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Differences in Management

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Differences in Management. Jonathan Tan (16) Zheng Chengzhi (25) Edward Tan (17). Content. Google Lenovo Apple Weaknesses and Strengths Google Market Share – UK and US Apple (Macintosh) vs Lenovo: US Market Share Apple vs Lenovo (Smartphone): China Market Share Action Plan

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differences in management

Differences in Management

Jonathan Tan (16)


Edward Tan (17)

  • Google
  • Lenovo
  • Apple
  • Weaknesses and Strengths
  • Google Market Share – UK and US
  • Apple (Macintosh) vs Lenovo: US Market Share
  • Apple vs Lenovo (Smartphone): China Market Share
  • Action Plan
  • References
  • Google – 67% of unprecedented market share,  $14.10 billion in revenue, $2.74 billion in operating income for Q3
  • Google reported $14.10 billion in revenue, $2.74 billion in operating income for Q3
  • Lenovo—15.6% of Global PC Market, it’s highest recording so far, with a net profit of 162 mil USD in Q2 (2012/2013)
  • Lenovo net income reached $162 million USD, Revenue hit a record $8.7 billion in Q2.
  • Apple – 25% of Computer Market, 22% of phone; Q4 $36 billion in revenue, $8.2 billion net profit
  • Apple posted quarterly revenue of $36.0 billion and quarterly net profit of $8.2 billion for Q4
lenovo s weaknesses and strengths
Lenovo’s weaknesses and strengths


  • Lack of diversification – Apple and Google owe their success to its diversified range of products…
  • Focus on value, not price


  • Dominance in the PC market for Q3’12 is a testament to the success of the “Protect and Attack strategy”.
  • Smartphone sales in China should continue: long-term investment to “protect”.
google market share uk us
Google Market Share – UK & US
  • In an article published today on Search Engine Watch, Google’s market share in the UK has eroded to 88%
  • Due to competition from Bing, Yahoo
  • 21st Nov 2012 – Google accounted for 66.9% of internet searches in the US, according to Search Engine Watch
  • Rise of Bing as Microsoft’s default search engine
apple vs lenovo market share us
Apple vs Lenovo: Market Share – US
  • Based on Q3’12 results, Apple had 13.6% market share in the PC sector
  • In contrast, Lenovo had 8.9% market share
  • Lenovo is the only company among the top 5 vendors in the US to increase sales during this period; other vendor sales dropped due to the set release date of Windows 8 at that time

Conclusion: Lenovo should ride on the wave and make use of this sales growth to expand, while other companies try to recover sales. (overtaking HP)

apple vs lenovo market share china
Apple vs Lenovo: Market Share - China
  • Q3’12 – In the smartphone sector, Lenovo remains as the top vendor in China (despite making losses), with a market share of 15%
  • Conversely, Apple sold half as many smartphones as Lenovo, with a market share of 6.9% in the same quarter.

Conclusion: Lenovo should remain ahead of the game in its base (China). Continue to develop the “Protect and Attack” strategy.

action plan
Action Plan
  • Continue to attend business trainings by management consultancies (like ourselves)
  • Take advantage of the knowledge of the East and West (IBM’s Personal Computing Division and Legend Holdings), stay ahead of the game by expanding headquarters. Cultural Exposure…
  • Adopt the 20% rule for the R&D division of the company. Increase labs…
  • Follow Apple’s emphasis on visionary leaders
  • On the other hand, the 4P’s must remain (Plan, Perform, Prioritize, Practice)
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