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Welcome 2012. Combined Federal Campaign Training. H.O.O.T. HELPING OUTSIDE OUR TOUCH. MARD-E Making A Real Difference - Everywhere. Batch Envelopes. Batch Envelope Instructions.

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Welcome 2012

Welcome 2012

Combined Federal Campaign


H o o t



Making A Real Difference - Everywhere

Batch envelope instructions
Batch Envelope Instructions

  • Once you receive your Batch envelopes record each pledge form in numeric order on the front or use the electronic form from website

  • When each form is returned completed the corresponding information to that pledge is to be recorded accordingly

  • Once Batch (envelope) is complete reconcile for submission

  • Make sure with each Batch envelope you return all white & yellow copies from each completed pledge form and all unused pledge forms. If you are missing any pledge forms you MUST fill out and include a discrepancy form to cover each/all missing items. (explain)

  • Include any Key Worker/Unit Worker Receipt logs

  • Include a completed gift roster (make copy for yourself) of all donors wishing to receive the corresponding gift so you will have something to reference when distributing gifts back to donors

Discrepancy instructions
Discrepancy Instructions

  • Date, Batch envelope # pledge forms are from, Turn-in date, Unit and Command Coordinator printed name and signature.

  • In the body of the form write the actual pledge form/s number and why they are missing. Missing pledge forms equal missing $’s that is why it is so important to maintain “eyes on” the actual forms.

  • The Treasurer at Turn-in will then review and sign off , and forward to the Campaign Treasurer for further action.

Gift roster instructions
Gift Roster Instructions

  • Fill out all information according to your pledge forms being turned in for reconciliation prior to Turn-in.

  • Alicia or Samantha from the CFC office will verify against Batch envelopes and issue you the corresponding “gifts” to be distributed back out to your donors.

  • Recommended you keep a copy of this to know who gets what when you return back to your office.

Welcome 2012

Pledge Form Recap

  • Make sure each pledge form is filled out correctly and legibly

  • Each pledge that is for payroll deduction MUST be signed and dated by the donor and MUST include SSN ii military or employee # if civilian

  • Check or cash donations MUST include date of donation check # these pledge forms do not have to be signed

  • If military in the box that states Branch of Service (under Military payroll) this means USMC, USN, USCG, USA, USAF not 1/6, 3/2 etc….

  • Federal agency and Office is where you will place your Unit you are assigned example 1/6 Alpha Company, MCCS Semper Fit….

  • If choosing a partial allotment the military member must not EAS before 3/31/13. Only members leaving after 4/1/13 and before 12/31/13 can opt for a partial allotment.

  • If you wish to receive the corresponding gift for your donation you MUST check YES or a gift will NOT be released

  • If you wish your information to be released to your chosen charity then you must check YES and fill out the required information

  • If you wish the amount of your gift to be released to your charity of choice then you MUST check the corresponding box

  • If the Command Coordinator is the responsible agent for turning in pledge forms electing payroll deductions the white copies will be returned to you one after your Batch envelope has been reconciled by a Treasurer.

Fundraising events
Fundraising Events

§ 950.602 Solicitation methods.

Employee solicitations shall be conducted during duty hours using methods that permit true voluntary giving and shall reserve to the individual the option of disclosing any gift or keeping it confidential. Campaign kick-offs, victory events, awards, and other non-solicitation events to build support for the CFC are encouraged.

(b) Special CFC fundraising events, such as raffles, lotteries, auctions, bake sales, carnivals, athletic events, or other activities not specifically provided for in these regulations are permitted during the campaign period if approved by the appropriate agency head or government official, consistent with agency ethics regulations. CFC special fundraising events should be undertaken in the spirit of generating interest in the CFC and be open to all individuals without regard to whether an individual participates in the CFC. Chances to win must be disassociated from amount of contributions, if any. Raffle prizes should be modest in nature and value. Examples of appropriate raffle prizes may include opportunities for lunch with Agency Officials, agency parking spaces for a specific time period, and gifts of minimal financial value. Any special CFC fundraising event and prize or gift should be approved in advance by the Agency's ethics official.

(c) In all approved special fundraising events the donor must have the option of designating to a specific participating organization or federation or be advised that the donation will be counted as an undesignated contribution and distributed according to these regulations.

[60 FR 57890, Nov. 24, 1995, as amended at 71 FR 67289, Nov. 20, 2006]

If you are planning a fundraising event you must get prior approval thru Base/Command and the

CFC Office.

Weekly log i nstructions
Weekly Log Instructions

  • Filled out and submitted to the Campaign Treasurer at Turn-ins. (Darnita may require weekly communication of numbers for reporting purposes)

  • Unit Coordinators and Key workers logs are exactly the same however; the Command Coordinator has a spot to include any on-line pledge’s that were received into the CFC Office.

  • The CFC Office will report any on-line pledges for your Command to the Campaign Treasurer however; for your record keeping purposes please make sure you add these amounts to your logs. Our office will email you the day prior to Turn-in date with a break down of any on-line pledges rec’d that week.

  • You will be responsible for turning in these on-line pledges to your IPAC should you be the responsible agent for doing so.

On line pledges
On-Line Pledges

On-line pledge

Emailed copy of receipt

Forms for use available on website www onslowcountycfc org
Forms for use available on websitewww.onslowcountycfc.org

Top of the page drop down box under :



  • E Batch Military 50ct

  • E-Batch Military 25ct

  • E-Batch CIV 50ct

  • E-Batch CIV 25ct

  • Discrepancy Form

  • Brief Attendance Roster

  • Key Worker Receipt Log

  • Unit Coordinator Receipt Log

  • Command Coordinator Receipt Log

  • Alphabetical Listing of Charities

Welcome 2012


  • Type Batch number in

  • Plug you first # in pledge form sequence it will automatically populate 50 (we also have a version loaded on the website for 25 as well)

  • Fill in Command and Unit

  • When using the Gift Donor box place V, H or S and it will automatically populate totals down in Gift section as well

Onslow county s march towards to a million
Onslow County’s March towards to a Million

Pop Stat reports:

Total Active Duty 42,141

Total Civilian Service (appropriated) 3,520

Total Civilian (Non-Appropriated) 2,662

Potential Donors Grand Total: 48,323

$1,000,000.00 / 48,823 = $20.69 per potential donor to make the $1,000,000.00

Welcome 2012

2012 Donor Gifts

Visionary Gift

$1,000 or more

Humanitarian Gift

$500 - $999

I-mark writing instrument with full lifetime warranty and ink refill replacement

Samaritan Gift

$300 - $499

20oz hot/cold 2gocup