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e- Agriculture. Imple mentation of e -Transforma tion Concept through e-Agriculture ( single office ). Government’s Vision. Untill 2020 - Digitalization of all public services, that can be digitalized.

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e agriculture


Implementation ofe-Transformation Conceptthrough

e-Agriculture (single office)

untill 2020 digitalization of all public services that can be digitalized
Untill 2020 - Digitalization of all public services, that can be digitalized

Elaboration and implementation of the Methodology for providing the electronic services, which will contain the stages of conceptualization, design, elaboration, contracting and promotion of electronic services

Elaboration of Public services digitalization plans,which will be integrated in the sectoral strategies and institutional development plans of the public institutions

implementation of e transformation strategy through the e agriculture principle
Implementation of e-Transformation strategy through the e-Agriculture principle

Elaboration of e-Agriculture strategic program.

Identification of information systems in order to ensure the e-Agriculture principle, about 50 systems, services and informational sites.

Identification of the public services provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry needed to be digitized.

Approval of the 2014-2020 annual plan for the digitization of public services in the agribusiness sector.

what is e agriculture
What is e-Agriculture?

A complex of automated information systems which consolidates and integrates agricultural information resource.

e agriculture legal basis
e-Agriculture legal basis

e-Agriculture Concept is developed in the context of:

  • Safety policy and food security of the State, cap. SPS;
  • Development strategy of agro-industrial sector;
  • Strategic program ofGovernmenttechnologicalmodernization(e-Transformation).
ob jectives

Efficient development and implementation of policies in order to develop the agro-industrial sector, centralize operations for this purpose at the macro level;

Management improvement of the public funds designated for subsidies in agriculture;

Optimizing the activity of agro-industrial chain actors in terms of security and safety food;

Monitoring the results of agricultural development policy implementation.

who will implement
Who will implement?

S.E. «Agricultural Information Center»;

Policy elaboration directions;


Local public authorities.

functions of agricultural information center
Functions of “Agricultural information center”
  • Transpose Strategic Technological Modernization Program of the Government in agro-industrial sector;
  • Forms and strengthens agricultural information resource;
  • Integrates the agricultural information resource to the State information resource;
  • Promotesand implementse-Agriculture;
  • Implement modern IT by optimizing maintenance costs and the resources used in the process;
  • Ensure territorial infrastructure;
  • Ensure data safety and quality;
  • Ensure the principle of interoperability between developed systems.

Structure of Agricultural Information Center

  • 116 employees
  • 37 ofices in each district
  • Network Infrastructure (VPN connectios):
  • Inter-connection:
  • Population State Register
  • State Register of Legal Entities
manages systems g2g
Manages systems - G2G
  • IS «Animal identification and traceability system»
    • 250 territorial operators;
    • Animal transactions (2 457 083 anually/ 6 731 daily).
  • SI «SARBTA» (alert system of animal transmissible diseases)
  • IS «EFABIS» (European Farm Animal Biodiversity Information System)
  • Some pilot systems:
    • IS «Farmers Register»
    • IS «Inspections and Control of Animal Traceability»
  • IS «Management of documents APIA» (Agency for Payment and Interventions in Agriculture)

Common Infrastructure for the Government“M-Cloud”

Animal IdentificationandTraceability Sistem


is sita infrastructure


  • online (24/24, 7/7);
  • Animal transactions (2,457,083 annually / 6731 per day).

ISSITA Infrastructure


24/24; 7/7

  • Infrastructure (VPN conection):
  • 200 regional operators;
  • 4 PIB;
  • 50 economic agents;
  • Inter-connection:
  • Population State Register
  • State Register of Legal Entities

Agenda for 2013 G2G

IS Register of Agricultural Machinery


  • Ensuring uniform and complete records of agricultural machinery and technology propelled units, vehicles;
  • Centralizing all registers administered at the regional level in a Single Electronic Register of agricultural machinery.
agenda for 2013 g2b
Agenda for 2013 - G2B

IS “Identification means management system”

Implementation of e – Government services :



Agenda for 2013 G2G & G2B servises by Register of Producers and Processors of Animal and Vegetal Products

G2G services :

  • the system will record information about the location, technical facilities, and manufacturing potential, with a view to ensuring food security, control and planning of nationally strategic products;
  • will ensure the management of sanitary-veterinary and phytosanitary supervision to guarantee the observance of the food safety principles;
  • will be able to manage more qualitative the agricultural territories funds;
  • Will ensure the documentary management of the competent authorities;
  • Will monitor the development process of branches by supporting their through the policy of subsidizing;

G2B services

Provide online services to economic entities – respond to orders, issue certificates, information and regulatory documents necessary for the activity;

Provide data about the automated agricultural branches, the policy development areas and use such data in the process of agricultural sectors subsidizing.

Ensure access of economic agents (farmers) to personal data.

thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention!


head of the S.E. “Agricultural Information Center”

Web: www.cia.md

E-mail: info@cia.md