Into the Sea
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Into the Sea Genre: Narrative Nonfiction Author s Purpose: Inform, Influence Skill: Author s Purpose By: Brenda Z. Gui - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Into the Sea Genre: Narrative Nonfiction Author’s Purpose: Inform, Influence Skill: Author’s Purpose By: Brenda Z. Guiberson Illustrated by: Alix Berenzy. Compiled by Terry Sams, Piedmont. Summary.

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Into the Sea

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction

Author’s Purpose: Inform, Influence

Skill: Author’s Purpose

By: Brenda Z. Guiberson

Illustrated by: Alix Berenzy

Compiled by Terry Sams, Piedmont


Sea turtles start life as tiny animals not much bigger than a bottle cap.  They hatch out of leathery eggs left in sandy nests dug into the beach.  A baby turtle's first journey is to cross the beach and find its way into the sea.  There the little turtle must stay out of the way of sea birds and fish, until it grows into a larger turtle with a big, hard shell.  But the little turtle's adventures are just beginning.

Genre narrative nonfiction
Genre: Narrative Nonfiction

  • Narrative Nonfiction tells about true events

  • The events are told in the order in which they happen.

  • What are some other stories we have read this year in this genre?

Comprehension skill author s purpose
Comprehension Skill: Author’s Purpose

  • An author’s purpose is the reason or reasons an author has for writing.

  • Authors often have more than one reason for writing.

  • Four common purposes are to inform, entertain, express, and persuade.

  • Knowing the author’s purpose will help us understand the story better.

Comprehension skill review summarizing
Comprehension Skill Review –Summarizing

  • A summary is a short statement that tells the main ideas of a selection.

  • A story summary should tell the goals of the characters, how they try to reach them, and whether they reach them or not.

  • A summary of an article should tell the main idea, leaving out unnecessary details.

Tips on Summarizing

Vocabulary skill multiple meaning words
Vocabulary Skill:Multiple-Meaning Words

  • Many words have more than one meaning. To decide which meaning of a word is being used, look for clues in the surrounding sentences or paragraph.

  • Use context clues, experience, and word order to decide on the correct meaning of a multiple-meaning word.

Click on the title to practice this skill.

Comprehension review steps in a process
Comprehension Review – Steps in a Process

  • Steps in a process is the procedure you follow to make or do something.

  • Some processes occur in cycles, such as the water cycle or changing of seasons.

  • The steps occur over and over again in the same order.

  • The events in the life of a sea turtle are steps in a process. This is called a “life cycle.”

Life cycle of a sea turtle
Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle

Turtle reaches sea and swims to eat and grow.



A female hatches from an egg.


Eggs form in the adult turtle’s body.



Turtle returns to ocean.

Turtle swims to land and lays her eggs.

Weekly fluency check read with accuracy
Weekly Fluency Check -Read with Accuracy

  • Students should read with words with accuracy.

  • Often, missing or misreading a word can change the meaning of a sentence.

  • When readers encounter new or difficult words, each word should be read carefully so the reader fully understands what they are reading and does not get confused.

  • Go to pages 518-519, beginning with “As the turtle. . .”

Research skill diagrams scale and captions
Research Skill – Diagrams, Scale, and Captions

  • A diagram is a drawing that shows how something is put together or how something works. It usually has labels.

  • A scale drawing is a diagram in which a certain measurement on the drawing (such as 1 inch) corresponds to a real-life measurement (such as 1 foot).

  • A captionexplains what is happening in a drawing or photograph.

Writing assignment
Writing Assignment

Choose an ocean animal that is described in Into the Sea. Find information about the animal from at least two sources and write a short report about it.

Fun stuff
Fun Stuff

  • ABC Order

  • Spelling Hangman

  • Reading Test

  • Vocabulary Match up

  • Tour Georgia’s Wetlands

  • Tour the Red Sea

  • Zoo Books

  • Sea Creatures Links

  • Secrets of the Sea

  • What do You Want to Know About Turtles?

Say it
Say It!









More words to know
More Words to Know







uncomfortable or uncoordinated



the bottom side of something



a substance made up of the skeletons of tiny sea animals



raised narrow strips





  • body tissues that move body parts



broad, flat body parts used for swimming



a flow of water



interaction of organisms in their environment



a newly-hatched animal



a water animal that looks similar to a clam



small living things in water that are food for many fish

The plankton.underside of the boat was covered with rust.

The plankton.mussels and seahorses sift water for plankton to eat.

The diver wore plankton.flippers to help him swim like a turtle.

The exercise.muscles in your body might get sore if you over exercise.

The tiny sea turtle is the last her leathery egg.hatchling to break out of her leathery egg.

The fish hide in the colorful her leathery egg.coral.

The her leathery egg.ridges on the rocks were very sharp.

The man felt her leathery egg.awkward when he fell on the table.

Spelling words words with no sound clues
Spelling Words her leathery egg.Words with No Sound Clues

  • iron

  • animals

  • yesterday

  • cement

  • moment

  • favorite

  • August

  • suppose

  • support

  • welcome

Spelling words words with no sound clues1
Spelling Words her leathery egg.Words with No sound clues

  • giant

  • probably

  • usually

  • especially

  • machine

  • stomach

  • relatives

  • canoe

  • Canada

  • buffalo

Word wall words
Word Wall Words her leathery egg.

  • Click and add your word wall words.

Let’s review our words. her leathery egg. Watch carefully because they will flash on the screen for just a moment. We will clap as we spell the word.

favorite her leathery egg.

August her leathery egg.

suppose her leathery egg.

support her leathery egg.

welcome her leathery egg.

iron her leathery egg.

animals her leathery egg.

yesterday her leathery egg.

cement her leathery egg.

moment her leathery egg.

stomach her leathery egg.

relatives her leathery egg.

canoe her leathery egg.

Canada her leathery egg.

buffalo her leathery egg.

giant her leathery egg.

probably her leathery egg.

usually her leathery egg.

especially her leathery egg.

machine her leathery egg.

Great job

GREAT JOB! her leathery egg.