dental care needs in montcalm county n.
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Dental Care Needs in Montcalm County

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Dental Care Needs in Montcalm County - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dental Care Needs in Montcalm County. Presented by Just Another Group.

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dental care needs in montcalm county

Dental Care Needs inMontcalm County



Just Another Group

unmet dental care needs affect more than what your teeth look like
When thinking of unmet healthcare needs many people think of things like mental health, maternal and newborn needs, and risks of diseases. One need that is often overlooked is dental care, even though poor dental care can lead to major health concerns. Our group chose to focus on the unmet dental care needs of Montcalm County.Unmet dental care needs affect more than what your teeth look like.
assessment findings
Assessment Findings

Mid-Michigan Health Department (MMHD), in response to legislation by the Affordable Care Act, encouraged the three Montcalm County Health Systems (Carson City Hospital, Spectrum Health United/Kelsey, and Sheridan Community Hospital) along with Cherry Street-Montcalm Area Health Center to collaborate together and complete a comprehensive community health assessment.

For completing the Health Assessment, Montcalm was awarded the Rural Health Network Developing planning grant.

assessment findings1
Assessment Findings

The 2011 Montcalm Community Survey results indicate that only 62% of adults had received an oral exam or dental cleaning in the past two years (compared to 61.6% nationally), this number fell to 41% for adults that were uninsured.

This assessment also asked respondents to rank whether certain healthcare issues were serious or moderate according to their personal perception, dental access ranked 32.4%.

analysis of assessment findings
Analysis of Assessment Findings

PA161, which is a Public Dental Prevention Program, allows the use of dental hygienists in collaboration with a supervisory dentist to provide preventative dental services to underserved populations in Michigan.

Areas such as schools, head starts, and long term care facilities are the areas underserved. This program provides cleanings, fluorides and sealants.

analysis of assessment findings1
Analysis of Assessment Findings

Montcalm County offers dental services to those with special needs, such as; low income, patients on Medicaid, those with no insurance, those who are homebound or in nursing homes, and those in need of dental care that otherwise could not afford it.

Other areas of concern are education regarding soda and tooth decay and smoking and its effect on teeth.

community health nursing diagnosis
Community Health Nursing Diagnosis
  • Risk of dental caries and oral and pharyngeal cancers.
  • Among children and adults living in Montcalm county.
  • Related to lack of preventative dental care for kids and for uninsured adults.
  • As demonstrated by The 2011 Montcalm Community Survey results- only 41% of uninsured adults had received an oral exam or dental cleaning in the past two years, compared to 61.6% nationally.
smart goal

Increase the percentage of persons living in Montcalm County who have access to dental care by 10% over the next 2 years as evidenced by improved rates in Montcalm County as compared to the Michigan rate published in the District 10 community assessment report.

  • Community Health Assessment

Montcalm County Profile 2011

  • Access to dental care
  • Health insurance
  • Preventative dental care
  • Education

I would expect dental health to improve within the next two years.

By providing dental assessment’s, referrals and vouchers can be made for those who are at risk for cavities, infections, and oral cancers.

Reduction in the number of cavities and oral cancers.

See an increase in the number of craniofacial protectors purchased and used in contact sports.

See an increase in the number of MI resident’s who have seen a dentist in the next two years. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Encourage use of available dental clinics for low-income residents

available services
Available Services

Ferris State University Dental Hygiene Clinic

Available September through April (231) 591-2260

MCDC Sidney Clinic (989) 328-2200

Two plans available if pt. does not have Medicaid starting as low as $50. For more info visit

policy and theory
Policy and Theory

Theory of Reasoned Action

Based on attitude and belief.

Societal influence plays a big role

Ferris State University Dental Hygiene HIPAA Policies and Procedures

American Dental Association


Nursing Theorist Betty Neumann tells us:

"Health is a condition in which all parts and subparts are in harmony with the whole of the client.”

Using this theory we are able to recognize that prevention and wellness are important in healthcare. Assisting with unmet dental care needs is just one way to do this.


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