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BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training - KBS Training PowerPoint Presentation
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BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training - KBS Training

BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training - KBS Training

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BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training - KBS Training

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  1. 4/22/2019 BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring ( Blockchain Training Overview Prior to the knowing of Blockchain training, you need to know about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that works for online payment system with encryption techniques. Bitcoin and Blockchain technology regulate online transactions. Blockchain online training is learning about online ledger with the use of data structure for transactions. For example, the ledger of a bank is connected to a centralized network. While protecting the identity of user, blockchain secures safety of transactions. The algorithm applied in blockchain ensures high dependency and blockchain technology has the highest potential to bring a new level of financial system in public, private and government sector. Due to the identification of vast benefits attributed to the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in terms of economic, political, humanitarian, and legal system. This Blockchain revolution is distributed in three main categories. These are – Blockchain 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Blockchain 1.0 is currency which is the deployment of crypto currencies in applications described as cash, currency transfer, remittance, and digital payment systems. Blockchain 2.0 is contracts which is the entire bunch of finance, market and economic applications use blockchain. These are extensive than simple cash transactions, e.g. stocks, bonds, loans, mortgages, smart property, and contracts. Blockchain 3.0 is blockchain application beyond currency, finance, and markets. Specifically, for the areas of government, science, health, literacy, culture, and art. 1/8

  2. 4/22/2019 BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring KBS Training has digital currency team of faculty who are finance professionals for Blockchain online course. Our course is modelled specifically for career aspirants who plan to excel in Blockchain technology. Blockchain Training Course Description KBS Training has wide potential in offering Blockchain online training with expertise in IT industry and finance market. The course is in-depth and brings you expertise and wide understanding of Blockchain technology. The job opportunities and career enhancing opportunities are plethora that you can find employment as product manager, director, mobile application developer, lead mobile application developer, senior mobile application developer etc., The course modules are as follows: Blockchain decentralized transparent ledger Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) Bitcoin protocol and client (software programs that conduct transactions) Wallet software eWallet and personal crypto security Blockchain database: Transactions & Blocks Algorithm Public-key cryptography Node & Minder Distributed Networking Blockchain technology terms Bitcoin terms Hard Forks Openness 2/8

  3. 4/22/2019 BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring In the process of pursuing Blockchain online training at KBS Training, you will also learn about various sectors that implement Blockchain technology and trade Bitcoin. Some of the highlights of Blockchain online course are – you can attend online tutorials at your convenience and attend online assessments. The facility of watching the tutorials online gives you scope for excellent learning. Further, KBS Training faculty team is available 24/7 for solving your queries and help you learn accurately. Blockchain Training Course Content BlockChain Basic Training This blockchain boot camp is meant for anyone who has little or no knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency technology. For those who want to learn from scratch and be ready on blockchain. Mode: Class Room and Online training Material Used : Presentation + Video Prerequisites: None Module 1: INTRODUCTION Money and currency Digital currencies explained Types of Cryptocurrency Module 2: BITCOIN What are bitcoins 3/8

  4. 4/22/2019 BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring How to use Bitcoins and processes Bitcoin pricing and volatility Module 3: THE BLOCKCHAIN 101 of Blockchain Blockchain components: Digital Assets, Network, Nodes, Ledger, Smart Contract, Consensus, Mining Models & Characteristics: Permissioned & Non- Permissioned Types of Blockchain: Public vs Private Module 4: SECURITY & REGULATIONS Security issues and the pseudo-anonymity Security measures Regulations globally Module 5: BLOCKCHAIN INNOVATION The value of Blockchain Major Applications & Innovations Major Platforms: Ethereum, Hyperledger Blockchain landscape & ecosystem BlockChain Advanced Training OBJECTIVE: Provide advanced knowledge on Blockchain, application across domains and design thinking. Module 1: THE ECOSYSTEM Blockchain landscape & ecosystem 4/8

  5. 4/22/2019 BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring Digital currencies and financial institutions Alternatives to Bitcoin Module 2: BLOCKCHAIN ADVANCED Different blockchain platforms Colored Coins, Sidechains, Digital Assets Decentralized Services, DAOs Requirements for Blockchain application Smart contracts Implementation considerations Module 3: THE FUTURE Digital currencies and innovation Strategies adopted by FIs Consortiums Module 4: INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS (Use cases & Case studies) Banking & Payments Supply Chain Government services Case Studies Advantages Learning at KBS Training is a great professional experience as we have been in online IT industry for more than a decade and we maintain international standards for delivering optimum knowledge to you. We strive endlessly for excellence and pursue acute training methods. 5/8

  6. 4/22/2019 BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring Highlights of Blockchain training Learn at your convenience anytime, anywhere Get access to the video lessons Attend the short quizzes Ask your questions and seek clarifications 24/7 Gain certification in Blockchain technology Enhance your career opportunities Some of the best future advantages of pursuing Blockchain online training are as follows: Finance sector is gaining the advantage from Blockchain technology for its online payment system The infrastructure tool of Blockchain is very benefiting as it offers both public and private operational features Scope for expanding careers Potential use in business sector Efficient control system and streamlining Authentic record for value exchange Blockchain network guards against bad sectors Currently Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization and many nations are adding Bitcoin to their financial market. As the cryptocurrency is expanding its market, this is the real-time opportunity to achieve learning and certification for present and future prospects. Key features Digital Token: Blockchain was designed to transfer value in the form of digital currencies. Bitcoin Blockchain used as a secured transaction that validates the ownership of assets and the validity of documents. A digital token – example: 6/8

  7. 4/22/2019 BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring bonds or stocks ownership is tracked on a blockchain as the transactions are registered and validated by the network of public or private. Immutability: Records once added to the Blockchain cannot be changed. They remain unchanged. Uniqueness: Blockchain ensures that every transaction is unique and has not been spent and this is more evident in cryptocurrencies where double spending is avoided. Smart Contracts: Blockchain is the best platform for smart contracts. These are automated autonomous programs present in the blockchain and encapsulate business logic and code for carrying out necessary functions when preconditions are met. Blockchain technology revolution has just begun and in the long pace, both users and developers have the best advantage in mastering the digital currency. Blockchain training consists of several practice and practical sessions that enable you to acquire the best applicable procedures. 1. I live in Nepal, can I join Blockchain online training? Yes, KBS Training is a global platform for learners to enrol and pursue Blockchain online training. Send us your email at and we will respond to you quickly 2. What are the prospects for me after achieving Blockchain certification? There are many employment opportunities in public, private and government sector. The certificate is rare, so getting placement is maximized. 7/8

  8. 4/22/2019 BlockChain Training Online | Corporate Training, Project Mentoring 3. I am working as Systems Analyst, Is this course best for me? Yes, since you are already in IT industry, there are several financial systems and projects that you may have to work on. Blockchain certification will be an additional skill for you. 4. Can I complete the course fast, if I want to? Yes, it is in your timeline to complete the course as fast as you can. We will issue certification once we evaluate your learning in Blockchain technology. We appreciate your interest in pursuing the course. ( 8/8