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August 2006-June 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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August 2006-June 2007

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August 2006-June 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ORES Technology Implementation Plan. August 2006-June 2007.

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august 2006 june 2007

ORES Technology Implementation Plan

August 2006-June 2007

A technology facilitator has been funded to work collaboratively with teachers in order to maximize access to technology resources, provide technology resources to support the curriculum, and to provide instructional technology support as needed. The Instructional Technologist will help teachers find meaningful ways to integrate technology into the core curriculum, making learning more interactive and motivating following the IMPACT model criteria. He/she will provide technology staff development throughout the year as well as collect useful data in order to evaluate and improve the technology program and determine future needs.

impact model at ores personnel infrastructure
IMPACT MODEL at ORESPersonnel Infrastructure
  • Kim Buck-Technology Facilitator/Instructional Technologist
  • Wendy White-Media Coordinator
  • Bunny Schramm- Technology Assistant/Computer/Net- work Technologist
  • Catherine Winstead-Media Assistant

Working together to better equip our students for the future

what to expect
What to expect
  • Kim Buck-Tech Facilitator
  • Integrate technology skills into the core curriculum
  • Understand the total curriculum
  • Share resources in a variety of formats
  • Share instructional strategies and provide instructional support in a timely manner
  • Support group instruction at the point of need (large or small)
  • Support differentiated instruction
  • Advocate for a collaborative environment

Wendy White-Media Coordinator

Integrate information skills into the core curriculum

Understand the total curriculum

Share resources in a variety of formats and maximize access to all resources through effective management of collection

Share instructional strategies and provide instructional support in a timely manner

Support group instruction at the point of need (large or small)

Support differentiated instruction

Advocate for a collaborative environment

The tech facilitator serves as a specialist for the selection of online and other technology resources. These resources should promote instructional goals and support the curriculum through a variety of media formats and be compatible with the technology hardware resources.

Responsible for planning, developing, and administering the school library media program, the media coordinator oversees the collection development process and assures that the collection supports the established goals and objectives of the school. Most important, the media coordinator informs the staff of new resources and materials that support the SCOS and assists teachers in the instructional program.

  • Bunny Schramm-Tech Assistant
  • Manage technology resources to provide access throughout the day
  • Troubleshoot minor tech problems to ensure access to resources throughout the day
  • Maintain technology infrastructure, hardware, software
  • Serve as a liaison between the school and system-level technical support
  • Catherine Winstead-Media Assistant
  • Manage circulation of resources to provide access throughout the day
  • Provide clerical assistance for resources management
  • Provide support for reference and research activities
what is your part in impact
What is your part in IMPACT?
  • Be a collaborating partner
  • Bring curriculum content to table
  • Bring info about learning styles to table
  • Bring understanding of student interest
  • Facilitate the learning process
  • Bring student data (iep, aig,testing data, etc)
  • Chair collaborative meetings
  • Commit to planning time
Media Coordinator Scenario

Wendy White

Technology Facilitator Scenario

Kim Buck

Technology brings new resources

Technology allows teachers to develop new forms of instruction

Technology motivates students

Technology provides differentiated opportunities

Technology staff development key to grow staff knowledge base

Planning for these resources, new forms of instruction, differentiation and staff development is key

this is what we currently have at ores
This is what we currently have at ORES:

One lab with with 27 computers, 3 printers, 1 digital projector

Computers in every classroom with, wall mounted TV/VCR display

Campus-wide Video Distribution System

4 digital cameras for campus-wide use

Library: 7 student computers, 2 printers, 1 scanner, 1 librarian desktop, 1 circulation desktop

One mobile lab/20 laptops

One teaching station per grade level and one for resource (soon)

One whiteboard/smartboard

4 video cameras

1 tablet PC’s

best practices for elementary technology use
Best Practices for Elementary Technology Use
  • Technology Literacy Lab Time
    • To address the development of technology skills
    • Whole-class instruction in foundational skills
    • Instruction is:
      • Based on K-5 NCSCS Technology Standards
      • Planned by classroom teacher &/or Instructional Technologist (Buck)
      • Delivered by classroom teacher &/or Instructional Technologist
      • Teacher’s sign up for lab time through calendar 2 weeks in advance—calendar will be printed and posted each Friday on lab door for upcoming week / please initial the calendar when you come to lab/this is data we will use to hopefully get another much needed lab set up
calendar use
Calendar Use
  • Teacher web/ ORES/ Calendar
  • Sign up 2 weeks prior to use of lab/resources
  • Send tech request/or e-mail Buck if set up & delivery/retrieval is needed
  • Limit lab time to 40-60 min to allow for fair use, signing up no more than a month ahead
  • INFO to include on calendar: Last name, acronym for resource, time

Time is in military style: 7:45am-12:00noon then 13:00 for 1:00pm, 14:00ect

Once you get the hang of it, it is simple! Can’t alter the calendar format—sorry!

