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Butler High School

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Butler High School
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Butler High School

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  1. Butler High School Curriculum Night

  2. Welcome Will Leach, Principal

  3. Objectives • To learn about graduation requirements and course of study options. • To explain the schedule and options for high school students • To learn about level/rigor guidelines. • To provide relevant departmental information demonstrating all of the current course options available to students.

  4. Information from Student CounselingCynthia Shepard c.shepard@cms.k12.nc.us

  5. NC Gateway Requirements Students must score a level 3 or 4 (out of 4) on the five specified EOC’s listed below in order to receive credit for the class and to earn a CMS diploma: • English 9 • Algebra 1 • Biology • Civics & Economics (C&E) • US History

  6. Basic Information for Rising 9th Graders • New CMS/NC Course of Study Graduation Requirements in effect; • All freshman entering high school in the fall of 2009 and thereafter will participate in the required Core Course of Study, entitled the Future Ready Core Plus.

  7. Future Ready Core Plus 24 Core Graduation Requirements: 4 credits English *4 credits Math 3 credits Science 3 credits Social Studies 1 Additional credit in either Science or Social Studies 1 credit Health and PE 9 4 Concentration Electives *4 Electives-Four courses in one subject area or a cross-disciplinary area, focused on student interest and post secondary goals, providing an opportunity for the student to participate in a rigorous, in-depth and linked study NC Graduation Project (formerly the Senior Exit Project). * To meet minimum admission requirements for the UNC University System, a student must complete a specific math sequence, and have a minimum of 2 years in the same foreign language.

  8. Future Ready Core Plus Concentration Electives: 4 credits in one subject area or a cross-disciplinary area, focused on student interests and post-secondary goals; providing an opportunity for the student to participate in a rigorous, in-depth and linked study. The Concentration may include but is not limited to courses in: • Career & Technical Ed (CTE) • Arts Education • JROTC • Advanced Placement (AP) • Community College Experience via CPCC • Learn & Earn Early College (school)

  9. Future Ready Core Occupational • Occupational English I, II, III, IV-4 credits • Occupational Math-OCS Intro Math, OCS Algebra I, OCS Financial Management-3 credits • Occupational Science I, II-OCS Applied Science, OCS Biology-2-credits • Occupational Social Studies I, II-3 credits • Health/PE-1 credit • Career Technical Education-4 credits • Occupational Preps 4/Prep Labs 4 • Totals 24 credits

  10. Future Ready Core Occupational-continued Additional Notes • Career Portfolio Required-(NC Graduation is NOT required) • No Gateway Requirements • Completion of Individualized Education Plan (IEP) • School Based Hours-300; Community Service Hours-240; Paid Employment Hours-360

  11. Registration Timeline • Vertical Team Meeting-February • Middle School Open Houses-transitioning from middle to high school-March • Delivery of Middle School Registration Cards and High School Planning Guides-1st week in March • Middle School Counselors will begin visiting classes and discussing the registration process/curriculum-March • General Session about High School (students only) –late March/early April • Counselors will meet with Middle School Students one-on- one regarding course selection Special Notation-after your visit this evening and you would like to make a change in your course selection just contact your middle school counselor

  12. General InformationPhylisHampson p.hampson@cms.k12.nc.us

  13. Sample Schedules • Students may have a: • 4x4 schedule • A/B Day schedule

  14. Sample Hybrid 9th grade Schedule Semester 1Semester 2 Aday-Crafts Bday-Orchestra 2-Biomedical Tech 2-English 9 3-Algebra I 3-Health/PE 9 4-World History 4-Biology

  15. Guidelines for Course Level Placement Factors to be considered for level placement: • Student’s motivation and willingness to be engaged in the learning process by doing the work requested • Homework and projects completed on time • Organization skills • Current grades in the courses in question and current level • EOG grades • Level and amount of extra curricular activities • Student’s health and any learning disability

  16. Standard Level Coursework • Adheres to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCS) • Provides the student with a basic understanding of the curriculum content • Students receive some review of material presented • Suggested for students scoring 1 or 2 on 8th grade EOGs • No additional quality points

