Crocketteers Meeting – October 20, 2009 (No. 00002)
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Crocketteers Meeting – October 20, 2009 (No. 00002). Agenda (Oct. 20, 2009). Location: The Lion & Rose (Park North). What to expect for future meetings? Where we’re at? Building the Crocketteers Brand Usage of Crocketteers Name & Logo Idea Sharing & Implementation Guidelines

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Agenda oct 20 2009
Agenda (Oct. 20, 2009)

Location: The Lion & Rose (Park North)

  • What to expect for future meetings?

  • Where we’re at?

  • Building the Crocketteers Brand

  • Usage of Crocketteers Name & Logo

  • Idea Sharing & Implementation Guidelines

  • Idea: Crocketteers Scarf

  • Promotional Opportunity: Big XII Women’s Soccer Championship (November 8th)

  • Q & A

What to expect for future meetings
What to expect for future meetings?

  • Members must sign-in. If you bring potential new members, please encourage them to officially join our group. We will be connected online and can immediately have people join our group.

  • Meeting minutes will be documented. This will allow us to keep an archive of what was discussed. To access archived meeting minutes, please e-mail Founder.

  • Agenda will be pre-determined heading into meeting.

  • To have idea placed on Agenda for group discussion, you must first submit your idea in advance of meeting. Submission process will be discussed shortly.

  • Ideas will be discussed and voted on by all attending members as to whether or not they will be Official Crocketteers Business.

Where we re at
Where we’re at?

  • 58 Members joined via directly

  • 118 Members joined via Facebook (Notables: Former Mayor Ed Garza, State Senator Carlos Uresti)

  • “Word of Mouth”

  • Current members should spread the word

Building the crocketteers brand
Building the Crocketteers Brand

  • Crocketteers Marketing Manager – Gina Macias

    Professional Experience:

    • Community Relations/Marketing for the Houston Texans of the NFL.

    • Community Relations, Promotions and Marketing for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA.

    • WOAI & Ticket 760 Promotions Director.

    • Executive Assistant to President of Clear Channel Radio San Antonio.

    • PSA Director for Clear Channel Radio San Antonio.

  • “San Antonio’s Premier Soccer Supporters Group”

  • Promoting future Crocketteers Meetings on 7 local radio stations including: WOAI, Ticket 760, KZEP, Mix 96.1, KJ97, Q101, Outlaw

Usage of crocketteers name logo
Usage of Crocketteers Name & Logo

  • Crocketteers, its name and logo, are properties of the Crocketteers Soccer Supporters Group and is licensed only to the Founder.

  • Any usage of the logo on any materials is strictly prohibited by all parties including members of the Crocketteers. Any requests to have the logo reproduced should be brought to the Founder for consideration.

  • A Marketing Manager position has been established to ensure uniformity of the group, convey professionalism, and eliminate questionable materials that may be associated with the Crocketteers logo or group.

  • If any materials are to be created (fliers, handouts, merchandise), the Crocketteers Marketing Manager will decide the best course of action to get these created. The Crocketteers Marketing Manager welcomes any pricing quotes or rates other members may have researched. Please submit those vendors to the Crocketteers Marketing Manager for follow up.

Idea sharing implementation guidelines
Idea Sharing & Implementation Guidelines

  • A request/idea must be submitted in advance of a scheduled Crocketteers meeting.

  • The submission of said request/idea must be in private. Ideas are not to be posted in any public form as any Crocketteers business should remain with its participating members. Crocketteers business and any ideas associated with it are not open to the general public.

  • The following are ACCEPTABLE mediums for submission:

    • E-Mailing

    • Crocketteers Request/Idea Forum

      * Our private forum will go live by the end of November 2009

      4. The following are UNACCEPTABLE mediums for submission:

    • Facebook Group Page – This page is viewable by the public.

    • BigSoccer Forums – This forum is viewable by the public.

    • – Our website is public facing.

