delegated purchasing methods27
Delegated Purchasing Methods

Purchasing Card

Authorized individuals may be granted a University Purchasing Card (MasterCard) to use when making purchases up to $1000. Cardholders must complete a training session and submit all activity statements in a timely manner.

standard purchasing method
Standard Purchasing Method

If none of the delegated methods are available to you, or if the ones available are insufficient to make the purchase you desire, prepare a Purchase Requisition and send it to Procurement Management at AD34. One of our buyers will process the order on your behalf, soliciting competitive bids if necessary.

standard purchasing method29
Standard Purchasing Method

Be aware that some types of purchases will be handled directly by Accounts Payable, and can be sent on a Purchase Voucher instead of a Purchase Requisition. Membership dues, conference registrations, and periodical subscriptions are the most commonly encountered examples of this type of transaction. But if in doubt, send a Purchase Requisition.

hub program
HUB Program

(Historically Underutilized Business)

As an equal-opportunity University, and in accordance with State and Federal law, UTD is committed to exerting a good-faith effort in promoting and extending business opportunities to women- and minority-owned businesses.

If you would like more information on finding a women- or minority-owned business that sells the product you seek, you can contact Paul Watson at phone x2307 or by email at

forms you will use
Forms you will use

Purchasing Forms

Purchase Requisition:Used to have Purchasing procure goods or services on your behalf. The Requisition can be completed online at UTD’s E-Forms website. Print and submit the completed requisition to Procurement @ AD34 or fax to ext. 2348.

SOS:A department-issued purchase order valid up to $500 (in most cases); used at any merchant who will accept a UTD Purchase Order.

  • A partnership between Staples, UTD, and Worthington Paper for online office supplies ordering
  • Goods can be ordered online at (email Katie Simpson for access form)
  • Order exactly what you want, and have it delivered the next business day
  • Easy-to-use website – if you have ever shopped online, you should have no problem using StaplesLink
  • Individual or department training upon request
central receiving
Central Receiving
  • Receives all purchases shipped to the University, and delivers them to the requisitioning department
  • Receives and redistributes all outbound shipments made via UPS, Federal Express, Airborne Express, etc.
  • Delivers and tracks gas cylinders used by University departments
central receiving35
Central Receiving
  • To arrange shipping services, fill out a Shipping Request/ Return to Vendor form and send it to SB11
  • UTD currently has its shipping contracts through Airborne Express and UPS
  • Compare prices between carriers and service levels, see prices right away
  • Print airbills from your computer
  • Central Receiving automatically notified
  • Individual or dept. training on request
  • Email Katie Simpson at to request an account set-up form.
forms you will use37
Forms you will use

Receiving/Central Stores forms

StaplesLink Access Request Form:Use this to request a StaplesLink account. Available on Procurement Management’s website, or by emailing Katie Simpson.

eShipGlobal Access Request Form: As above, but for eShipGlobal. Email Katie Simpson for a copy.

property administration
Property Administration
  • Tags and tracks all controlled assets and capitalized property of the University
  • Generates, distributes, and oversees the annual inventory of University property
  • Tracks the movement of capitalized equipment, including missing, stolen, surplus and transferred equipment
property administration39
Property Administration
  • Handles the sale and disposal of surplus
  • Works with UTD Controller’s and Strategic Planning offices to report facility space inventory and depreciation of all real and personal property
property administration40
Property Administration
  • Capitalized Goods = over $5,000 with a useful life of more than 1 year
  • Controlled Assets = electronics, cameras and lab equipment over $500; all firearms regardless of value
forms you will use41
Forms you will use

Property Administration forms

Release of Equipment:Fill out this form when either sending items to Property as surplus, or giving them to another department.

Return to Vendor:In addition to the previous mentioned use, also send a copy to Property Administration to ensure that Property removes the item from their inventory records so you’re not held responsible for it anymore.

