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Enhancing ISR for Unmanned Aircraft Systems October 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Enhancing ISR for Unmanned Aircraft Systems October 2009

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Enhancing ISR for Unmanned Aircraft Systems October 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enhancing ISR for Unmanned Aircraft Systems October 2009. Introductions. Matt Malek Director, Strategic Operations Mike Bruchanski Business Development Manager. Why are we here?

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Presentation Transcript

Enhancing ISR for

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

October 2009



  • Matt Malek Director, Strategic Operations
  • Mike Bruchanski Business Development Manager
Why are we here?

Optimize the air system

Improve mission effectiveness

Enhance situational awareness

How can AGI software support your needs?


agi basics
AGI basics
  • COTS software for analysis and visualization
  • Models object in space over time
  • Analyze and understand relationships
  • Constrain relationships

Aircraft and ISR focus

Global Navigation

Satellite Systems

Real-Time Data Feeds

Terrain & Cityscape Modeling

Antenna Modeling

Imagery & Map Data

Radar Analysis

Sensor Modeling

Constraints for Visibility

Spacecraft Design & Operation


Link Analysis

Weather & Atmospheric


System Performance Analysis

Ground Facility Modeling

differentiators and benefits
Differentiators and benefits
  • Right answers, Right now
  • Open architecture
  • Scalable
  • Lower cost
  • Reduces risk
  • Increase efficiency
flexible and scalable
Flexible and scalable




agi software capabilities implemented
AGI software capabilities implemented

U.S. Marines

U.S. Air Force


U.S. DoD

Coalition Warrior

U.S. Navy

HS - 5

U.S. Army


Fuse data into


for decisions

Model route and

missions through

interactive 3D


Conduct trade

studies define



and analysis

ISR Planning



foundation of capabilities
Foundation of capabilities
  • Accurate visualization
  • Position and time
  • 3D visualization
  • Geometry engine
  • Model systems
  • Interaction between multiple objects
uas capabilities
UAS capabilities
  • Intervisibility (line of sight)
  • Route modeling
  • Payload analysis (sensors)
  • Communication analysis
  • Urban environments
case study u s navy
Case study – U.S. Navy
  • Benefits:
  • Expanded analysis capabilities
  • Reduced analysis time
  • Significant cost savings
  • Background:
  • US Navy Integrated Battlespace Arena Lab needed ISR mission planning tool
  • Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) program
  • “Above and beyond typical mission planning software”


  • Purchase AGI desktop software to validate UAS systems
  • Modeled various UAS platforms and payloads in a single integrated environment
intervisibility line of sight1
Intervisibility - line of sight
  • What can my UAS “see?”
    • Position and time
    • Consider constraints
      • Geometry
      • Time
      • Terrain/Body Masking
      • Lighting
    • Multiple objects in chain
    • Report, display and graph data
intervisibility line of sight2
Intervisibility - line of sight
  • Application highlights
    • Access between UAS and ground target
    • Report and graph data
    • Create body mask for aircraft
    • Comparing potential locations for LOS antenna placement
intervisibility line of sight3
Intervisibility - line of sight
  • Benefits
    • Visualize complex analysis
    • Validated and verified line of sight algorithm
    • Model real world constraints
    • Evaluate system design reducing or eliminating the need for test flights
route modeling1
Route modeling
  • Aircraft performance
    • Six degree of freedom modeler
    • Based on aircraft performance
      • Define basic values
        • Airspeeds
        • Accelerations
        • Climb/decent rates
        • Fuel flow
        • Landing/take off distances
      • Vertical or standard take off
      • Change performance based on aircraft set up
route modeling2
Route modeling
  • Aircraft performance
    • Create aircraft flight plan
      • Procedures
        • Waypoint to waypoint
        • Holding patterns
        • Takeoff/Landing
        • Terrain following
      • Waypoints
        • Runways
        • Navaids
        • Other objects
    • 3D route editing
    • Import external models
route modeling3
Route modeling
  • Application Highlights
    • Edit route in 3D
    • Create new waypoints
    • Add holding pattern
    • View restricted airspace and threat areas
    • Calculate and display restricted area intrusions
    • Import existing route
route modeling4
Route modeling
  • Benefits
    • Validated and verified flight model
    • Adaptable to any aircraft
    • Flexible route editing
    • Open architecture import routes
payload performance1
Payload performance
  • Sensor modeling
    • Model field of view or field of regard
    • Placed on any point of UAS
      • Body masking
      • Angle constraints
    • Pointing information
    • Compare sensor performance
    • Calculate sensor swath
    • Customize attributes with plug-ins
payload performance2
Payload performance
  • Coverage Modeling
    • Analyze multi-asset interactions
      • Across region
      • Along a route
    • Instantaneous or cumulative
    • Apply constraints for higher-fidelity modeling
    • Generate quality figures of merit
      • Standard AGI calculations
      • Plug-in capabilities
    • Calculate satisfaction stats for each figure of merit
payload performance3
Payload performance
  • Application highlights
    • Define search region
    • Import aircraft routes
    • Model sensor zoom levels
    • Range and time coverage calculations
    • NIIRS Plug-in coverage calculations
    • View satisfaction report
payload performance4
Payload performance
  • Benefits
    • Evaluate multiple sensors in a controlled environment
    • Develop concept of operations for sensor use
    • Combine with other capabilities for full ISR planning support
case study u s marines
Case Study - U.S. Marines
  • Benefits:
  • Expanded analysis capabilities
  • Reduced analysis time
  • Significant cost savings
  • Background:
  • United States Marine Corps (USMC) needed evaluate different UASs’ sensors
  • Needed a quick assessment