  • E-mail Ms. Buck with any questions or concerns about the calendar use including need to delete entries.
  • Initial hard copy calendar on lab door after use
best practices for elementary technology use1
Best Practices for Elementary Technology Use
  • Technology Integration Lab
    • To address the integration of technology into core and enrichment content objectives
    • Emphasizes problem solving, information acquisition, higher-order thinking skills, communication skills
    • Flexible scheduling for grades K-5
    • Instruction is:
      • Based on K-5 NCSCS core curriculum
      • Delivered by classroom teacher, Instructional Technologist, Media Coordinator and/or the computer technologist when able
    • Curriculum consists of teacher-created and directed activities as well as IT and or MC-created and directed activities

**Sign up 2 weeks on calendar prior to use of lab/tech resources

interventions using technology
Interventions Using Technology
  • Differentiation Approaches
    • Computer-based intervention is appropriate for many students with significant need for practice in reading fluency and math concepts.
    • To this end, computers are provided at all grade levels to augment classroom and lab computers for intervention purposes and meet the needs of the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.
    • A technology based Early Bird Learners program will be implemented for targeted students beginning with 5th grade t,w,th in Sept. 7:15-7:45 am.
what impact will look like
What IMPACT will look like:
  • 5th grade will plan and collaborate with media and tech the weeks of August 28 and September 4 for implementation of integrated lessons to occur September 11, 12 and 15. We will be using the IMPACT planning model and forms to facilitate the planning and implementation.
  • 4th grade will plan and collaborate with media and tech the weeks of September 4 and 11 for implementation of integrated lesson to occur September 18,19 & 22
  • 3rdwill plan with the team September 11 and 18 with implementation of lessons on September 25, 26 and 29
  • 2ndwill plan with the team September 18 and 25 with lessons occurring October 2,3&6
  • 1st will plan September 25 and October 2 and have lessons October 9, 10 and 13
  • K will plan October 16 and 23 with lessons in October 31st.
  • Purposeful and meaningful collaboration with student needs in mind will be key to success.
technology training and development
Technology Training and Development
  • Teacher Training & Development
    • Campus-based, Literacy and Integration
        • IT modeling & team teaching in lab and classrooms
        • Planning period small group mini-lessons every other Thursday
        • “Just in time” individual assistance
    • District-based, Literacy and Integration
        • After school & daytime classes/central location
        • Online learning opportunities
        • Special Programs

Opportunities will be shared as we are made aware of them

technology thursday tidbits
Technology Thursday Tidbits

Based on school survey done in May 2006 staff requested the following technology staff development:

September 14, 28 : Teacher Web & Web Page

October 12, 26: Smartboard operations and use

November 16 & December 14: Teaching Station operations and use

January 11, 25: Data Graphing and Excel

February 8, 22: Microsoft Office Tools

March 8, 22: E Instruction

April 12, 26: Harcourt on line tools

If new equipment or software is purchased and staff development is required we will adjust the schedule. Each teacher is required to take at least 4-30 min sessions during the year. Sessions will be 30 min long during your planning time 2 times per month in the professional library.

data driven system
Data Driven System
  • We will survey customer satisfaction each nine weeks to get your input on how to improve these processes.
  • A Bin will be located in the professional library where you can share ideas for improvement and concerns along the way.
  • We will use the standard PDSA process to drive change and improvements.

Our mission is to move forward in our understanding and ability to use

technology as a staff and to bring our students as far as possible in

their understanding and ability to use technology positively and productively.Students and staff will be proficient in integrating technology and information skills as measured by the successful completion of an IMPACT unit.

Remember—technology is like a spouse—sometimes you could just squeeze them to death ‘cause you love ‘em so much and sometimes you wish you had! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it! We will have days when technology will not be our friend, but we have to keep trying and learning. We ask that you bear with us in times of tragedy and celebrate with us in times of triumph and together lets make this a great year for all!