Inventory Forms: Completed annually to ascertain the location of assets allocated to your department.

accounts payable
Accounts Payable
  • Is responsible for generating all Accounts Payable checks issued by the University, upon receipt of appropriate paperwork or electronically submitted information
  • Processes payments for Purchase Orders, SOS’s, Purchase Vouchers, Business Expense Reimbursements and Professional Services
accounts payable transactions
Accounts Payable Transactions

Purchase Order Payments

  • Purchasing creates a PO from a Purchase Requisition
  • Central Receiving enters receiving information in FINS
  • Accounts Payable enters invoice information in FINS
  • Check is released upon the establishment of 3-way match
accounts payable transactions44
Accounts Payable Transactions

SOS Payments

  • Department uses an SOS and submits green and pink copies to Accounts Payable within 48 hours (mail stop AD34)
  • Accounts Payable receives invoices from vendor
  • Check is released when an invoice can be matched with a submitted SOS
accounts payable transactions45
Accounts Payable Transactions

Purchase Voucher Payments

  • Use a Purchase Voucher:
  • When authorizing payment on a blanket Purchase Order
  • For memberships, conference registrations, subscriptions, or utility expenses.
  • To authorize payment to an independent contractor
accounts payable transactions46
Accounts Payable Transactions

Business Expense Reimbursements

  • A Request for Payment/ Reimbursement of Business Expense form is typically used by a department to request reimbursement for entertainment expenses, or other “out-of-pocket” expenses with a valid business purpose.
accounts payable transactions47
Accounts Payable Transactions

A couple of points to remember

  • If reimbursement is for a meal or social gathering, names must be listed on the form if fewer than 10 people attended.
  • If reimbursement is for a meal and only UTD employees attend, the requester cannot seek reimbursement for his/her own meal.
accounts payable transactions48
Accounts Payable Transactions

Awards/Fellowships/ Scholarships

If you are duly authorized, you may use the Appointment Form for School Scholarships, Fellowships and other Awards to process a payment to a student.

All scholarship forms must be processed through Payroll and the Financial Aid office before a payment can be made.

accounts payable transactions49
Accounts Payable Transactions

Authorization for Professional Services

  • Used to pay non-employee individuals who provide a service to the University
  • Must be accompanied by a Purchase Voucher and Employee vs. Independent Contractor Checklist
  • May also require a Payee Identification Form if the individual is not a US citizen
forms you will use50
Forms you will use

Accounts Payable forms

Purchase Voucher:Used to make non-PO-related payments (e.g. registration fees), or to make payments against a “blanket” or other unencumbered PO.

Request for Payment/Reimbursement of Business Expense form:Most often used to seek reimbursement for non-travel-related entertainment expenses. Submit forms to Bursar when reimbursement is less than $50.

Authorization for Professional Services:Used when bringing guest speakers, researchers, coaches, or other non-personnel to UTD to assist in UTD business.

forms you will use51
Forms you will use

Accounts Payable forms

Direct Deposit Form:This authorizes Accounts Payable to directly deposit reimbursements into your bank account rather than cut you a check.

Benefit Statement:Not a form per se, but MUST be included with any requests to pay memberships to a professional society or club.

Invoices:Also not a form per se, but all invoices which arrive at your office should be forwarded to Accounts Payable at AD34 immediately. Make copies if you like.

travel policies procedures

Travel Policies & Procedures

UTD, Fiscal Year 2008

  • Receives properly approved Travel Authorizations, Travel Vouchers, Travel Advance Requests, and all special paperwork required for travel to foreign countries or to Washington, DC, when needed
  • Reconciles submitted Travel Vouchers and processes them for reimbursement if they can be matched with a properly approved Travel Authorization
  • Coordinates payment and chargeback of airfare billed directly to the University
department contacts54
Department Contacts

Trudy Muller is UTD’s Travel Coordinator, and can be reached by any of the following methods:

Phone: extension 2606

Fax: extension 2348

Campus Mail: stop AD34


E-mail sent to the above address is also monitored by Pete Bond, AVP for Procurement Management, and Gina Niemann, Accounts Payable Manager

department contracts
Department Contracts
  • Heather Burge is our Accounting Coordinator and assists Trudy with Travel. She can be reached by any of the following methods:
          • Phone: extension 4262
          • Fax: extension 2348
          • Campus Mail: stop AD34
          • E-Mail:
traveling on utd business
Traveling on UTD business
  • Complete and submit a properly approved Travel Authorization form for each trip. It summarizes the extent and purpose of travel.
travel authorization
Travel Authorization
  • Required before travel date. No reimbursements or payments can be made without one.
  • Make sure you list an account number and the dates of travel, and get signatures.
  • SSN or UTD ID is required to enter traveler into A/P’s financial system
foreign travel approval
Foreign Travel Approval