  • Purchased AGI software
    • Assess UAS systems and candidate sensors
    • Determine communication link capabilities
    • Compared electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors
communication analysis1
Communication analysis
  • Communication system modeling
    • Define transmitter and receiver
      • Set power, frequency and modulation type
      • Specify antenna
    • Dynamic link performance
      • Add to object
      • Inherit object properties
    • Physical environment
      • Terrain masking and reflection
      • Atmospheric properties
      • Weather
      • Sun effects
communication analysis2
Communication analysis
  • Communication systems modeling
    • Interference effects
      • Friendly and enemy
      • Calculate jamming capabilities
    • Create reports and graphs
      • Link budget
      • View losses
    • Similar capabilities for radar
communication analysis3
Communication analysis
  • Model urban environments
    • Multipath diffraction model
    • Considers actual geometry of surrounding buildings
    • Higher fidelity and greatly reduced computational times
    • Multiple applications including:
      • Tactical mobile communications
      • Net-centric ISR architectures
      • Analysis of urban tactics
communication analysis4
Communication analysis
  • Application Highlights
    • Import urban terrain
    • Develop building mask
    • Model line of sight link
    • Gain pattern visualization
    • Received power for aircraft route
    • Analysis of urban area
    • Multipath calculations
communication analysis5
Communication analysis
  • Benefits
    • Better prediction of operational performance
    • Better understanding of mission impact
      • Model system within a system
    • Consider complex constraints
    • Adjust mission based on constraints
case study global defense contractor
Case study – Global defense contractor
  • Benefits:
  • Saved millions of US dollars by reducing the number of flight tests
  • Delivered system on time, earning additional award fees
  • Background:
  • Evaluating communication systems for airborne platforms
  • Specifically concerned with antenna coverage, due to impacts from aircraft keel


  • Used AGI software to model “as installed” antenna patterns
  • Allowed customer to understand the coverage and blockage of various flight paths reducing the number flight tests


isr planning and operations
ISR planning and operations
  • Rapid development
  • ISR optimization
  • 3D visualization and situational awareness
  • Sensor visualization
  • Imagery searching and retrieval
software to meet your needs
COTS development tools

