how did the holocaust occur n.
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How did the Holocaust Occur?

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How did the Holocaust Occur? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How did the Holocaust Occur?. Rights and Freedoms. Rank these rights from 1 to 6 – 1 being the most important to you! ___ own or use a cell phone ___ date/marry whomever you choose ___ own technology (TV, computer etc) ___ own a pet ___ go to a movie or concert

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rights and freedoms
Rights and Freedoms
  • Rank these rights from 1 to 6 – 1 being the most important to you!

___ own or use a cell phone

___ date/marry whomever you choose

___ own technology (TV, computer etc)

___ own a pet

___ go to a movie or concert

___ leave your home whenever you choose

how was hitler able to win millions of germans over
How was Hitler able to win millions of Germans over?
  • The Depression hit Germany +
  • World War I debts +
  • No jobs and bankruptcy +
  • Hitler is called “Our Last Hope” =


Hitler convinces them he has the solution.

steps to power
Steps to Power…
  • Hitler is elected Chancellor of Germany by legal means. He was elected.
  • In 1933, the German Parliament burned down. Another political party was blamed for the disaster.
  • The Nazis put emergency acts in place and passed a new law that gave Hitler power for 4 more years.
  • The first concentration camp is set up. Dachau. He begins to take care of the Jewish problem.
anti semitism
  • Nation= Jews were the reason the Germans lost WWI.
  • Businesses= Jews want Communism.
  • Workers= Jewish business people were taking advantage of them.
  • The Jews are inferior race.
step one don t buy from jews
Step One: Don’t Buy From Jews
  • April:
    • Germans boycott Jewish businesses for one day. German soldiers held up signs saying “German people, defend yourselves”.
step two make them different
Step Two: Make them different!
  • Jews had to wear the six pointed star, the Star of David.
step three take away free speech
Step Three: Take away free speech!
  • Limit your resources. Burn books and rewrite others!
step four take away rights
Step Four: Take Away Rights.
  • Campaigns to create “Jew-Free” villages.
  • Jews were not allowed to inherit farms.
  • Non-Aryan were banned from serving in the military.
  • Jews could not go to public parks, use public swimming pools, or even own a dog.
nuremberg laws in 1935
Nuremberg Laws in 1935:
  • Two new laws:
    • Only a person of “German or related blood” could be a German citizen.
    • “Law for Protection of German Blood and German Honor”. Marriages between Jews and other Germans became illegal.


what was the final solution
What was the “Final Solution?”
  • Many people believe that the Germans simply wanted to eliminate Jews from Europe. They hoped they would emigrate to new countries. But, Jews did not have the money to leave Europe and the world Depression left other countries turning the Jews away. In the end, they discovered the “Final Solution” was to kill them.
propaganda and terror1
Propaganda and Terror
  • Joseph Goebbels was responsible for spreading propaganda about the Jews. He did this in children’s books, movies, school curriculum, radio, and newspapers.
  • He also helped to create the “Hitler Youth”. These groups were key in spreading the information about the power of Germany.
  • Heinrich Himmler was in charge of the special guard for Hitler, the SS. They later were put in charge of the extermination of the Jews.
kristallnacht and its results
Kristallnacht and its results
  • By this night, 30 % of Jews had emigrated from Europe. What type of migration is this? Why?
  • Jewish synagogues were the targets this night. 300 were burned to the ground. 7,000 businesses and shops were destroyed. 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to 3 different concentration camps.
  • The German government fined the Jewish community 1 billion marks for the riots and clean-up costs.
where to go
Where to go?
  • After Kristallnacht, 130,000 Jews fled Germany thinking they would be safe in other European countries. However, when Hitler's invasion of Europe began, Jews from all countries found they were not safe.
  • Jews in France, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia were all rounded up to be killed.