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Wenatchee High School Health & Fitness

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Wenatchee High School Health & Fitness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wenatchee High School Health & Fitness Plan-Do-Study-Adopt/Adjust 2004-08 Per WSD Policy/Procedure 2020 & 2020P ISO Process LNT-P001 WSD Curriculum Study Cycle 2002-2009 Health and Fitness Adopt/Adjust Year 2007-2008 Wenatchee High School 2004-2007 - STUDY Purpose

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wenatchee high school health fitness
Wenatchee High SchoolHealth & Fitness
  • Plan-Do-Study-Adopt/Adjust 2004-08
  • Per WSD Policy/Procedure 2020 & 2020P
  • ISO Process LNT-P001
  • WSD Curriculum Study Cycle 2002-2009
  • Health and Fitness Adopt/Adjust Year 2007-2008
wenatchee high school
Wenatchee High School
  • 2004-2007 - STUDY
  • Purpose
    • Achieve WA Health & Fitness GLE & EALR Alignment.
    • Pilot WA Classroom Based Assessment Fall 2007; Required to report to WA State Spring 2008.
    • Continued Department work to achieve CIPP and Vital Few goals and to improve student learning.
    • With district support and excellent instruction from teachers and coaches, create a World Class Health and Fitness Program for ALL students to exit WHS with the tools needed to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime.

WHS Health and Fitness Results:100% of WHS graduates will have the knowledge and physical skills to continue an active and healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. (EALR 1.3 & 4.2)To achieve the results above, 100% of WHS Students, regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or physical disabilities, will have equal access to all fitness resources to understand and improve the components of fitness: Body Composition, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance and Cardiovascular Endurance. (EALR 1.0 & 4.0)

study process 2004 2007

Study Process 2004-2007

Spring 2004-Observed Spokane’s elementary and middle school Fitness programs as well as one of their high school Fitness Centers.

Talked with their fitness leaders about the changes from the state and the changes they were making with their program.

Spring 2004 and Fall 2006, we were awarded a $20k+ grant from “Steps to a Healthier US” to buy individual lifting equipment to use in a gym for muscular endurance (not enough space to get all students in current weight room), heart rate monitors to measure cardio activity, risers, steps, exercise balls and mats for step aerobics, yoga and pilates, pedometers for power walking and two tanita scales to measure body composition.

study process cont
  • Fall 2004-Our department introduced our four new Fitness levels so students could choose a level that would best suit them. All students would have at least two days of strength training and two days wearing heart rate monitors. They would each have a portfolio (CIPP, and Vital Few #1,

2, & 3) where they would collect data, chart, graph and monitor their progress with the goal being knowledge of lifetime fitness planning and individual improvement.

  • Each freshman student would also complete a lifetime fitness plan which is now a graduation requirement and is part of their culminating project folder.

(EALR #4.2, CIPP, and Vital Few #1 & 3)


current research


“Exercise does more than build muscles and help prevent heart disease. New science shows that it also boosts brain power-- and may offer hope in the battle against Alzheimer’s.”

Carmichael, Mary. “Health: Can Exercise Make You Smarter.” Newsweek March 26, 2007: p. 38-46.

“Studies show that when children’s exercise and fitness needs are met, they are more able to learn and achieve. Given the growing epidemic of obesity and the link between physical activity and academic performance, parents and schools must work together to make quality daily physical education a priority in our schools and to give our children more opportunities to be physically active throughout the school day.

PTA “Healthy Lifestyles--Fact Sheet: The Need for Physical Education & Physical Activity in Our Schools.”2003. http://www.pta.org/archive_article_details_1127492990421.html

more current research


“A cross-sectional study completed by the California Department of Education (CDE) (2002), included a sample of 954,000 students who were in grades five (353,000), seven (322,000) and nine (279,000). The study individually matched Standard Achievement Test Ninth Edition (SAT-9) standardized test scores with results of the state-mandated, teacher administered, physical fitness test know as Fitnessgram.” “Results of the CDE (2002) study included a ‘statistical analysis indicating a distinct and linear correlation between students’ academic achievement and fitness scores’ in all three grades; higher academic performance was positively related to higher levels of fitness with the greatest academic gains in students who met three (of 6) or more physical fitness standards.”