Request for President’s Approval of State Employees Traveling to Foreign Countries:Must be filled out for each trip outside the USA/Canada/Mexico, regardless of the source of funds. Send it to Lynn Butler at AD24; she will process it for approval and forward to Travel.

travel to foreign countries continued
Travel to Foreign Countries continued
  • The “benefit to UTD” is different from the “business purpose” of the trip. You must show that the travel helps you fulfill UTD’s objectives. Example:
  • Presidential Approval must be obtained while filling out the Travel Authorization – PRIOR to travel.
  • - Business Purpose: Society Conference in Madrid, Spain
  • - Benefit to UTD: Keep department up-to-date on latest research and developments in the field
international sos
International SOS
  • 24-Hour Worldwide Assistance & Emergency Evacuation Services

Use your SOS card when you…

    • would like to talk to an English speaking doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • need a dispatch of prescription medication.
    • need a referral to a doctor or dentist for even the most minor of instances.
    • have a serious injury and need SOS for an evacuation or repatriation.

You can pick up your card in the Procurement Office or we will be happy to send you one thru Campus Mail.

    • UTD’s International SOS membership number is: 11BSGC000037, Effective date 04/29/05.
    • International SOS website is:
travel to dc
Travel to DC

Report of State Agency Travel to Washington, DC:Everyone at UTD is an agent of the State of Texas, and Texas’s Office of State-Federal Relations needs to report when a State agent travels to Washington, D.C. regarding anything to do with legislation.

d c form
D.C. Form
  • Must be completed PRIOR to travel, just like the Travel Authorization.
  • Use the online form whenever possible:
  • Make sure to print a copy and send it along with your Travel Voucher when you return.
booking airfare
Booking airfare
  • All airfare reservations should be made through the University travel agent, Carlson Wagonlit. The State contracts refundable fares to and from most popular city pairs. Any airfare booked outside of Carlson must be pre-approved by the AVP Procurement.
booking airfare continued
Booking airfare continued
  • Airfare reservations can be made by calling Carlson Wagonlit directly at 972-277-8706
  • Or via email at
  • Or via Quick-Trip on-line booking tool
using quick trip
Using Quick Trip
  • QuickTrip is a service offered by Carlson Wagonlit (CWT) to allow the convenience of online travel booking with the power to access state-contracted rates for airfare.
  • The Procurement website includes links to training material which will help you use QuickTrip effectively. Email Katie Simpson for the URL to the QuickTrip site. We regret this is somewhat inconvenient, but it is necessary to keep the site secure and restricted to the UTD community.
airfare continued
Airfare continued
  • Airfare through Carlson Wagonlit is directly billed to UTD, but all other expenses are assumed by traveler and presented for reimbursement via a Travel Voucher.
hotels rental vehicles
Hotels/Rental Vehicles
  • The State of Texas (and UT System) contract with hotels and rental car companies to receive discounted rates. These companies and their rates are listed on the State of Texas Travel website:
rental agencies under state contract
Rental Agencies under State Contract
  • The University has contracts with three rental vehicle companies:
  • Avis 1-800-331-1212
    • ID# F999738 / Wizard# 2BT29J
  • Advantage 1-800-777-5518
    • ID# 738 TXC
  • Enterprise 1-888-291-0359
    • ID# TX 738X
how do i pay for travel
How do I pay for travel?
  • Travel Card: an individual-liability credit card issued to the traveler for purposes of charging travel-related expenses until reimbursement is received from the University.
travel advance
Travel Advance
  • Travel Advance: People ineligible for a Travel Card may be able to receive a travel advance prior to traveling. You forfeit all reimbursements due you by UTD until advance is repaid.
  • To request a travel advance submit an approved Promissory Note and Travel Authorization to the AVP Procurement for approval.
promissory note
Promissory Note

The Promissory Note should be issued for a sum of money approximating anticipated out-of-pocket travel expenses. The amount will be paid in advance via an Accounts Payable check or direct deposit. Expenses must exceed $100 to be eligible for a travel advance.

promissory note continued
Promissory Note continued
  • A Promissory Note should only be used if a Travel Card cannot be obtained
  • Must attach a properly completed and approved Travel Authorization
  • Must have approval of the Assistant Vice President for Procurement Management (Pete Bond, AD34) PRIOR to travel
  • UTD reserves the right to withhold any and all reimbursements due you until the debt is retired
travel voucher
Travel Voucher

Travel Voucher: A Travel Voucher is used to request reimbursement of any out-of-pocket expenses incurred during travel. The Travel Voucher is filled out upon return from travel and details all business-related expenditures incurred on the trip. Must include original receipts.