      5. Ideas and discussions about events and other opportunities are highly encouraged. However, discussion of ideas with members should take place in the Crocketteers private forum (to be created).

Idea sharing implementation guidelines1
Idea Sharing & Implementation Guidelines

6. Crocketteers Founder to review and compile all submitted requests/ideas. Trivial requests and/or ideas will not be considered such as the ones pertaining to the group’s identity (change of group name, logo, mission, etc). With that said, the Founder has the right to veto any said idea.

7. Submitted requests will be added to the following Crocketteers Meeting Agenda. At scheduled meeting, idea will be presented and discussed amongst present members.

  • Request/Idea submitter needs to come prepared to present his or her idea to the group (pricing, quotes, event notes, etc). These points should be as complete as possible and in line with the original submission of idea so that the Founder can introduce your presentation properly.

  • At meeting, the group will vote on any further action of said request/idea.

  • Group vote is based on attendance and majority rules. If you are not present at the meetings your vote is forfeit, cannot be submitted by absentee voting, and voting at the meeting will be considered final. No further discussion on said topic will be revisited if you missed a meeting.

    *This rule is subject to reevaluation by the Founder if a group consensus cannot be reached or new evidence/details emerge that may hinder or change the course of action originally decided upon.

Idea sharing implementation guidelines2
Idea Sharing & Implementation Guidelines

11. If said request/idea is voted in favor of, it will be deemed official Crocketteers business. At meeting, the Founder will determine if a sub-committee will need to be formed to see this idea into reality. The number of sub-committee members will be determined by the Founder and only those members will be in charge of implementation. The originating request/idea submitter must be a committee member. Any other members willing to participate or volunteer in the event (but not lead the event) are encouraged to help said sub-committee. 

More about the sub-committee: They will be responsible for delivering only what was approved/voted on in the meeting. Any changes will need to be submitted to the Founder for immediate approval/rejection. The sub-committee will also be responsible for delivering timely status updates to the Founder. These updates will be discussed in sub-sequent Crocketteers meetings.

12. The current group voting method will be in place until further notice. A new means of voting will be considered in the distant future, if at that time a more efficient means of decision-making is needed.  

*Each meeting is being evaluated and attendance at these meetings will determine the group’s needs and any change in action and/or voting methods will be at the sole discretion of the Founder.  If the membership numbers show exponential growth, and with increased active participation (attendance at meetings, etc.), then a new means of voting will replace the existing voting method. In the event this switch happens, a board of advisors will replace the current voting method. Members of this newly created board of advisors will be at the sole discretion of the Founder and will not be placed to a vote or discussion.

Idea crocketteers scarf
Idea: Crocketteers Scarf

  • Promotional Item and International symbol for soccer supporters

  • Ruffneck Scarves, Soccer Supporters Int., Soccer World

  • Give to local soccer pubs like The Lion & Rose to proudly display on walls. Patrons of pubs will inquire about the Crocketteers.

  • Members can purchase 1 to many.

  • Members can sport these at events and watch parties.

  • Ruffneck pricing on an individual bases is around $20.00.

  • Would need to inquire about bulk pricing.

Promotional opportunity big xii women s soccer championship
Promotional Opportunity: Big XII Women’s Soccer Championship

  • Sunday November 8, 2009

  • Day passes cost $7.00, three-day tournament passes are $12.00 and 20-ticket team packages are available for $99.

  • Waiting to hear back from Event Organizers for permission to promote our group at their event.

  • They are looking to advertise their event on local soccer web sites. We offered our .com site to serve their needs in asking for mutual cross promotion.

  • If we receive the go ahead, we will set up shop, possibly have a sign (see Marketing Manager) and distribute Crocketteers Business Cards.

  • Business Cards are currently being designed. In an effort to promote our group and encourage people to join, members can distribute them at local pubs/hangouts.

Crocketteers meeting october 20 2009 no 00002
Q & A? Championship

Victory or death
Victory or Death Championship