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XL1200 Training. Product Portfolio. Packaging. Graphic Arts. Super Wide Format. Wide Format. Flatbed. FB6700. XL1200. Grandjet S+ 5,3. TJ8300. Superjet. FB6300. Grand. Pressjet II. Idanit Novo. Phase out. SWF Applications. XL1200.

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product portfolio
Product Portfolio


Graphic Arts

Super Wide Format

Wide Format




Grandjet S+ 5,3





Pressjet II

Idanit Novo

Phase out


swf product offerings 2003 price vs performance
XL1200SWF Product Offerings 2003 Price vs. Performance





Grandjet S+



4 colors

8 colors

Applications & Performance

hp scitex xl1200
HP Scitex XL1200


  • The HP Scitex XL1200 is the second generation to the successful HP Scitex Vision XLjet product line.
  • HP Scitex XLjet product line installed base, world wide, is over 180 systems. (HP IIDE 72, HP IIDA 49, HP IIDAP 39, HP IIDLA 28)
  • All XL1200 new features and capabilities are offered as an upgrade option, to all our loyal XLjet customers.


main features
Main Features
  • 2, 3, 5m (7.2, 10.5, 16.4 ft) system sizes
  • RTR, RTS (free fall)
  • Up to 95 sqm (1,023 sqft) per hour
  • 4,6,8 Switchable Colors (CMYK, LC, LM, LY, LK)
  • “Sample mode” - sharp 8 point text
  • “Import file while printing” ability


  • Upgradeable !
main features cont
Main Features (Cont.)
  • Up to 740X370 dpi
  • Double-sided printing; backlit
  • Wide media versatility
  • Onyx RIP
  • Multi-roll
  • IR drying unit
  • Auto maintenance
  • XL200 Supreme XL100 S/C inks


xl1200 advanced s w
XL1200 Advanced S/W
  • Switchable 4, 6 and 8 colors
  • Load files to the system Q while printing
  • Tiling to columns or rows
  • Crop files
  • Flip files for backlit jobs
  • Color correction tools
  • Queue and archive
  • File info (also in multi-roll)
  • Printing time remaining bar
  • Ink level screen
  • Media Tracking
  • Auto maintenance
xl1200 4 6 8 colors switchable
XL1200 4, 6, & 8 colors switchable

HP IID has ISO 9001 certificate. XL1200 has both CE, & UL approval.

xl1200 multi roll
XL1200 Multi-Roll

Includes file info on each media roll.

xl1200 backlit double sided
XL1200 Backlit & Double-sided

Dedicated S/W and H/W

xl1200 advanced drying system
XL1200 Advanced Drying System

Controlled temperature unit

xl1200 applications
XL1200 Applications
  • Building coverings
  • Flex-face billboards
  • Backlit indoor and outdoor signage
  • POP/POS, including double-sided
  • Popup displays
  • Exhibition and event banners
  • Truck side curtains
  • Backdrops for theater, TV
  • Textiles, including carpets
  • Floor and window graphics
  • Vehicle wraps
xl1200 applications cont
XL1200 Applications (Cont.)
  • High quality – POP, exhibitions, backlit and D/S signs, textile
    • Sharp 8 point text – “Sample” mode
    • 8 colors – CMYK, LC, LM, LY, LK
    • Backlit and D/S abilities
  • High Production – paper & SAV billboards, bus stops, fleet graphics, truck side curtains, floor and window graphics
    • 95 sqm/hr (1,023 sqft/hr)
    • “Load file while printing”
    • Multi roll, freefall
xl1200 target customers
XL1200 Target Customers
  • “One Stop Shop” printers supporting “full solution” –
    • Advertising agencies, billboard owners, Fleet marking providers.
    • Those who need flexible and versatile systems, to be able to switch between 4 & 8 colors and get both high-end and high throughput results.
  • High-end graphic art producers –
    • Photo labs, service bureaus, entrepreneurs, aiming for high quality prints, short runs, and high margins.
  • Industrial sites –
    • High volume producers, complementing silk screen and other digital systems, producing billboards, outdoor banners, bus stations posters, fleet graphics.
xl200 visionink
XL200 VisionInk
  • Product status:
    • Only HP XL200 Supreme.
    • 8 colors is available only with Supreme inks.
    • Upgrade to XL1200 with 8 colors is recommended with XL200 inks.
  • Main selling points:
    • High productivity
    • High image quality
    • Similar color gamut as the XL100 Supreme
    • Reliable ink
xl1200 main advantages
XL1200 Main Advantages
  • 4, 6, and 8 Switchable color system (CMYK, LC, LM, LY, LK)
  • “Load File While Printing” ability – maximizes the productivity
  • “Sample” mode – sharp 8 point size text
  • Double-sided and backlit printing abilities
  • Multi-roll printing
  • Roll-to-roll or Roll-to-sheet (free fall)


