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Focus group

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Focus group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Focus group

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    1. Focus group Fenneke Reysoo Graduate Institute of Development Studies (IUED), Geneva Jeannette Heldens Radboud University of Nijmegen 2007

    2. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens uses of focus groups as a "self-contained" method in combination with other methods. with surveys in-depth interviews other research methods

    3. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens

    4. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens definition A research technique that collects data through group interaction on a topic determined by the researcher (David L. Morgan)

    5. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens FOCUS GROUPS GROUP INTERVIEWS Primary purpose: research, data collection Allow interactive discussions The researchers interest directs the discussion; there is a focus! Primary purpose: therapy, decision making research, education, organizing, or behaviour change Some do not allow interactive discussions (e.g. nominal groups and Delphi groups) Collect data from naturally occurring group discussions where no one acts as an interviewer

    6. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens Other group research techniques The nominal group technique Delphi Brainstorm synetics Leaderless discussion groups

    7. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens Myths about focus groups focus groups are low cost and quick focus groups require professional moderators Require special facilities Must consist of strangers Will not work for sensitive topics Must be validated by other methods

    8. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens Moderator: leadership (Carter 1954) Group goal facilitations Ability's to help the group to its goal Insight, intelligence, knowing how to get things done Group sociability Factors to keep the group functioning smoothly sociability, cooperativeness, popularity, individual prominence Individual prominence Factors related to the persons desire four group recognition initiative, self-confidence, persistence

    9. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens Jolt (pin prick) 1 team of 7 persons (from each group 1 person) Stand around the hula-hoop Carry the hula-hoop with one index finger Try to lower the hula-hoop. Your finger should stay in contact with the hula-hoop

    10. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens The focus group Aim: insight in the usefulness of qualitative research for SANPAD students Roles: members (1 person out of each group) moderator observer in the focus group

    11. SANPAD April 2007 F. Reysoo, J.Heldens Role observers outside the focus group What is methodological seen interesting to observe The content Relevance Completeness validity The groups process The moderator goal facilitations group sociability Individual prominence Nonverbal aspects participants Type of participants different roles of the participants Degree of participation nonverbal aspects