  17. Honors (9-12)Level Coursework • Moves beyond the NCSCOS by adding several additional areas of study • Requires students to do much outside reading and many projects beyond the normal classroom requirements • Students should be independent learners and highly motivated to learn rather than simply to achieve a grade

  18. Honors Level • Geared towards students making a high 3 or 4 on 8th grade EOGs or high school EOCs • Earns 1 additional quality point • AP Courses Offered 10-12

  19. Career and Technical EducationLaurietta Lee laurietta.lee@cms.k12.nc.us Dianne KingCareer Development Coordinatordianne.king@cms.k12.nc.us http://dking.cmswiki.wikispaces.net/

  20. What is CTE? • Career and Technical Education • Our mission: to prepare our students for careers in a global economy through introductory and advanced courses. • Our challenge to you: use your 4 required elective credits to complete a concentration in CTE. …or… explore CTE courses to satisfy your 2 general elective credits. …or… BOTH!!! 

  21. Career and Technical Education - ButlerCareer ClustersWhat we offer…

  22. Career and Technical Education - ButlerCareer Clusters What we offer… continued

  23. Career and Technical Education - ButlerCareer Clusters Your 9th-Grade Registration Card Choices… Agriculture ___ Horticulture I Hospitality and Tourism ___ Marketing ___ Sports and Entertainment Marketing I Architecture and Construction ___ Drafting I ___ Housing and Interiors I Information Technology ___ Computer Applications I ___ Foundations of Information Technology Arts and Communications ___ Apparel Development I ___ Drafting I Marketing ___ Fashion Merchandising ___ Marketing ___ Sports and Entertainment Marketing I Business Management and Administration ___ Computer Applications I ___ Principles of Business & Finance Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ___ Drafting I ___ PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design+ (Algebra I recommended) Health Science ___ Biomedical Technology

  24. EnglishMarcia Smith mh.smith@cms.k12.nc.us

  25. English 9 Standard • English 9 standard is paired with a semester of Foundations of English. • Who should take standard English? Students who scored at or below grade level on the 8th grade reading EOG. The first semester (Foundations of English) prepares students enrolled in the ninth grade for transition to high school from middle school while establishing a foundation for the English I course in the second semester.

  26. English 9 Honors • English 9 Honors is not paired with Foundations of English and is completed in a single semester on the 4x4 schedule. • Who should take honors English? Students who scored at or above grade level on the 8th grade reading EOG. At this level, students should be able to work well independently and should have good independent reading skills.

  27. English 10, 11, and 12 • All English 10, 11 and 12 standard and honors will be scheduled on the 4 x 4 schedule. • Independent readers and writers should take the honors level courses.

  28. Social StudiesCynthia Lloyd cynthia.lloyd@cms.k12.nc.us

  29. Social Studies 3 Required Credits • 9th grade - World History • 10th grade – Civics & Economics • 11th grade – United States History (taught on a 4X4 schedule) 1 additional credit of Social Studies OR Science

  30. Social Studies Electives 4x4 General Electives include • Psychology • Sociology • Law and Justice • World Geography These may count as the additional Social Studies credit. They are open to all grades 9-12 and may be taken anytime during high school.

  31. Social Studies AP electives These courses are usually taken 11th and 12th grade years and also count as the additional credit in Social Studies. All are taught on the A/B day schedule • AP US History • AP US Government • AP European History • AP World History • AP Economics • AP Human Geography • AP Psychology

  32. SS choice for 9th graders?Standard or Honors WORLD HISTORY:A survey of World History which follows the NC Standard Course of Study beginning with early human interaction and ancient civilizations to the modern era and conflicts such as the Cold War. STANDARD WORLD: guided analysis of primary documents, reading,projects,. Assessments primarily multiple choice and short answer HONORS WORLD: Uses independent research based projects, extended readings outside of class, pre/AP skilled based activities. Assessments are multiple choice, essays and mini-DBQs Consider…Are you able to read and write well? Do you complete HW? Do you like History? Do you want to take AP classes later? Have you been in honors or accelerated classes before?

