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Author Study: Norman Bridwell PowerPoint Presentation
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Author Study: Norman Bridwell

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Author Study: Norman Bridwell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Author Study: Norman Bridwell
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  1. Author Study:Norman Bridwell Amy Taylor October 6th, 2010

  2. Norman Bridwell • Born February 15th, 1928 and grew up in Kokomo, Indiana. • Has always loved drawing, but his teachers never thought he was that good; there was always someone better. • His teachers did not think he was a very good writer either!

  3. Clifford The Big Red Dog : The first of many Clifford stories. • Bridwell wanted to turn his love of drawing into a career and even talked to many publishers about a possible children’s book. But the publishers, for the most part did not like his work. • One publisher did more for him than she could have dreamed. She told Birdwell to write a story to go along with one of his illustrations.

  4. And the rest is history… • The illustration the publisher chose was one of Bridwell’s daughter, Emily, and a blood-hound the size of a horse. • As you know the hound became Clifford and Emily Elizabeth is his best friend.

  5. Books AND Television • Clifford has become a very important friend to very many children. • The books Bridwell has written use Clifford to address issues like manners, friendship, special occasions, and many other situations. Clifford even has a book series about him when he was a puppy, thus allowing even younger children to relate to this lovable big red dog. • The television series on PBS is based on the stories by Norman Bridwell and Clifford’s many adventures.

  6. Resources • Google Images • YouTube • • PBS Kids • Books by Norman Bridwell • Clifford the Big Red Dog • Clifford’s Birthday Party • Clifford’s Bedtime / Y La Hora de Dormir. • Resource For Teachers •,Resource_Type:Work%20Description%29&Ntk=SCHL30_SI&Ntt=Norman%20Bridwell