Welcome to West High School’s Post High School Planning Session! January 31, 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

welcome to west high school s post high school planning session january 31 2008 n.
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Welcome to West High School’s Post High School Planning Session! January 31, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to West High School’s Post High School Planning Session! January 31, 2008

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Welcome to West High School’s Post High School Planning Session! January 31, 2008
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Welcome to West High School’s Post High School Planning Session! January 31, 2008

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  1. Welcome toWest High School’sPost High School Planning Session!January 31, 2008 Steps in Successfully Pursuing Goals after High School

  2. Slides with an “*” are in your handout packet Entire Powerpoint Presentation will be uploaded to West Website in coming weeks This Presentation…..

  3. 15 months until Graduation… Be Proud! Consider your student’s unique needs, dreams, and goals Course Selection for Senior Year Future Paths for School & Careers ACT/SAT/AP Post HS Admissions Requirements The Search, Tools, & The Application Process Financial Aid & Scholarships Q & A Tonight’s Agenda:“Getting The Best For Your Student”

  4. The “Growing Up” Chart Level of Responsibility/ Independence HIGH - - - - - - - - - MEDIUM - - - - - - - - - LOW - _________________________________________________________________ 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 AGE (For each age, plot a point where you feel the level of independence/responsibility your child has over their life should be)

  5. West Graduates Do VeryWell!!!

  6. West Graduates Do VeryWell!!!

  7. WEST HIGH’S COUNSELORS Regent Learning Community (#1): Len Mormino (A-O), Rick Rosen (P-Z) Van Hise Learning Community (#2): Becky Bebber-Wells (A-Mo) Rick Rosen (Mp-Z) Highland Learning Community (#3): Sara Neuenschwander (A-G) Carol Shepard (H-Z) Ash Learning Community (#4): Sara Neuenschwander (A-H) Lucerne Rice (H-Z) ELL: Marilsa Hansen

  8. Save Time! Use the * Counseling Dept. Website!! • http://www.madison.k12.wi.us/west/ Check out our favorite links.

  9. Counseling Dept. Website has information on: • West’s Learning Community Setup • 2005-2006 Guidance Calendar • ACT/SAT & Advanced Placement Exams • Financial Aid & Scholarships • Post High & Career Planning • NCAA Clearinghouse and approved core courses accepted from West HS • Summer Programs - 2006 • College Visits 2005-2006 • Helpful Internet Links • (I.E.-ACT,SAT,Princeton Review, TOEFL, etc.)

  10. Timetable for Jr/Sr Year: * Spring of 2007 – Senior Course Selections ACT/SAT testing College Visits and Reps (CRC) Meetings with Counselors Summer of 2007- School Visits, Work, Intern, Volunteer, Job Shadow, Travel Sept. – Dec of 2007 Senior & Parent Meetings Retake ACT/SAT? Post-Secondary Applications December of 2007 Financial Aid Meetings January of 2007 Fill out FAFSA, Fin.Aid Forms

  11. To Plan or Not to Plan……. • Do your research now. • Save time by using the Counseling Department Websites. • Talk to your counselor. • Create a timetable • Give freedom withinresponsibility to your student. • Consider the many options…(next slides)

  12. Many Future Paths to * Success: • 4 year colleges • 2 year colleges • Apprenticeships • Specialty schools • Military options • Combo of above • FACT: Many of the job openings will require training beyond HS.

  13. Specialty Schools: * One/Two Year Programs in: • Art/Design • Cosmetology • Media/Broadcasting • Electronics • More……. • Check specific entrance criteria. I.E.- Beautician, Jeweler, Travel Agent, Media Engineer

  14. Two Year & Technical Colleges * (MATC/UW Colleges): • MATC (Technical College) & UW Colleges • Excellent placement rates/earning power • One/two yr programs • “Guaranteed” College Transfer • Wide variety of Majors • Preparation guided by employers • Increasing Enrollment from Returning 4-Year Grads I.E.- Nursing, Info. Technology, Business, Liberal Studies

  15. Apprenticeships: * • Bldg Trades + More • Call Union and/or MATC for trade of interest • Apply & Test to get in • $$ Earn while you learn • Immediate training • Progress from apprentice to journeyman • Currently high demand!!! • MMSD Youth Apprentice Opportunities I.E.- Carpentry, Electrician, Nursing, Biotech, Chef, Mason, Autos, Childcare, Computers, Cosmetology, Fire/Rescue, and MORE……..

  16. Military Options: • Training & Education benefits in return for your paid service • Wide variety of programs • Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard • Part time: Natl. Guard • Don’t sign until you research all options!