xl1200 main advantages cont
XL1200 Main Advantages (Cont.)
  • Skip White feature
  • Resolution: up to 740X370 dpi
  • Strong controlled drying mechanism
  • RIP: Onyx PosterShop
  • Speed of HP Scitex XL1200 5m:
    • Billboard quality ~95sqm/hr / 1,023 sqft/hr
    • High quality ~28 sqm/hr / 301 sqft/hr


hp scitex grandjet s
HP Scitex Grandjet S+
  • 3.2 and 5 meter (10.5 & 16.5 ft) versions
  • High productivity for cost effective budget
  • Most sold system in HP IID’s portfolio (over 600 units)
  • Main Features:
    • 4 colors
    • Up to 74 sqm/hr (797 sqft/hr)
    • Low investment cost
    • Multi-roll
    • Onyx Rip
    • HP GR100 S/C inks


hp scitex grand
HP Scitex Grand
  • Similar performance to the Grandjet C3
  • Very attractive price tag
  • High productivity for cost effective budget
  • Part of the Grandjet successful product line (over 600 units)
  • Main Features:
    • Up to 65 sqm/hr (701 sqft/hr)
    • 3.2 meter (10.5 ft) version
    • 4 colors
    • 370 Dpi
    • RTR
    • PPS Rip
    • GR100 S/C inks
    • Low investment cost


swf market positioning quality ratio vs productivity ratio


Vutek 2600

Small inkjets






Vutek 8C


Jeti 3300

Fleet Graphics

GJ Classic


Vutek 6C


Vutek 4C







FF Billboards





Productivity (Throughput / L. price)

SWF Market Positioning:Quality Ratio vs. Productivity Ratio
main players



Europe & M











Asia Pacific

HP IID (1100)



Nur (950)

Vutek (950)

Main Players


vutek s offerings general weak points
Vutek’s Offerings –General Weak Points
  • Most systems support average quality in high production:
    • No Backlit or D/S printing dedicated S/W & H/W.
    • No Queue – low overall productivity.
    • No “Load file while Printing”.
    • No “Skip White” option.
    • Big amount of ink consumption and ink waste, due to spectra heads.
    • Average drying capabilities.
    • Low media flexibility – paper, mesh.
    • Weak infrastructure and global support.
nur s offerings
Nur’s Offerings
  • Nur Fresco 3200 HiQ 8C:
    • In 2x4 colors they reach 102 sqm/hr – soluble quality only on Mesh. In other material it shows banding.
    • The Fresco has no multi-roll or “Load File While Printing” ability – so even if Nur claims speed of 102 sqm/hr – in real working environment the XL1200 tops that.
    • The Fresco has no dedicated backlit or double-side option – you need a very professional operator to create a good D/S registration (Like on GJ).
    • The Fresco has no skip white option.
    • The Fresco has a vacuum table, which makes it difficult to print mesh and carpet materials on it (needs special procedure).
  • We can always offer the XL1200 5m – it is more attractive than the 3m Fresco.
nur s offerings cont
Nur’s Offerings (Cont.)
  • (Salsa) Ultima HiQ 5000 8C:
    • First presented in ISA 2003.
    • A new system based on combined technologies (BB, Salsa, Fresco).
    • No dedicated Backlit or Double-sided printing capabilities.
    • The Ultima has a vacuum table, which makes it difficult to print mesh and carpet materials on it (needs special procedure).
  • General point:
  • Nur and Vutek are selling a system and adding required elements in separate parts of the deal. This presents a lower system price - potential customers should be aware of that.
gandi innovations jeti 3300
Gandi InnovationsJeti 3300
  • Strong points:
    • Easy to use, with simple user software-interface.
    • Very high quality in 12-pass mode - rivals the VUTEk 2360 SC.
    • Low investment cost ~$175K.
gandi innovations jeti 3300 cont
Gandi InnovationsJeti 3300 (Cont.)
  • Weak points:
    • Unproven reliability – $175K is still a high risk to take!
    • Very bad media handling - slipping and uneven media tension, week structure.
    • In order to get good quality (12 pass), the system runs at 18sqm/hr.
    • In 6 and 9-pass, there is a very noticeable and wide banding.
    • Problems with ink viscosity - especially very weak magenta and cyan.
    • Backlit images are terrible and unacceptable.
    • Very bad quality on many different and popular media types.
  • Gandi has a doubtful reputation – he sold the “Powerjet” to Nur, than the “Salsa” operation as well, and now we know he looks for someone to buy the Gandi line.


hp iid strategy
HP IID Strategy
  • We need to strengthen our leadership position in the market.
  • We should avoid getting into technical features competition traps and instead focus on our total solution attractiveness:
    • We manufacture and supply excellent systems.
    • We manufacture and supply approved inks and media.
    • We have WW experienced and dedicated system support teams.
    • We support our customers not only our systems – “HP IID Academy”.
    • We have the largest systems installed base to prove the above!
    • WE have core technology – heads, inks, systems.
    • We constantly have new and better systems.

Thank You!