Scheuer, Leslee & Dr. Mitchell, Debby, Ed.D. Associate Professor Phys. Ed./Sports & Fitness, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL ”Does Physical Activity Influence Academic Performance?” 2002.


benchmarking with other wa high schools
Spokane School District, Spokane, WA

World Class Fitness Centers:

~ One Fitness Teacher from North Central High School raised the initial funds from businesses and people in the community to update their Fitness Center.

~The district liked what he did so much that they had a Health/Fitness Administrator at the District Office write grants to complete their Fitness Center and continue the projects at other schools.

~Spokane School District currently has a new Fitness Center in every middle and high school.

Kamiakin High School, Kennewick, WA

~Added a cardio room to their weight room with money from their bond. District then spent $250,000 on equipment.

Cashmere High School, Cashmere, WA

~From bond money, $400,000. built a new weight room with all new equipment at the high school. New middle school and weight room built as well.

Walla Walla High School, Walla Walla, WA

~Two weight rooms. One new in 2003. Grant money paid for equipment, $130,000. District “in kind money” paid for the rest.

Richland High School, Richland, WA

~New weight room, district bond money to build. $110,000 in new equipment.

Ellensburg High School, Ellensburg, WA

~Built a new school and Fitness Center in 2005. The district paid for all the equipment in the new Fitness Center.

Benchmarking With Other WA High Schools
support currently in place to achieve results
  • Staff trained in the Health and Fitness EALR’s and GLE’s.
  • Staff piloting (Fall 2007) and trained (Spring 2007) in scoring Health and Fitness state required CBA’S.
  • 100% of staff implementing Vital Few #3.
  • Reading and Writing WASL targets embedded in Health and Fitness Curriculum.
  • Four years of study, research and bench marking with world class programs.
  • Staff willingness to access community resources and district support.
limitations to achieving results


Current inequities in student access: only 1/2 of Fitness students have access to our weight room and our Adaptive Fitness class must join a class of 38 students to lift in the weight room.

With enrollment for next fall at almost 2100 students, we are in need of more teaching stations to adequately accommodate all students. Therefore, structural changes are needed in the current weight room which has not been updated since 1970.

limitations to achieving results continued


To educate students on the various lifetime cardio activities in their target heart zone, we are in urgent need of working cardiovascular equipment: treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary cycles.

The winter months are a concern as well, since we are inside from November to March with limited lifetime cardiovascular activities to pursue.

Instructional Materials And Support Needed to Achieve The Results And Complete The Plan-Do-Study-Adoption Process


  • Structural $200,000.
  • 14 Elite Lifting Stations @$3, 500. $49,000.


  • 38 Bikes @$900. each $34,200.

(Star Trac or Le Mond)

  • 14 piece circuit training @$3000. each $42000.

(Free Motion or Cybex or Life Fitness)

  • 10 Commercial Cardio Machines @ $4,250. $42,500.

(Treadmills, Ellipticals)

  • Additional Free Weights $12,000.
  • 12 Floor Mats@$35. $420.
  • Vertical Jump Tester $800.
  • 3 Computers with printers $1500.
  • 3 Desks and Chairs $1000.
  • Music for 3 rooms $3000.
  • LCD with Screens for 2 rooms $2500..
  • Yearly maintenance schedule for equipment $500.


benefits to our school and community
  • ALL WHS students in a Fitness class, or working out before or after school, will have a World Class Fitness Center as the learning tool to become fit for life.
  • Pride and excitement among athletes, coaches, booster club, and community.
  • Adapted Physical Education will have their own teaching station in a gym or the weight room instead of teaching in the hallways and commons.
  • More teaching stations will also accommodate the ever increasing enrollment at WHS.
  • As stated in the research, our students will improve academic scores, and leave WHS healthier, happier and ready to achieve their goals in life.
  • Upon graduation, many of our students will become active, healthy community members as a result of the lifetime fitness learning facility and education at WHS.
  • There will be a sense of pride in community when the WHS Fitness Center is complete. People will realize the benefit this project will have for themselves, their children and grandchildren.
  • All Staff at WHS will have a place to exercise to improve and maintain their physical, mental and emotional health. (Lower Absenteeism, Higher Productivity)

http://prevent disease.com/worksite_wellness/worksite_wellness.html

ideas for financial support
Ideas for Financial Support
  • Wenatchee School District Financial Support
  • Grant Writing Support
  • Booster Club Support
  • Financial Support from Local Businesses
  • Individual Donations
  • Local Service Club Support.
  • Matching Funds
  • Fund Raising Events
thank you
Thank You

For Your Time

And Consideration!

“Fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

John F. Kennedy