Be sure to complete both the front and back of the Travel Voucher

travel voucher continued
Travel Voucher continued
  • Should be submitted within 30 days of traveler’s return to UTD
  • Hotel and rental car receipts are required; submit detailed affidavits if these have been misplaced
  • Be sure to note both the destination and business purpose on the Voucher, to help Travel match it with an authorization and determine applicable per-diem rates
travel voucher continued80
Travel Voucher continued
  • The current per diem for travel within Texas is $85/day lodging and $36/day for food.
  • For travel within Texas, be sure to present the hotel with a TX Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certification upon check-in.
  • UTD employees cannot be reimbursed for Texas State sales tax. Local and occupancy taxes are reimbursable.
travel voucher continued81
Travel Voucher continued
  • Meal per diems are a maximum. Reimbursement should be requested for actual cost of meals up to the per diem amount. No receipts are required.
  • Out of state per diems can be found at:
mileage reimbursement
Mileage reimbursement
  • Effective 9/1/07 the mileage reimbursement rate was increased to 48.5 cents per mile
  • Mileage is calculated from UTD to the destination unless mileage from home to destination is less. Exception: mileage to and from the airport can be claimed from home if the flight times are not during normal working hours.
hotel exceptions
Hotel Exceptions
  • When staying at a conference hotel, reimbursement is allowed up to 1.5 times the per diem without prior approval. Local funds must be used for any overage.
  • Any amount greater than 1.5 must be approved prior to travel by the Assistant Vice President for Procurement
paying hotel expenses for guests contractors
Paying Hotel expenses for guests/contractors
  • Hotel Direct Bill Request: This form is used when UTD is bringingsomeone to Richardson and wishes to pay for his/her hotel stay. The Renaissance, Radisson and Richardson hotels are very familiar with this system, and are your recommended choices.
direct bill hotels
Direct Bill Hotels
  • Direct Bill Hotels can be reached at the following numbers:
  • Radisson: PH 972-644-4000, FAX 972-644-0135
  • Renaissance: PH 972-367-2000, FAX 972-367-3333
  • Richardson: PH 972-231-9600, FAX 972-907-2578
hotel direct bill request
Hotel Direct Bill Request
  • Room Nights = # of rooms x # of nights (mostly of concern when arranging for multiple people)
  • If you plan to assume responsibility for more than simply the room rate and city tax, be sure you to indicate this on the Direct Bill Request.
authorization for professional services afps and checklist
Authorization for Professional Services (AFPS) and Checklist
  • Required for any consultants, guest lecturers, or other non-employees providing service to UTD
  • Must also be completed if UTD is paying travel-related expenses in lieu of a fee, and even if such expenses will be direct billed
afps and checklist continued
AFPS and Checklist continued
  • The Employee/Independent Contractor checklist should be completed before the AFPS and must always be submitted with the AFPS
  • If a fee or reimbursement is requested, the AFPS must be accompanied with a purchase voucher or travel voucher to authorize payment.
afps short form
AFPS Short Form
  • If all expenses for an independent contractor in a calendar year total to less than $600, you may use the shorter “…less than $600” form.
  • Certain restrictions apply regarding citizenship, nepotism, etc.
afps short form continued
AFPS Short Form continued
  • If all requirements are met, use this form and submit with a Purchase Voucher authorizing payment (if a fee or reimbursement is being paid)
  • You may use this form for direct bill expenses as well
helpful web resources
Helpful Web resources

Procurement Management website:

TCS E-forms website:

OANDA foreign currency converter:

State of Texas Travel Contracts Page (hotel, airfare, and rental car info):


Comptroller’s out-of-state per diem rates (all one line):

key points to remember
Key points to remember

If you learn nothing else from this presentation…

  • Don’t sign contracts/agreements
  • If it’s more than $1,000, use a Purchase Requisition
  • Make sure your account has money in it
  • Make sure you can explain how your expenditure will benefit the University
  • Contact us if you have any questions
that s it

That’s it!

Thanks for your attention. Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions.