my life in dog years by gary paulsen n.
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My Life in Dog Years By Gary Paulsen PowerPoint Presentation
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My Life in Dog Years By Gary Paulsen

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My Life in Dog Years By Gary Paulsen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Life in Dog Years By Gary Paulsen. PowerPoint By Kinsey Harper. Cookie. This is Cookie. Cookie was Paulsen’s first lead sled dog. She took Paulsen from Anchorage to Nome , Alaska, when most people – including Paulsen- thought she couldn’t do it.

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my life in dog years by gary paulsen

My Life in Dog YearsByGary Paulsen



Kinsey Harper

  • This is Cookie.
  • Cookie was Paulsen’s first lead sled dog.
  • She took Paulsen from Anchorage to Nome , Alaska, when most people – including Paulsen- thought she couldn’t do it.
  • Cooking was more than just a dog. She was more like a dog mom to Paulsen.
  • This is Snowball. She was a little black female with a white spot on her side.
  • Snowball saved Paulsen’s life once. Her and Paulsen were on a trail and there was a snake Paulsen got closer and the snake was about to strike….. Snowball went charging to the snake and snapped its neck!
  • 2 weeks later Snowball got hit by a reckless driver…… R.I.P.. Snowball…..
  • This is Ike. He is a black Labrador.
  • Paulsen went duck hunting when he was young. One day while Paulsen was duck hunting, he saw Ike. Ike would meet Paulsen everyday on a bridge where they started with their hunting. Every morning Paulsen would cook Ike an egg sandwich.
  • One day Ike wasn’t there and he didn’t ever come again. 
  • When Paulsen was older, he was at one of his sponsorships, there was a man in a wheelchair listening to Paulsen tell his stories about his dogs. Afterwards, the man in the wheelchair came up to Paulsen and said ”I had a very good dog once. When I fought in the Korean War I got shot and lost both my legs, when I got home my dog was sitting on the porch waiting for me. I still miss him..” And then Paulsen asked “ was his name Ike”? And he said” Yes… but how did you..? And Paulsen said” yes he was my friend….”
  • This is Dirk: the protector…
  • When Paulsen was young he worked at a bowling ally by setting up pins. And it was dark when he came home every night and bullies beat Paulsen up and took his money he earned that night.
  • One night Paulsen decided to go a different way: which was climbing down the ladder from the roof of the 2 story bowling all into scary dark ally.. As he was going down the steps he stepped on something and heard a low growl… He knew he needed to get out of there before the bullies came. So he tore half of his burger off and gave it to the dog under him and ran! But he ran right into the bullies! They started beating Paulsen up and then all the sudden Paulsen heard screams and ripping of clothing. He looked up and Dirk was sitting beside him. Dirk had scared away the bullies!
  • The bullies never messed with Paulsen again because Dirk was by his side! 
  • This is Rex the farm dog.
  • Paulsen worked on a farm when he was about 15 or 16 and his boss had a dog. He was a smart dog.
  • He had his own routine he learned himself! The cows taught Rex where to go to feed them. He would take the cows to the pasture where they ate, the he would check on the chickens , and then check on the pigs! He was a great dog!
  • The dog was ENORMOUS..
  • This is Caesar the giant. Right after the man gave Paulsen the dog he ran away before Paulsen could say anything! Right when Caesar got there he climbed on the couch knocking over the coffee table,2 end tables and a lamp. He used his paw to push the drapes aside and saw the car just as it was disappearing and made a really loud cry. He was devastated…
  • The next morning Paulsen asked Caesar if he needed to go outside and of course the house started shaking because Caesar was jumping around because he was getting to go outside.. So Paulsen put his leash on him and right when they stepped out the door…CAT… Caesar went a runnin’! And of course the leash was rapped around Paulsen’s wrist so he was getting dragged along… Caesar ran through Paulsen’s neighbor’s yard which was half a mile from Paulsen’s house.. And Paulsen was in his boxers… It didn’t look good from there….
  • This is Fred. Paulsen bought Fred from a kid who was selling him for 5$. The kid said he would be a good watch dog.
  • Right when they got home Fred peed on the floor, tore a hole in the couch cushion, spilled the trash in the kitchen, ripped open 2 bags of beans and rice in the pantry, dismembered a doll that a neighbor’s daughter left, ate the laces and tongues out of 4 pairs of shoes, destroyed a vacuum cleaner, and scared Paulsen’s cat up to the ceiling. That was in the first 20 minutes Fred was home..
  • Paulsen had a pig that was named Pig. Fred loved Pig. They spent most their time together eating.
  • Pig kept eating the flowers in the flower bed so Paulsen put up an electric fence around the pig’s pen. That was a bad idea! Fred tried to jump over the fence but got caught he was electrocuted until his eyes rolled back! But he didn’t die! Fred loves that pig!
  • This is Quincy the wild dog of the Alaskan North.
  • The lady that gave Paulsen the dog said that Quincy got into the trash all the time. But not one time did Quincy get in the trash with Paulsen around.
  • Paulsen’s wife loved Quincy. When Paulsen would go on his sled races, Quincy would stay with Paulsen’s wife. Quincy thought he was big and tough and a sled dog. But he wasn’t. He’d like to be though. Paulsen loved Quincy and he was always there to help the little guy. 
  • This is Josh…. He lives with Paulsen. on his ranch today Josh was sitting right beside Gary Paulsen as he was writing this book.. Josh is an old dog, 19 or 20.
  • Josh is more than a dog… he’s real.. He listens to Paulsen as they look out the window and talk. Along with Cookie Josh has changed Paulsen’s life forever. Josh is so gentle with kids and he is a very mature dog. Paulsen loves Josh with all his heart and Josh is very special to him…. 