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Social Studies Software Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Studies Software Evaluation

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Social Studies Software Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Studies Software Evaluation
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  1. Social StudiesSoftware Evaluation By Lauren Quinn, Julie Gale, and Beth Cotter

  2. Table of Contents • Introduction • Task • Resources • Social Studies Software • Evaluation

  3. This Webquest will guide you through the selection and evaluation process of software for the Social Studies classroom. Software can be an integral in achieving teaching goals and objectives in an interactive and fun way. Introduction

  4. Software evaluation requires the examination of the following characteristics: Needs for the classroom Match instructional objectives Motivation to get kids to learn Requirements Hardware compatibility Cost User Friendliness (Kid Friendly ) Availability of technical support Free from bias of gender, ethnicity or disability Task

  5. Your task is to complete an evaluation of 3 pieces of Social Studies software. View the software description from the links listed and use these to make recommendations for your school. Each piece of software that you wish to recommend should be accompanied by an explanation of its benefits. Using the information given and the resources listed create your own criteria for evaluation. Task (part 2)

  6. Resources

  7. Using your criteria, evaluate the following software. Ancient World 2000+: The Ellis Island Experience Face the Facts Social Studies Software

  8. Discuss the information you found on each piece of software given your own criteria for evaluation. Were there any differences in your evaluations? What were they? Do you think the software will meet your instructional needs? Does it meet all of your criteria? If any, what criteria does it not adequately address? Write a paragraph for each piece of software highlighting the evaluation criteria, using the above questions as a guide and any other information you found important. Evaluation