xl1200 pneumatics n.
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XL1200 Pneumatics PowerPoint Presentation
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XL1200 Pneumatics

XL1200 Pneumatics

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XL1200 Pneumatics

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  1. XL1200 Pneumatics

  2. Working Concept Overview: • The Pneumatic System is comprised of: • Y Pistons • Z Pistons • Ink Purge • Pneumatic Panel Confidential

  3. Y Pressure Roller Pistons • The pistons are controlled by the Pneumatic Panel, and they work with an air pressure of 2.5 bar. • The pressure roller has a total of 3-5 pistons depending on the machine. • The speed of these pistons can be regulated. Confidential

  4. Z Shaft • This shaft is controlled by two pistons, which hold the Z rubber Roller. • The Pressure used is 4.5 Bar. • The speed of those pistons can also be controlled, and for safety reasons it should be very slow. • The Off position in this Axes, is when the pistons are UP. If there is a loss of pressure, the roller has two springs which lift or maintain the roller in the upward position. Confidential

  5. Ink Purge • We use air pressure of 0.8 bar to clean the heads • For this we have two air valves for each color. • Each air valve controls 4 heads, and the valve splits to two outputs, one for each partition of the secondary tank. Confidential

  6. Pneumatic Panel • This Panel controls the Z pistons and Y pistons. It also regulates and displays the air pressure for the pistons as well as for the Ink Purge. • The Panel is also included in the safety system. If the Emergency Stop button is pressed, all air supply to the system will be cut off. Confidential

  7. Pneumatic Panel • The Panel is comprised of • the following: • On / Off Buttons: • 3 Valves • 2 Filters • 2 timers • 3 Gauges • Pressure Regulators • Main switch Confidential

  8. ON / OFF Buttons • These 4 buttons control the Z and Y pistons in the following way. • On Y, when the Green Button is pressed, the pressure roller goes UP. The green button lights. • On Z, when The Green Button is pressed, the rubber shaft goes down. The green button lights. • Pressing either Red Button, turns OFF each Shaft; Y goes down, Z goes UP. Red Button Lights. Confidential

  9. There are 2 safety timers which control the delay of each shaft before it starts to move. After pressing any button, an alarm goes off, while the delay is present. You can adjust this delay in the timers, by rotating the little dial in them, and setting the desired number. The units are in seconds, but this can be changed. TIMERS The timer has 4 dip switches. The first 2, define the time range and the last 2 the mode. The Correct setting, should be 1 up, and the rest down, so that the range is in seconds. Confidential

  10. There are 2 water filters in the panel. The first one on the bottom, filters the whole system from water, and the second one is for Ink purge, because it is more sensitive. REGULATORS AND FILTERS There are 3 regulators, one for each function, Z, Y, and Ink Purge. Adjust the pressure by Turning the black top cap. Confidential

  11. Gauges and Main Air Valve • There are three gauges, one for each section. They display the current pressure applied: • The first for Ink Purge (0.8bar) • Second Y pistons (2.5 Bar) • Third Z pistons (4.5 Bar) • The main Ink Valve, opens and closes the entrance of Air to the whole system. Confidential

  12. VALVES • There are 3 electronic valves in the panel. One is for the safety system, which cuts all air entrance if emergency is pressed. And the other two are for the Y and Z piston control. Confidential

  13. General Diagram. Confidential