invasive species the stoat l.
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Invasive Species : The Stoat PowerPoint Presentation
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Invasive Species : The Stoat

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Invasive Species : The Stoat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Invasive Species : The Stoat. By Brandon Wedge. Original Habitat.

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original habitat
Original Habitat
  • The stoats natural habitat is almost everywhere throughout the northern temperate, subarctic and Arctic regions, of Europe, Asia, and North America. They prefer moorland, marsh near woods, lowland farms, shoreline or mountains as suitable habitats.
  • The stoat helps keep populations of smaller animals down but it went too far.
  • The stoat is a secondary consumer.
how did it get there
How did it get there.
  • The introduction of stoats is regarded as one of the worst mistakes ever made by European colonists in New Zealand. They were introduced to reduce the rabbit population, but have since become a major predator of native species.
the stoats new niche
The Stoats New Niche
  • The stoat was introduced to keep populations of rabbits down in New Zealand but is driving native species to go extinct.
  • The stoat is still a secondary consumer.
damage caused by the stoat
Damage caused by the stoat
  • The stoat was introduced to New Zealand and quickly multiplied. The stoat breeds once a year, producing several young kits (or kittens) per litter, and its mating system is promiscuous.
  • Since the stoats introduction it has driven the numbers of rabbits down but the numbers of wolves, foxes cats and badgers have increased.
  • Stoat predation has led to the extinction of some native birds and has aided the decline of the kiwi, kakapo, takahe and many more.
effect on humans
Effect on humans
  • Stoats do not have a relatively profound affect on human life.
  • The rabbit fur trade industry would suffer.
eradication efforts
Eradication Efforts
  • The main method of stoat control for the protection of native wildlife is to use Fenn traps in tunnels baited with hen eggs.
  • The control of the stoat in very important to the survival of indigenous birds of New Zealand.

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