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Tour Guide’s Expertise PowerPoint Presentation
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Tour Guide’s Expertise

Tour Guide’s Expertise

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Tour Guide’s Expertise

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  1. Tour Guide’s Expertise 主讲:格坡铁支

  2. Chapter 4 Service Regulations for Tour Guides Part A Tour Guide • Local Guide • National guide • Tour Leader

  3. 1、what is the definition of a tour guide ? Is a commentator allowed to guide a tour group?

  4. (1) A tour guide is a person who has acquired a tour guide certificate and is assigned by a travel agency to escort tourists on their travels, providing them with commentary and guiding service as well as other travel services.

  5. (2) The commentator who works at a museum or a scenic area is not allowed to guide tour groups .He can only introduce the specific scenic site where he works.

  6. 2. By what basic principles of guiding service should a guide abide?

  7. (1)Take tourists as the primary consideration and be ready to provide exceptional service for them. (2)Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists. (3)Combine standardized service with special individualized service.

  8. 3. What are the differences in job descriptions of a tour guide, a national guide and a local guide.

  9. (1)The tour leader, also referred to as the tour escort in Central America, or tour conductor in Japan ,is assigned by the travel service, organizing the tour group. He continually accompanies the tour group form the passengers’ point of departure to their safe return, and fulfils the contract obligations of the local travel agency.

  10. (2) The national guide is assigned by the travel service at the tourist destination. He is in charge of the liaison work for the inbound tour group and supervises the implementation of the contract by the local travel agency. (3) The local guide is assigned by the local travel agency. He meets the tourists and provides the local guiding service.

  11. Part BBasic Requirements for Tour Guiding • How can a guide create a good impression on tourists?

  12. (1). Create a good first impression. Dress properly and neatly Work sincerely and enthusiastically (2). Move tourists with a pleasant personality. Have a good command of knowledge Be proficient in guiding skills Be good at planning, coordinating and solving problems

  13. (3). Respect tourists and work to with their respect. Respect tourists’ dignity and interests; Try to meet their reasonable requests; Work sincerely.

  14. 2. It is said that first impressions make or break a tour guide’s good image. Please comment on this saying

  15. (1) First impressions are crucial; dress properly and act and speak sincerely in order to win tourists’ trust. (2) In the long run, respect for tourists, a good command of professional knowledge, hard work, and the ability to solve problems are more important.

  16. Part C Preparations for Meeting Tour Group 1.What should a tour guide do when the tour group arrives at the hotel? (1)Help the tour group check in.

  17. (2) Inform the group of all hotel facilities and services. (3) Inform tour group of itinerary just for day of arrival and the next day. (4) Ask the porter to deliver the luggage to tourists’ rooms. (5) Confirm arrangements for the first meal for the group. (6) Arrange morning call for the tourists.

  18. 2. At what time should the group be at the airport or railway station for departure?

  19. (1). Two hours in advance for international flights. (2). One and a half hours in advance for domestic flights (3). One hour in advance for the train.

  20. 3. What is the difference between an Ok ticket and an Open ticket? If a passenger with an ok ticket does not depart within 72 hours, what procedures does he need to follow? (1)An OK ticket refers to the ticket with a confirmed seat. (2)An OPEN ticket refers to the ticket with an open return date and the passenger needs to confirm an available seat beforehand.

  21. (3)If a passenger with an OK ticket does not depart within 72 hours, whether because of delay or rescheduling, he must reconfirm the seat of his next flight in advance, otherwise the airline company will not guarantee the seat. International air tickets needs to be reconfirmed 72 hours before departure, while domestic airline tickets needs to be reconfirmed before 12 a.m. two days prior to departure.

  22. 4.List the basic preparations made by a guide before leading a tour group. • (1)Be familiar with the reception program. • (2)Confirm details of transportation, accommodation and luggage delivery before the group arrives.

  23. (3)Bring all necessary items including documentation-tour guide certificate and professional rating card-local travel schedule and the tour guide banner. (4)Be sure to have and use professional language skills and knowledge.

  24. (5)Be tidy, friendly and use good manners. (6) have a positive attitude and be prepared to face complaints form tourists.