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Marquis De Montcalm. Who is Louis-Joseph de Montcalm- Gozon. Montcalm was born February 28 th , 1712, in Nimes, France. He was a F rench soldier in North America, best known as the commander during the Seven Years War. Early Life.

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Who is louis joseph de montcalm gozon
Who is Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon

  • Montcalm was born February 28th, 1712, in Nimes, France.

  • He was a French soldier in North America, best known as the commander during the Seven Years War.

Early life
Early Life

  • Montcalm was the son of Marie-Therese de Pierre and Louis-Daniel de Montcalm.

  • He joined the French army in 1727.

  • When Montcalms father passed away he inheritited the rights and honours of his father.

  • He was promoted to colonel of the Régimentd'Auxerrois in 1743.

  • In 1756 King Louis XV sent Montcalm to New France to lead its defence against the British.

Defense of new france
Defense Of New France

His early campaign against the Britain were major successes. He then expanded his defenses to Fort Carillon on Lake Champlain. Montcalm captured and destroyed Fort Oswego on Lake Ontario in 1756.

Battle of carillon
Battle of Carillon

  • This was Montcalm’s most impressive victory, which took place in 1758.

  • Him and his 4000 men defeated the British army of more than 16,000.

  • The victory happened thanks to the incompetence of the British commander, James Abercrombie.

The death of montcalm
The Death Of Montcalm.

On Montcalm’s way back from Quebec, he was hit by a British musket ball.

With not many hours left to live, all Montcalm said is that he was glad that he would not live to see the surrender of Quebec.