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Terrorism. Michael Hassoun. What is Terrorism.

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Michael Hassoun

What is terrorism
What is Terrorism

  • The term terrorism means- calculated use of violence and by doing so install fear on people. Both Israel and Palestine have a group that is considered a terrorist group by people. The Hammas which is one of the major the Palestinian terrorist group and the Lehi which is the one major Israel terrorist group.


  • Hammas is the Palestinian political party which runs the Gaza strip. The number of members are unknown. They have been said to be responsible for many suicide bombings against Israel citizens and the military as well. Most of the Hammas funding comes from Iran and donations from Palestinian all around the world. However some believe that the Hammas have connections with some other terrorist groups which include Al Quaeda and the Taliban. The main goal of the Hammas is to “Destroy the state of Israel through Jihad (Islamic Holy War)”.


  • Founded in 1940

  • Means “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel

  • The goals of Lehi is To “bring together all those interested in liberation (that is, those willing to join in active fighting against the British)”.

  • “To appear before the world as the only active Jewish military organization”.

  • “To take over Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) by armed force”.

  • Considered a terrorist group by some

What attempts should be made to stop terrorists
What attempts should be made to stop terrorists

  • A lot of countries have just stood by and watched the violence in Israel continue. Other countries should try to help out and try and help with a peace agreement. There have been attempts to stop the hammas but if Israel and the Lehi went and killed the hammas many people all over the world would consider it a genocide since the Hammas are the leaders of the palatines. Also violence would still countinue because people would be very mad with them.

Are terrorists making it harder to make a peace aggreement
Are terrorists making it harder to make a peace aggreement

  • Yes because if the hammas or the Israelis are making violent attacks against one another then the two really won’t want to listen to one another after everything both of them have done.


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