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ODE POETRY. By Kristine, Bianey, Danielle . About The Ode. Ode- Greek word which means “to sing or chant”. Invented by Greek poet Pindar Poems first written about important people, events, or things Now, poems are written about ordinary people or things or events. Characteristics of ODE.

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ode poetry


By Kristine, Bianey, Danielle

about the ode
AboutThe Ode
  • Ode- Greek word which means “to sing or chant”.
  • Invented by Greek poet Pindar
  • Poems first written about important people, events, or things
  • Now, poems are written about ordinary people or things or events
characteristics of ode
Characteristicsof ODE
  • Written to praise something: object, person, place or event.
  • Does not have to rhyme
  • Can be of various lengths
  • Often includes exaggeration
  • Can Include metaphors or similes to create a vivid visual.
links to everyday life
Links to Everyday Life

We all have people or places we admire or things we like. We can share our admiration about someone or something to everyone. Odes are one way to express how we feel about them.

why we should teach it
Why We Should Teach It?
  • Allows students to think in depth about a certain object/event/person/place
  • Allows students to express their feelings using strong descriptive words
  • Students learn about similes and metaphors
  • Teaches students persuasive writing
  • Allows us as teachers to learn what our students value in life and why


Your color is a brilliant green

You’re a lean mean fighting machine

You will eat your enemies and spit them out

You will protect Mario without a doubt

You are the best

You’ll never rest

Till you know Mario is safe and sound

At home in his castle on the ground

By Kristine Ekenes

ode to my computer
Ode To My Computer

You come in different sizes, colors and soon perhaps flavors too

You make my fingers cramp from punching your soft letters

Your icons confused me when I first looked at you

You don’t mind if I lay you on my lap or if I set you on the ground

You take me places I never thought I could, MySpace for one

OH computer how can I live without you

If I need you for my everyday survival

You make me happy when you function

but drive me crazy when you get a virus

I wish a virus was like a simple cold

So I could cure you with a warm soup and that’s all

Now, I have spent all my savings on you

But what can I do if I need you

By BianeyOyos

ode to my sister
Ode To My Sister

You are a heart of forgiveness

When people have done you wrong

You are a free spirit

That is not to be held down

You are an eager soul

Taking on the world

You are a creator of happiness

In all of those around you

You are a trustworthy person

To be a keeper of secrets

You are a kind of teacher

Who has taught me right from wrong along the way

You are an encourager of hopes and dreams

You are not only my sister

You are also one of my best friends

Growing up, I saw you as a queen

Eight years older than me

I constantly look up to you

You are a shoulder to cry on

When my heart is weeping

You are the light in a dark,

Long, windy tunnel

You are a warm, caring phone call

In the darkest nights

You are a comforting smile

On a path of struggles

You are giver of advice

When some is much needed

By Danielle Linker

making an ode poem
Making an ODE Poem
  • Choose a person, place or thing you want to write about
  • Write phrases describing:
    • What your subject is like
    • How your subject makes you feel
    • Why you feel this way
    • Join your phrases into lines for your ode
    • Remember they don’t have to rhyme

3. Revising

    • Take away lines that are too similar
    • Add details to make reader see, feel, touch, smell your subject
    • Pick a good opening line
    • Order the remaining lines into their best sequence
    • Select a good closing line