hopi indians n.
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Hopi Indians PowerPoint Presentation
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Hopi Indians

Hopi Indians

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Hopi Indians

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  1. By: Braydon, Parker, Hannah, Devon Hopi Indians

  2. Kivas: Today, modern kivas are circular or rectangular in shape they have a fire pit in the center and a timber wood roof. There is an opening in the floor- a hole- that represents the lower entrance to the world.

  3. They grew corn, beans, squash, and melons Food

  4. Hopi lived in apartments made of adobe (clay and straw baked into hard bricks) many tribes lived in one building. They stacked there homes and used ladders to reach different levels Adobe apartments

  5. ~Men didn’t wear much just man skirts. ~Women wore dresses down to the knee made of cotton. clothing

  6. The Hopi made beautiful pots, carved and painted with designs that told a story. Some pots were used for cooking other were used storage pottery

  7. The Hopi tribe used turquoise to make jewelry. Because They believed turquoise was the stone of happiness, health, and good fortune. jewelry

  8. The Hopi method of making baskets has not changed for hundreds of years. They are woven with long grasses, and designed with natural dyes. Baskets

  9. When a child was born, it was the hopi tradition that the mother would receive a gift of birth a blanket and a perfect ear of corn. Infants

  10. The Hopi got every thing they needed from nature. It is not surprising that they would wish to say thank you Nature worship

  11. questions: ~what did the Hopi make baskets out of? ~why did the Hopi make jewelry out of turquoise ~what did the Hopi make there houses out of? The end

  12. ~long grass woven together • Because they believed that turquoise was the stone of happiness, health, and good fortune • Adobe. Answer key: