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  1. Expository Background Information

  2. What is the purpose of expository writing • Expository writing seeks to communicate ideas and information to specific audiences and for specific purposes. • It relies on facts to inform or explain • Effective expository writing reflects an organization that is well planned – with effective introductory paragraphs, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraphs.

  3. Organization of expository essays 1. Introduction Hook c+ background + thesis statement 2. Body Paragraph Use a topic sentence to state your first main idea. Make sure it clearly relates to your thesis. Add details that develop the main idea. Concluding sentence. 3. Body Paragraph Use a topic sentence to state your first main idea. Make sure it clearly relates to your thesis. Add details that develop the main idea. Concluding sentence. 4. Write a conclusion that revisits your thesis and sums up the main ideas in your paper. Don’t introduce new topics.

  4. EXPOSITORY KEY ELEMENTS THESIS: The central or controlling idea of your essay. A thesis statement tells your purpose for writing what you are informing about. Too broad Too narrow Just right

  5. The most difficult part of writing a STAAR EOC ESSAY (which you will write two of on the EOC) is that you have to draw your examples from your own mind. • The prompt is usually vague and open ended. The judge wants to see if you can prove your thesis drawing from history, t.v., pop culture, science, or your own life. • You can not use personal statements like, “I think” or “My opinion is” the purpose is to INFORMNOT PERSUADE

  6. What impact can a friend have on a person? • Step 1: Create a list of friendships you can draw on as examples and support from t.v., history, pop culture, your own life, sports. • T.V.: SpongeBob and Patrick • History: Margot and Anne Frank • Sports: LeBron James and Dwayne Wade • My own life: Jordan and I • Pop culture: Selena Gomez and DemiLovato • Step 2: Think about how these friendships impacted a person. • Have activities together • Work on projects together • Work out; stay in shape together • Share secrets • Give support and listen

  7. Create an outline • Introduction: THESIS • You can use the prompt to formulate it. • What impact can a friend have on a person? • A friend can impact a person by offering support and motivating them to try new activities. • Body Paragraph 1 Topic Sentence: A friend can positively impact you by offering emotional support. • Body Paragraph 2 Topic Sentence: A friend can also impact you by getting you to try out things you wouldn’t normally try.

  8. Essay format • Introduction: Hook + Supporting Details + Thesis statement (3-4 sent.) • Body paragraph 1: Transition + Topic Sentence + Supporting Details and Examples + Concluding sentence (4-5 sentences) • Body paragraph 1: Transitional phrase + Topic Sentence + Supporting Details and Examples + Concluding sentence (4-5 sentences) • Optional Body Paragraph 3 • Concluding Paragraph: Transition + Summarize Main points + So what…why is this topic important to your community, the nation, or the world? • 1,075 characters with spaces max.

  9. Student example • Have you ever had a best friend? A best friend is important to many people in society because they provide emotional support. A friend can both positively and negatively effect a person. A true friend can impact you by providing emotional support and getting you to try new activities. • Throughout life, you face many struggles and tribulations. When you have a best friend who you can talk to over the phone or through texting, they often can talk to you about the situation. Their advice can lift your mood from sadness to one of clarity. Often times your friend is separated from the issue you are dealing with and they can give you advice or persuade you to talk to your mom or dad about the problem. A friend can impact your emotions and provide helpful advice to get you out of tough situations. • In addition to providing emotional support, a friend can also convince you to try new activities. Many people struggle with trying something new and the anxiety of doing it by yourself. When you try something with a friend you know that you are not alone. This can give you the confidence you need to master a new sport or activity. Friends are inspirational you often strive to emulate them and they guide you into trying new things. • Overall, friends impact your daily decisions and help motivate you to expand your horizons. Many times your best friends become the one person you trust and turn to for advice. In some cases you spend more time with your friends than your immediate family. Friendship is an important tool that impacts every person in the world and it can be the driving force behind making positive decisions and trying out new hobbies.

  10. Partner turns • Write an expository essay about the dangers of facebook. • Write an expository essay about the influence of athletes or some one famous on adolescents. • Write an essay about the long lasting effects of bullying. • Step 1: Come up with a list of examples from pop culture, history, t.v. or your own life. • Step 2: Jot down a list of what these examples do. • Step 3: Outline your thesis statement and topic sentences • Step 4: Write the first draft • Introduction: Hook + Supporting Details + Thesis statement • Body paragraph 1-2: Transition + Topic Sentence, Supporting details and examples, Concluding sentence. • Conclusion: Summarize your main ideas. Answer the so what? How does this impact your community, nation, or world?

  11. Lets review • Introduction: Color code your hook, supporting details and thesis statement. • Body Paragraph: Color code your transition, topic sentence, supporting details and examples, and concluding sentence. • Conclusion: Color code your summary. Color code your so what sentence. • Check characters with spaces 1,075 max.