  17. Four Year Colleges: * • 3000+ colleges in U.S. • Check Entrance criteria • Check Major Areas of Study • Research, talk to reps, and visit if you can.


  19. Contrary to popular belief, a year off does not automatically lead to a life of squalor. Want some security? -Apply and Defer (if your college offers deferment policy) RECOMMENDATION: 1) Assess Options 2) Research them in Detail, 3) Evaluate 4) Choose 5) Make arrangements, Plan Structure, Limit to a year THE YEAR OFF….. Continued *

  20. Why do you want to go to college? keep learning, gain wisdom/intellect, become ‘worldly’ increase my earning potential “The college experience”- social, independence, fun, etc. help me get into a satisfying career and hobbies of interest don’t know what else to do get away from home Questioning College Motives…. *

  21. We often observe: A lack of awareness about the realities of a career in which one’s Major leads to can land one either: A) Disappointed in job options and going back to college to study something else, or B) “Working in low skilled, low wage jobs while they search in vain for an opening in the field in which they studied.” Ken Gray, Penn State University C) Staying in an unsatisfying career

  22. Coursework (limited view of realities of the job) Career Resource Center Catalogues like “College Majors and Careers” Personal Education Plan WisCareers Website COPS Assessment Job Shadowing, Service, Internships, Work Explore Career Interests Through... *

  23. Personalizes the West Learning Experience by: Assessing: • Study Skills •Learning Styles • Multiple Forms of Intelligence • Employability Skills Exploring FuturePaths of interest via: • interest surveys • occupational searches • college searches • lifestyle $ budgeting (Direct link with WisCareers Web Account) Personal Education Plan

  24. Connecting your FuturePaths of Interest with your West Activities: • Coursework • Clubs and Activities • Community Activities (jobs/internships/volunteering) Setting Goals for “Journey Beyond High School” Continuously adding to your Resume for use with college applications or job hunting (Wiscareers) Personal Education Plan- Continued

  25. Go to West High School Counseling Department Website Click on PEP at the center of the page Username= student’s ID number Password= student’s first and last name (no space in between) as it appears on report card Call your Counselor if you need help getting on or navigating your student’s PEP Personal Education Plan Logon Instructions

  26. A time for Interests and Engagement Youth Apprenticeship/ Marketing Internship Summerschool Feb.1st- Get Course Selection Cards Feb.2-13- Review Courses with your students Feb.14/15- Teachers make Recommendations Feb.18- Enter Course Requests Online Senior Year Course Selections: *

  27. Need to carry 2.5 credit minimum per semester If 4-Year College bound, should include at least 3 academic courses each semester (prioritize English and Math) Should have 7 semesters of literature or writing coursework prior to graduation Consider areas your student wants to improve in, gain exposure, or prepare for testing in: AP or SAT II subject areas foreign language placement exams Senior Year Course Selections: *

  28. West Graduation * Requirements: • 22 total credits • 4 in English • 3 in Social Studies • 2 in Math (Algebra and Geometry) • 2 in Science • 1 1/2 in Phy. Ed. • 1/2 in Health • 9 Remaining credits • 1 Semester Of Recent U.S. History

  29. See the West Guidance Homepage: Youth Options If you have “topped out” of a subject area, the district sometimes funds UW/MATC coursework. You must apply by 3/1/06 and 10/1/06 for following Fall/Spring semesters. See your counselor.

  30. Register on-line: www.act.org or www.collegeboard.com Most colleges accept either ACT or SAT ACT=Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Writing SAT I=Math and Verbal Reasoning, Writing Scores: ACT= Sends one test date, SAT= Sends them all ACT writing sample- which schools require it? UW-Madison TESTING: *Plan to take the ACT/SAT in Spring of Junior Year.

  31. You can prepare in several ways… take a good college prep curriculum take a course like ZAPS, MMSD summer ACT/SAT Prep, Kaplan, etc. CRC resource books in Rm. 203 CD for Purchase on ACT/SAT prep ACT/ College Board website Practice ?’s ACT/SAT prep tutors Allow time for retakes Don’t send your first scores if concerned Test Prep *

  32. When you register for the test you can list 4 colleges you want the results to go to, for FREE. Send additional score reports by going to ACT or SAT online- @$7.50 per school, fee waivers available. Remember, we can’t send your scores,… Colleges usually require “official” scores that must be ordered by you directly from ACT or The College Board from the STUDENT. October thru December of senior year are the last chances to earn scores that can be used for college admissions. Watch early decisions deadlines. How To Send ACT / SAT * Results to the Right Place:

