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Hopi. By: Omri Shachar Yoav Steven. . The Hopi lived in Northern Arizona. A R I Z O N A. Lifestyle. *The Hopi ate and grew beans melons squash and corn. *They found use for every source of water. *Women wore a un dyed cotton robe with an embroidered belt and the

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  1. Hopi By: OmriShacharYoav Steven.

  2. The Hopi lived in Northern Arizona A R I Z O N A

  3. Lifestyle *The Hopi ate and grew beans melons squash and corn *They found use for every source of water *Women wore a un dyed cotton robe with an embroidered belt and the men wore a un dyed strait sleeved or sleeveless shirt that was worn like a poncho, leggings cut off just above the knees, and moccasins made of deer skin.

  4. MISCELLANIEOUS *Clans=Family *When a Hopi man marries a wife he becomes part of his step moms family. *Clans have names and symbols. *Their language is Hopi. *The Hopi of the American Southwest live in one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in North America. The Spaniards arrived in Hopi in 1540, bringing with them a very different culture. While the Spanish explorers continued their journey, Franciscan monks stayed to missionize the Hopi. They encountered an older tradition distinctly different than their Christianity.

  5. Homes • Their houses were made of clay and stone. • They lived on mesas (cliffs).

  6. Culture • They held ceremonies in underground rooms called “kivas” • There was a hole in the kivas called “sipapu” • 2-6 kivas in a village

  7. Culture • The Hopi recognize two major ceremonial cycles, masked (January or February until July) and unmasked, which are determined by the position of the sun and the lunar calendar. The purpose of most ceremonies is to bring rain. As the symbol of life and well-being, corn, a staple crop, is the focus of many ceremonies. • Katsinas are guardian spirits, or intermediaries between the creator and the people. They are said to dwell at the San Fransisco peaks and at other holy places. Every year at the winter solstice, they travel to inhabit people’s bodies and remain until after the summer solstice.

  8. Legend • In the beginning there were only two: Tawa, the Sun God, and Spider Woman (Kokyanwuhti), the Earth Goddess. All the mysteries and the powers in the Above belonged to Tawa, while Spider Woman controlled the magic of the Below. There was neither man nor woman, bird nor beast, no living thing until these Two willed it to be. In time they decided there should be other gods to share their labors, so Tawa divided himself and there came Muiyinwuh, God of All Life Germs and Spider Woman divided herself and there came Huzruiwuhti, Woman of the Hard Substances (turquoise, silver, coral, shell,etc.). Huzruiwuhti became the wife of Tawa and with him produced Puukonhoya, the Youth, and Palunhoya, the Echo, and later, Hicanavaiya, Man-Eagle, Plumed Serpent and many others. Then did Tawa and Spider Woman have the Great Thought, they would make the Earth to be between the Above and the Below. As Tawa thought the features of the Earth, Spider women formedthem from clay. Then did Tawa think of animals and beasts and plants, all the while Spider Woman formed them from the clay. At last they decided they had enough, then they made great magic and breathed life into their creatures. Now Tawa decided they should make creatures in their image to lord over all the rest. Spider Woman again formed them from clay. Again the Two breathed life into their creations. Spider Woman called all the people so created to follow where she led. Through all the Four Great Caverns of the Underworld she led them, until they finally came to an opening, a sipapu, which led to the earth above.

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