solar energy n.
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Solar Energy

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Solar Energy
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  1. Solar Energy By: Shanise, Janessa, ashley, and isabelle

  2. How is this energy created? • Where does it come from? • The sun get its energy from nuclear fusion of hydrogen atom. It is harvested from by people using solar panels to capture the heat to make electricity. • Solar energy comes from the lowest point of the sun. The sun bears a constant stream of thermonuclear expolisions as hydrogen atoms are merged into helium atoms. The sun is like a homogeneous power station that does a reaction that lets out light.

  3. Problem• How do we capture/control this energy? • Capture: Solar energy is captured in a flat metal plate or solar cells installed in the roof of your house. • Controlled:

  4. MaterialsWhat technology do we currently use to make it work? • Solar cells, also called photovoltaic cells.

  5. datawhat are the start up costs with using this form of energy?What are the recurring costs of this form of energy? • Less than $10,000. You are saving 100 each month • Less than $10,000 a year.

  6. Application how is this energy being used now?Is this energy being used in our area? • To heat the house, power calculators, phones and cars are becoming solar powered. • Solar energy is used every where, they are coming up with new ways to use solar energy.

  7. Where is this energy being used now? • It is used all around the world.

  8. Conclusion • The benefits of solar energy is healthy financial incentives, changing relationships with public utitilites and minimal environmental impact.