Out-of-the-box API

Develop and deploy solutions

Mission operations

Enterprise integration

Thin or thick clients

Server & desktop applications

Web Services

Mission specific workflows

Create new applications

Embed into existing applications

COTS applications

Out-of-the-box GUI

Cross-functional tool

System, platform, payload design

Systems engineering

Mission analysis

Real-time analysis

Unrestricted workflows

Integrated map and globe

Integrated graphs and reports




Software to meet your needs
develop or extend
Develop or extend
  • Create new applications
develop or extend1
Develop or extend
  • Extend existing applications
rapid development1
Rapid development
  • Move from idea to application at the speed of battle
    • Leverage AGI technology
    • Avoid deployment costs and development risk
    • Faster delivery
case study u s government
Case study – U.S. Government
  • Benefits:
  • Mission planning from 2 days to 2 hours
  • Dynamic replanning from hours to minutes
  • Plan more missions
  • Improved data collection
  • Significant cost savings
  • Background:
  • Classified US DoD customer
  • Need to improve sensor and aircraft mission planning
  • Customer needed faster delivery


  • Used COTS development software and delivered a capability in 90 days
develop isr plan
Develop ISR plan
  • Where should I fly my UAV and when?
    • Typical planning problem
      • What do you want to see?
      • When do you want to see it?
      • Where is it located?
      • What are the constraints?
    • Complicated by real world issues
      • Large target deck with different constraints
      • Complicated geometry
      • Dynamic replanning
develop an isr plan
Develop an ISR plan
  • Target scheduling
    • Ordering of objectives
  • Airspace navigation
    • Avoiding no-fly zones
  • Aircraft routing
    • Vehicle characteristics
develop an isr plan1
Develop an ISR plan
  • Application Highlights
    • Import geometry
    • Specify targets
    • Re-task aircraft
  • Implementation of AGI Components
    • Dynamic Geometry Library
    • Terrain Analysis Library
    • Routing Library
improve your situational awareness
Improve your situational awareness
  • Effectively present decision aids
    • 2D and 3D view
      • Terrain and imagery
      • Airspaces and regions
      • Deconfliction
    • Incorporate many real time feeds
      • Cursor on target
      • Blue Force Tracking
      • Link 16
    • Collaborate and annotate
      • Manage handovers
      • Mark targets
effectively employ your sensor
Effectively employ your sensor
  • Remove the “soda straw” (limited view)
    • Video provides narrow view
      • No location context
      • Limited coverage awareness
    • Reporting near real-time data
      • Aircraft and sensor position
      • Project video on terrain and imagery
    • Video position is often incorrect
      • Correct metadata
      • Software only solution
effectively employ your sensor1
Effectively employ your sensor
  • Use historical imagery to correct metadata
effectively employ your sensor2
Effectively employ your sensor
  • Benefits
    • Improved situational awareness
    • Faster analysis
    • Implementation of AGI Components
      • Dynamic Geometry Library
      • Terrain Analysis Library
      • Insight3D
      • Video on Terrain
case study u s dod
Case Study – U.S. DoD
  • Benefits:
  • Reduced analysis time
  • More effective missions
  • Expanded dynamic replanning capabilities
  • Background:
  • Situational awareness needed for multiple UAVs
  • When do assets enter areas of interest


  • AGI software ingests key data, performs analysis and then sends alerts when events or points of interest are identified
exploit the surveillance1
Exploit the surveillance
  • What do I do with all of this imagery?
    • Post-mission video and metadata
      • Review flight data
      • Review video data
    • Reconstruction of image collection
      • Where was the asset?
      • Where was the sensor pointed?
      • Were there any other assets that may better support the mission?
exploit the surveillance2
Exploit the surveillance
  • Traditional Image Request
  • Based on geography
  • Date
  • Scale of image
  • AGI Calculated Information
  • Sun position
  • Azimuth and elevation angle constraints
  • Image quality estimation
  • Other available assets
  • Result
  • Quicker image retrieval
  • More accurate image(s) returned based on request

Image Archive

exploit the surveillance3
Exploit the surveillance
  • Application highlights
    • Import aircraft data
    • Search video graphically
    • View synchronized video and mission data
  • Benefits
    • Improved analysis
    • Better use of intelligence data
  • Ready now
  • Benefits
    • Lower cost
    • Lower risk
    • Speed to market
  • Apply to
    • Engineering and analysis
    • ISR planning
    • Operations
  • Flexible business model

*David Fishering, Frost & Sullivan, “An Assessment of the Benefits Associated with Software by Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI),” August 2008

getting started
Getting started




next steps
Next steps
  • Discover, design and deploy
  • Contact local AGI resources and partners