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Nuclear Power & Energy

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Nuclear Power & Energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nuclear Power & Energy. By: Aiden Cook, Kaitlyn Hemauer, Abbey Loar, and Elizabeth Rogers. How Does It Work?-Abbey. Nuclear Power Plants and fossil fuels are almost the same. To keep the water under pressure you use a Pressurized Water Reactor. The P.W.R will turn the water

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Nuclear Power & Energy

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    1. Nuclear Power & Energy By: Aiden Cook, Kaitlyn Hemauer, Abbey Loar, and Elizabeth Rogers

    2. How Does It Work?-Abbey • Nuclear Power Plants and fossil fuels are almost the same. • To keep the water under pressure you use a Pressurized Water Reactor. • The P.W.R will turn the water into steam by heating it up.

    3. What are the Benefits?-Kaitlyn • Coal and Nuclear Power cost about the same, believe it or not. So, Nuclear Power is not as costly as it seems. • Nuclear power does not contribute to the Green House Effect. • Nuclear Energy makes a lot of energy, from a small amount of fuel. • Nuclear Energy lets out small amounts of waste. • on Plant in Vernon, Vermont only needs 150 tons of nuclear energy for 18 months. This produces the same amount of energy as 2,325,000 tons of coal. So, if we switch to Nuclear energy miners won’t have to mine in dangerous areas and possibly die. • These energy Plants supply around 17% of the world’s electricity.

    4. How Is It Transported?-Abbey • The materials are transported by trucks. • It cost a TON of money to remove a Nuclear Power Plant and get it transported back to the company.(see in cost) • A network of pylons and cables form a grid. • The grid carries the power to the homes, businesses, cities, and towns.

    5. Does it assimilate to daily life?- Kaitlyn • No, if these plants break or screw-up, the radiation liquid will spread for thousands of acres. This will threaten the safety of 100,000 people. You would not want to move just because of a nuclear power plant. A thing like this happened in Pennsylvania and it cost 3 billion in repairs. • Nuclear Power Plants take 10-15 years to build!

    6. Do They Work With Other Forms Of Energy?-Aidan

    7. Where Are They Located?-Aidan • The location of a Nuclear Power Plant would have to be away from a city. • If it is away from a city then it would be able to melt down and not totally destroy a city. This is a picture of Three Mile Island. The entire island is used for nuclear power plants.

    8. How Efficient Is It Compared To Fossil Fuels? -Abbey • Nuclear Energy and Power does NOT cause greenhouse gasses and little to no pollution. • The emission in Nuclear Power Plants is very, very clean compared to fossil fuels. • The waste from Nuclear Energy can stay radioactive to many years while fossil fuels can’t. • The ONLY gas released into the atmosphere by Nuclear Power Plants is steam, which is harmless while fossil fuels do. • The waste from a Nuclear Power Plant can stay radioactive for many year while fossil fuels’ waste is a pollutant. • Nuclear Energy is much more powerful than fossil fuels.

    9. Does it Pollute?-Kaitlyn • Yes, but not vey much: • One way to keep pollution down is to put multiple barriers around the plant. • When we think about the pollution of the Power Plant it is not a big deal when we compare it to the amount of pollution we put out. ( we dispose of 200 million tons of toxic waste a year) • A Nuclear Power Plant is on of the best ways to reduce water and air pollution. • Waste from Power Plants are carefully managed. • With a Nuclear Power Plant we will save- 147 million metric tons of carbon, 2.5 million tons of nitrogen oxide, and 5.3 million tons of sulfur dioxide.

    10. What Are The Consequences?-Aidan If the safety is off then the plant could stay online if the core starts to melt down. The Nuclear Power Plant could produce Nuclear waste if not taken care of. This is the damage radius if a Nuclear Power Plant were too melt down near us.

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    14. Thank You For Watching!