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Coal, Oil and Natural Gas

Coal, Oil and Natural Gas. Table. Energy Quiz. BP SPILL BP Spill BP Commentary http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/energy/great-energy-challenge/oil-spill-quiz/. Abundance. Coal- Most Abundant Fossil Fuel (should last for 250 years)

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Coal, Oil and Natural Gas

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  1. Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Table

  2. Energy Quiz • BP SPILL • BP Spill • BP Commentary • http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/energy/great-energy-challenge/oil-spill-quiz/

  3. Abundance • Coal- Most Abundant Fossil Fuel (should last for 250 years) • Natural Gas – Least fuel (should last 60-100 years) • Oil- 2nd abundant fuel (40-60 years)

  4. Potential Energy • Coal- Has the least amount of potential energy • Oil- Holds more potential energy than Coal • Natural Gas- Holds the most potential energy, produces the most heat

  5. Pollution • Coal- Causes the most air pollution • Oil- Less pollution than Coal • Natural Gas- Burns cleaner than coal and gas

  6. Cash Rules Everything Around Me • Coal- Least expensive • Oil- More expensive than Coal • Natural Gas- The most expensive fossil fuel

  7. Mode of Transportation • Coal- Train or Barge • Oil- Pipelines or Barge • Natural Gas- Pipelines or condensed for ships and trucks

  8. Primary Uses • Coal- mainly for the generation of electricity • Oil- Mainly used for transportation (also used in many other products) • Natural Gas- Mainly as an energy source

  9. Where are these FFs from? • Coal- China is the major producer and USA is the second. • Oil- 2/3 found in the Persian Gulf, other countries (we import 60% of domestic oil) • Natural Gas- Soviet Union 59%, Iran 20%, 6% USA

  10. Peak Oil????

  11. Natural Gas Pipeline

  12. Subsidence

  13. Offshore Drilling

  14. Exxon Valdez

  15. ANWR

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pCvdOg0Cec&feature=fvst

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