the human nature vs the natural environment n.
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The Human Nature vs the Natural Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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The Human Nature vs the Natural Environment

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The Human Nature vs the Natural Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Human Nature vs the Natural Environment. Human Nature. The shared psychological attributes of humankind that are assumed to be shared by all human beings.

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The Human Nature vs the Natural Environment

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Human Nature

  • The shared psychological attributes of humankind that are assumed to be shared by all human beings.
  • Human nature is the fundamental nature and substance of humans, as well as the range of human behavior that is believed to be invariant over long periods of time and across very different cultural contexts.
natural environment
Natural Environment
  • All living and nonliving things that occur naturally on the earth.
  • The air, land and water, or any combination or part thereof.
  • An environment that is not the result of human activity or intervention

What is Happening Now?

  • Normally we study how some human actions affects our environment and it is very useful to know about it as a short time solution, but are we suggesting a real solution?
  • The answer is NO.
  • I am going to explain why I think like that.

What is Happening Now?

  • Who provoke the deterioration of the environment?

Answer: The people

  • What about the big industry?

Answer: The industry produce products that people will buy.

  • All of us needs transportation, all of us needs to buy products to survive in our world.
  • All of us belongs to a big system, in this system each person must to survive.

How human nature affects the environment?

  • The human been by nature is free: the human been has the freedom to take many decisions in its life, believe or not it cause a problem for the environment.

The human been its free to decide between:

    • walk or drive a car in order to get a near supermarket.
    • To buy a drink in can or prepared it by itself.

How human nature affects the environment?

  • To let the computer on in the night or turn off it.
  • Free to consume only the necessary energy in its home or squander all the energy he wants.
  • To drive a car of low consume of gasoline or buy a big car that spend the double of gasoline.
how human nature affects the environment
How human nature affects the environment?
  • By nature the human been:
    • Thinks: The problem is that human been tends to think always in the most convenient way for himself.
    • Can be selfish sometimes: The human been procure obtain the best resources for he and his people.
For example: In a soccer team, in order to be successful the team most work together for the common objective, most be organized by a team manager and follow his guidelines, but the team will have problems if some of the followings situations occurs:
  • if some player try to play and do what he wants.
  • if the players start a long discussion for any detail and lose a lot of time to agree about something.
  • If some players are act selfish and don’t pass the ball to the other players.
  • If the best player start thinking that he is too good to hear advices from others.
That’s exactly the problem with people around the world, some characteristics of the human been nature makes not possible to organize everybody around a common objective.
how human nature affects the environment1
How human nature affects the environment?
  • Competes to be best in manythings: A good example is in the competence to be the most developed country, but the environment is not a priority.

By nature the human been:


Let’s Analyze an Example

The first step to solve a problem is be honest with ourselves, let’s reflect about some problems.

Let’s consider this example:

There is a problem with the fishes, the problem is there are few fishes in the sea and the demand of fish is to high and increasing everyday.

Is it really the solution to orient people to eat another kind of meat as beef or pork or chicken?


Let’s Analyze an Example

If people start eating more beef, we will need more caws in the fields, so we will need more fields for the caws, so we will need to cut some trees and that is not good, that’s exactly what happens in my country-Nicaragua-, in Nicaragua we mainly eat beef so the forest is disappearing everyday because that.

Similar problems will happen if people start eating mainly chicken or pork, it will increase another problem and son on.


Let’s Analyze an Example

Effectively, to orient people to not eat so much fish or orient fishers to work in other economic activities is part of the solution, but is not all the solution.

Because the human nature, it’s not possible integrate everybody in a new way of life in order to preserve the natural environment.


Something to Consider

Many good people works hard everyday for the preservation of trees, but at the same time many big companies cut the trees in the amazons and other forests, plus a lot of people in poor countries cut the trees everyday to cook and to get money to live, here again the human nature is against the environment because the human been needs to survive.


