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Presentation Preparation. By Joshua Thomas. Introduction to the show. Air date: 19th February 1985 Creators: Julia Smith and Tony Holland Why did you select it: I selected to choose Eastenders because it is one of the most long running soap operas in television history.

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presentation preparation

Presentation Preparation

By Joshua Thomas

introduction to the show
Introduction to the show
  • Air date: 19thFebruary 1985
  • Creators: Julia Smith and Tony Holland
  • Why did you select it: I selected to choose Eastenders because it is one of the most long running soap operas in television history
results of your primary research
Results of your primary research
  • We asked 20+ students what they thought about the soap Eastenders, whether they love it, hate it, or have a different view about it, and we asked them all in a Level Two Media Group.
  • Primary or Secondary: This was called primary research as we had to find the information by ourselves.
  • Quantitative or qualitative research: We obtained quantitative research.
  • Were your results reliable: Yes they were
  • How many people liked or disliked your show: As we asked the students whether they like it or not 50% said they liked the show and 50% said they didn't’
  • Who was the most popular character: Kat Slater was revealed to be the most popular character
results of your secondary research
Results of your secondary research
  • I got the results from Barb. Barb is a website were it can collect research which are statistics on how many viewers tuned into a certain show and different channels over the years from 1995.
  • 11.28 million on Tuesday 1st January
  • 11.27 million on Monday 7th January
  • 10.69 million on Sunday 13th January
  • 9.96 million on Thursday 17th January
  • 9.70 million on Friday 18th January
  • No, there was nothing surprising about the results
your typical audience member
Your typical audience member
  • The age of the audience is people in their early thirties and I say this because it is more known for quite older people as it is everyday life of adults and teenagers.
  • Both male and females watch this show though it is mostly females who enjoy soaps
  • The class is for people in the range of middle class and upper class. It can be for posh people as a bit of a stereotype almost posh people and others can watch it on occasions
  • The ethnicity is mixed so black, white and asian. This is because the characters have different background
  • Any sexuality can watch the show as there are many straight and gay characters in the show