the gang of luostarivuori n.
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”The gang of Luostarivuori”

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”The gang of Luostarivuori” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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”The gang of Luostarivuori”. Luolavuori school. Made by : Erik, Jonne ja Väinö from Luolavuori. Luostarivuori school and secondary school. Studying in Luostarivuori school and going there.

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the gang of luostarivuori

”The gang of Luostarivuori”

Luolavuori school

Made by: Erik, Jonne ja Väinö from Luolavuori

Luostarivuori school and secondaryschool

studying in luostarivuori school and going there
Studying in Luostarivuori schooland goingthere
  • Erik, Jonne ja Väinö havestudied in Luostarivuori schoolalreadythreeyears(secondaryschool). Friendsarestudyingin Luostarivuori chemistry on everyMonday and Wednesday. In addition Väinö and Jonne arestudyingreligion on Mondays. Erik is an atheistso he doesn´tstudyreligion, and he comesonehourlaterthanothers to studyonlychemistry. On Mondayafternoonstheyhavealso home economics as an optionalsubject.
  • Väinö and Jonne areleavingfrom Luolavuori school to Luostarivuori school at 9.30 a.m. and the lessonsstarts at 10.15 p.msotheyhave to walkabout 1,5km long distance in half an hour.
  • When the boyswere at grades 7th and 8th, assistantwalk with themfromschool to school. Now, at 9th gradetheyarewalkingbythemselves. Thereare no assistants with students on lessons in Luostarivuori school.
luolavuoren koulu
Luolavuoren koulu
  • There is classesfrompreschool to secondaryschool in Luolavuori school
  • There is a steel pan orchestra.
  • Most of the pupils in Luolavuori schoolbehavewell.
  • Most of the teachersarestricts.
  • The food is free.
  • Wehavetenpupils in ourclass. On some of the lessonstheremightbelesspupilsthanten for example in Mathsthereareonlyfourpupils.
co operation with luostarivuori school special class teacher mikko hirvonen luolavuori school
Co-operation with Luostarivuori school(specialclassteacher Mikko Hirvonen, Luolavuori school)
  • The pupils of the Structured line for basic education (grades 7-9) in Luolavuori schoolhavebeentakenpart of Luostarivuori school’sintegratedlessons for sixyears.
  • Everyyearteachersfrombothschoolsarrangegoals for the studiesdepending on the pupils and resources.
  • Everystudenthastheirownindividualizedteachingplanand individualizedgoals for integrationarealsoinvolved.
  • 15-20 pupils
  • Basic education
  • Subjectteachers
  • No assistants
  • Evaluation bysubjectteachers with basiceducationcriteria

Pupilsparticipatesusually at Luostarivuori lessons 2-4 hours per week. Theremightbelongerperiodsalsowhichaimed to test the possibility to takepartpermanently in basiceducation in Luostarivuori school.

  • Pupilscanstudyalmosteverysubjectbutoftenmaking the timetables of twodifferentschool is challenging.
  • The lessonsareoften in the beginningor in the end of the schooldays.
  • In Luostarivuori schooltherearemorepossibilities to takeoptionalsubjects.