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Hopi Indians PowerPoint Presentation
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Hopi Indians

Hopi Indians

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Hopi Indians

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  1. Hopi Indians By Makayla Thomas and Kailyn Squires

  2. Introduction • Do you know about Hopi Indians? • Well you are about to be in a adventure • Sit back and hold on to your seat because you are seeing…….. Hopi Indians……

  3. Clothing • Q. Did Navajo women knit dresses? • A. Well yes Navajo women did knit dresses. • Back then Hopi Indians had to wear T-shirts and jeans. The

  4. Food • Q. Do you know what the Hopi ate • A. The Hopi Indians ate beans, squash ,and corn .The Hopi Indians also ate melons and other fruit and veggies. The Hopi was part of every meal. It grew different colors like blue, yellow, red, , and purple corn.

  5. Shelter • Q. What did the Hopi Indians use to make their house made out of • A. The Hopi Indians made their houses out of stone clay and sticks. They also lived in teepees.

  6. location • The Hopi Indians lived in the north part of the southwest. • The Hopi tribe was located in the high desert of Arizona, one hundred miles east of the Grand Canyon. • The Hopi Reservation is within the Navajo Reservation in north-eastern Arizona

  7. Facts • A Hopi bride ground corn for three days at her future husband’s house to show she had wife skills. The groom and his male relatives wove her wedding clothes. After they were finished, the bride to be would walk home in one wedding outfit, and carried the other in a container. Women were also buried in their wedding outfit so when they entered the spirit world they would be dressed appropriately. The Hopi man would wear several bead necklaces on his wedding day.

  8. REVIEW • Native American Indians fought in the war of little bighorn.

  9. Pop quiz 1.What did the Hopi eat? A. beans squash corn fruit and veggies B. Fish deer whales C. McDonalds, subway, Wendy's, burger king ,and chills

  10. Pop quiz • What were the colors of the corn? • A. Brown and gray • B. Blue red yellow purple • C. Black and white

  11. Pop quiz • Where did they live? • A. North part of southwest • B. Alaska • C. Hawaii

  12. Pop quiz • What did they wear • A. t-shirts and jeans dresses for girls • B. Cowboy outfit • C. Skirts and a shirts