mental illness vs deviant behavior n.
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Mental Illness vs. Deviant behavior PowerPoint Presentation
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Mental Illness vs. Deviant behavior

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Mental Illness vs. Deviant behavior - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mental Illness vs. Deviant behavior. Botra Chan Nick Wray. Origins. Symptoms of mental illnesses arose in Egypt , Rome, India and Greece. Also claimed to be “Demonic Possession” http:// Bethlem Hospital.

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  • Symptoms of mental illnesses arose in Egypt , Rome, India and Greece.
  • Also claimed to be “Demonic Possession”
bethlem hospital
Bethlem Hospital
  • Built in 1200’s
  • Became an actual hospital in 1547
  • Owned by Britain/England
  • United with NHS,1948
sissy boy experiments
Sissy Boy Experiments
  • “Attempts to fix people”
  • Aversion therapy. Change something in someone by giving them and uncomfortable situations.
frances farmer
Frances Farmer
  • Actress through 1930’s-40’s
  • Became famous for her schizophrenia.
  • Famous for TV, entertainment publicity
deviant behavior
Deviant Behavior
  • Also known as Deviance
  • Sexual, Violent, and Dangerous
  • Isn’t normal
  • Failure to conform to normal society behavior
otherkin net
  • People other than Human?!
  • People blog about believing they are elves, oriental dragon and or even angels.
  • Not having a human soul?
otherkin com
  • Site based off membership.
  • Different views of other than human.
  • Other cultures believe there are larger than life humans.
  • >
shock doctrine
Shock Doctrine
  • Written by Naomi Klein
  • Discusses process of shock therapy and why it was used.
  • Also parts of payments and worldly uses
shock therapy
Shock Therapy
  • Originated by a doctor from Vienna, 1927
  • Designed to treat drug addictions, and schizophrenia
  • Adding an abnormal amount of insulin
  • >
dr freud
Dr. Freud
  • Created Psychoanalysis.
  • As quoted to “re-establish a harmonious relationship between the three elements which constitute the mind by excavating and resolving unconscious repressed conflicts”
  • Unconscious repressions were another name of mental illnesses
deviant behavior1
Deviant Behavior
  • Book/journal on the social deviance
  • Topics of how behavior develops and causes people to commit crimes and or drug abuse.
demonic mental illness in religion
Demonic/mental illness in religion
  • Caused by spirits and demons
  • Now a days strokes, psychosis etc are considered apart of this category.
  • Believed only exorcisms would fix these problems.
other facts
Other facts
  • 1 in 5 Americans will suffer from a mental illness.
  • Common mental illnesses strike between ages 16-25
  • Mental illnesses are brain disorders that derives from biological studies.
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