  33. Some colleges also require the SAT II Achievement Tests.(Better check in advance!) Test this June if you are just finishing the highest course available in the SAT II subject area of choice. Register for October test if you didn’t take them earlier. Take the SAT II Testif needed:

  34. Test dates- May 5-16, 2008 Registration On-Line March 3-7, 2008 Download registration form from MMSD website to turn in with fee to Counseling Secretary Cost: $96 per test Location: Alliant Energy Center Registration meeting for students not currently enrolled in an AP course- Wednesday, Feb.27th- 12:30pm in the Counseling Office- Room 203 Students registered for AP exams will be required to attend a 1/2 hour Pre-Administration session during the last 2 weeks in April (TBA) More AP information on the MMSD web-site SOON AP Tests *

  35. TOEFL-Testof English as a Foreign Language If English is your second language, and the language barrier is an impediment to achieving your best test scores, the TOEFL can validate this to admissions counselors, and help them to know how flexible they should be in making their admissions decisions when considering your transcript and test scores. They might recommend some college level language coursework to support your student.

  36. Students with an IEP……. Should register to take the ACT/SAT/SAT II/AP tests with Extended Time or appropriate accomodations. Earlier registration deadlines apply for ACT/SAT. See your counselor and/or case manager to assist you with this A.S.A.P..

  37. -Location (WisCareers Search Criteria) -Major -Tuition/ Financial Packages -Number of Students/Size -Competition or Admission Req.’s -Athletics -Public/Private/Affiliation -Area/Community Size -R.O.T.C. Programs Criteria to Consider when * starting your Search…...

  38. UW System : General *Admission Requirements • 17 credits, including: • 4 cr of English • 7 semesters of reading/writing • 3 cr of Social Studies • 3 cr of Math (Alg.II/Trig) • 3 cr of Science • Foreign Language- Eau Claire • 2 addtl. credits of arts, comp sci, academic, or elective study • Adequate GPA and ACT

  39. UW Madison: Highly Competitive!Most students accepted have: • 4 cr of English • 3-4 cr Social Studies • 4 cr of Math • 4 cr of Science • 2+ cr of Foreign Language • 2+ cr of academics, arts, • comp sci, elective study • Top 10% of class • ACT composite: 27+ • GPA: Upper 3’s

  40. Apply before December 1st of senior year!!! MATC’s two-year degrees boast of great job placement rates and high earning power. They focus on real-world job competencies. Many jobs don’t require a 4yr. college degree. College transfer program is one route to get to a 4 year college. (high bacceloreate graduation rate compared to 4 yr. College freshman) MATC

  41. -Animation -Paralegal -Architectural Technician -Photography -Chef -Phys.Therapy Asst. -Nursing -Radiography -Dental Hygenist -Respiratory Therapy -Clinical Lab Tech -Veterinary Technician -Fire Protection -Graphic Design -Interior Design Continuous Waiting List Programs * at MATC:

  42. Plan to submit applications between Sept 15-Dec 1 (The early bird gets the worm) Students are encouraged to apply ON-LINE Students should create a personal resume over the summer to include with all applications The Personal Statement is more important than ever before. Further instructions for the college applications process TBA in Senior Guidance Newsletter in August Submit College Applications * September 15th-December 1st

  43. Ima Student 5200 Lovely Drive Madison, WI 53713 Academic Experience West High School, Madison, WI 2002-2006, 3.67 GPA, ACT 28, SAT 1810 Achievements, Honors, Awards, or Recognition Honor Roll, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Forensics (Speech Team) 9th Grade, Lettered, earned a perfect score at the State Competition Fine and Performing Arts Experience Cello Lessons (6th – 12th grade), once weekly Wisconsin State Honors Orchestra 2005 Athletics Club Soccer (6th – 12th grade) Winter Indoor Soccer League (6th – 12th grade) Volunteering Senior Citizens (Help freshmen transition to high school, in addition to other school service projects), 2005 UW Hospital (2003-2004) Other Extra-Curricular Activities CPR/AED Professional Rescuer certified (2004-present) Water Safety Instructor certified (2005-present) Advisory Team, 12th grade, (see attached sheet for description), 4 times a week for a year

  44. West Leadership Opportunities * -Tutoring Program -Club/Activity/Sport Leader -Class Assistant -Elementary/Middle School Tutor/Mentor -Student Government and School Committees -Senior Citizen -Honor Guard -A-Team Ask your counselor for more information on how to access these leadership opportunities.