  33. ScienceShari Mudd shari.mudd@cms.k12.nc.us

  34. Science Requirements 3 Required Credits • Earth / Environmental Science • Biology (A “Gateway” course) • A Physical Science • Chemistry • Physics • Physical Science

  35. Science Course Sequencing MOST incoming 9th graders should register for Earth/Environmental Science (Standard or Honors) A study of the Earth’s systems and processes, with an emphasis on human impact on natural resources and environmental issues. Honors E/E • More in-depth information • Class and homework labs and activities that require more critical thinking • Requires ability to read complex text • Requires a strong work ethic for completion of all assignments

  36. Science Course Sequencing SUPERIOR incoming 9th graders may register for Honors Biology A survey course that explores the living environment from the molecular level to interactions between living things and their environment Important notes • A very complex and fast-paced subject with extensive vocabulary. Requires above-average reading skills and a strong commitment to studying outside of class. • Assignments are high level requiring well-developed critical thinking skills. An independent “Honors Project” is also required. • Students who elect to take Biology as a 9th grader will have to enroll in AP Environmental Science as a junior in order to fulfill the Earth/Environmental requirement. • Best for students who are very interested in science, may pursue a science-related career, or wish to take AP science courses.

  37. Science Course Sequencing • Note: All AP courses and electives may not be offered every year • AP Science Courses: • AP Environmental Science • AP Biology (2nd year course) • AP Chemistry (2nd year course) • AP Physics • Science Electives: • Human Anatomy and Physiology • Oceanography • Microbiology

  38. Foreign LanguageCarolyn Sloan c.sloan@cms.k12.nc.us

  39. Foreign Language • Colleges and Universities recommend 3 years of the same language, and recommend that the highest level for which the student qualifies be taken during the senior year.

  40. Foreign Languages • French, German, Latin, and Spanish are • offered from Level 1- Level 5AP including Spanish for Native Speakers, Levels 1 -2. • Rising 9th and 10th graders who have taken Level 1 (1A plus 1B) foreign language in the middle school receive credit toward graduation requirements.

  41. Foreign Language • All levels of Foreign Languages will be offered on the 4 x 4 format. Students can take two years of the same language in one school year. • Students who plan to pursue AP course of study and have no prior language background should take Level 1 in the 9th grade.

  42. MathematicsVickie Fosdick vickie.fosdick@cms.k12.nc.us

  43. Mathematics • Every student needs to develop a 4-year high school plan. • Students will be placed in Algebra 1 courses according to their EOG scores from 8th grade • Students with level 3 EOG score of 363 or higher may take Algebra 1 in one semester in 9th grade (if they have not completed it) • All others will take Foundations of Algebra/Algebra 1 for 9th grade.

  44. Mathematics (continued) • If students have completed Algebra 1, they may take Geometry or Geometry Honors. • Geometry Honors is recommended for students who scored a Level 4 on the Algebra 1 EOC and who have a good work ethic. • Students will not be allowed to take two mathematics courses (other than Foundations of Algebra/Algebra 1) as a 9th grader due to budget constraints.

  45. Math Graduation Requirements All students must obtain, or have obtained, a level 3 or 4 on the Algebra I EOC in order to receive credit for the class. Come by the Mathematics Department table to get a handout of sequencing for high school math courses.

  46. Suggested sequence for students with Level 4 scores on Alg 1 EOC • Geo (HR’s) (9th) • Alg 2 (HR’s) (10th) • Precal HR’s (11th) • AP Calculus AB/AP Calculus BC (12th) • AP Statistics can be taken any time AFTER Algebra 2 Honors in addition to another class

  47. Physical EducationTerry Stoughton terrym.stoughton@cms.k12.nc.us

  48. Physical Education • All students must have Physical Education 9/Health to graduate. All 9th grade students will be registered for Healthful Living/Principles of Physical Education.

  49. PE Electives - 4 x 4 • Racquet Sports • Volleyball/Triples – Volleyball/Softball • Team Handball/Basketball • Flag Football/Soccer • Sports Medicine I • Physical Conditioning I • Aerobics I

  50. Visual ArtsPerforming ArtsLorna Graves l.graves@cms.k12.nc.us