Something to Consider

  • The human been is always trying to do the things better in order to improve quality of life, it is totally impossible to stop human been in this process, for example, it is impossible to ask all people to not use cars or to not watch TV or to not use the laundry machine or to not use comfortable and beautiful clothes.
  • The man is always going to affect the natural environment in order to create a better environment for himself and his family, just think how many trees could be in the area of your own house or apartment buildings.

Something to Consider

  • The people is always talking about development, quality of life and improvement and here we are now.
  • So a new concept was born, the concept of sustainable development, since that, the sustainable development has been more a goal than a reality because only a very little percent of environment is being preserved or reestablished, meanwhile in other parts of the world the destruction of the environment continues faster everyday.

What To Do?

Many of you could be thinking so after all this negative things about the human nature, do we have a real solution?

Answer: Yes we have, all the measures that we talk about in this seminar and measures that people around the world explain are useful, the Kyoto Protocol for example is part of the solution.

Our world has the capacity to renovate itself, the problems is the destruction is faster than the renovation.

It is extremely necessary to be realistic and understand our nature before make plans for our environment.


Before Do Something

The world is made of more than 6,350 millions of people, let’s agree that we cannot organized all this people in a plan for the environment, even trying it in each country separately.

The human been will always try to improve his life, in this process the natural environment is destroyed and the resources are limited.

Some people disagree with that, but let’s have in mind that it’s possible for 5 people to live in a little house, but it’s not possible for 200 people.


What To Do?

All the solutions like the Kyoto protocol are necessary, but if the world population continues increasing the problem of air contamination will continue increasing, it will almost impossible to stop it.

Even it sounds as not real, we have to start talking about world population reduction by planning, it’s totally unacceptable for our natural environment the increase of the population.


What To Do?

Exactly as Kyoto protocol, there must be an arrangement with all the countries of the world to stop the population increase.

Of course because the difference of cultures each country must try to get the goal in the most convenient way, this is the second part of the solution so our planet may have finally an opportunity to renovate itself.


What To Do?

So for the example of the fishes, if there are less people eating fish of course we are achieving the goal of decrease its consuming without increasing the consuming of other kind of meat, in the same way there will be less people driving cars, less people buying drinks in cans, less people using laundry machines, the environment will be happy, but..

But of course the development and quality of life could be affected, yes, we have to make sacrifices, but this is a sacrifice that we have to do.


What To Do?

In this case the developed countries will be the most affected and the first countries to refuse a solution like that, because there will be less people to buy things, if less people buy things, there will be less money, so how can we soften the impact of a population reduction?

Answer: Integrating the people from the poor countries to the economics of the rich countries, nowadays there are a lot of human resources wasted in poor countries so it will be convenient for both sides and at least the natural environment of that poor countries will have the opportunity to be renovated.


What To Do?

But of course there will be a reduction in the number of people in the developed countries and it is necessary and it is really needed to stop the development for a while and start thinking about fix our house (the natural environment).

But how can we make everybody participated in that?

Answer: The conscience is also part of the human been nature, in this solution (the population reduction) must participated all the countries, not only developed countries.


What To Do?

People must understand and receive information home by home, each government must agree to spend part of its budget in programs of promotion for reproduction planning.

The conservation of the environment, the reduction of the contamination and the reproduction planning must be addressed for everybody.


What To Do?

Nowadays in the system were we live we hear everyday in the TV buy , buy, buy, buy, so we buy things that we don’t need.

Some social systems in the past were not successful because the ignored the human nature, so we have to fix the system, in this part the countries leaders must be example for other countries.

The reduction of the contamination and the sustainable development are solutions for now, but the population solution is the other part of the solution and it’s a solution for the future.



To finish I conclude the Humans been will always be in some way against the environment and the solution is to give the natural environment the opportunity to renovate itself by reducing the population contamination.

After we stop or reduce the population increase, we will have more timeto implement a sustainabledevelopment, fixing the things that we have done wrong.

If we don’t stop the development, the human nature will stop us, and our style of life will almost disappear.