Jamea Al Kauthar: Centre of Academic Excellence
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Jamea al kauthar centre of academic excellence

Jamea Al Kauthar: Centre of Academic Excellence

Jamea Al Kauthar, established in the year 1996 is a center of academic excellence imparting Islamic

secondary education. Based in the UK, this girls’ school has consistently featured in league tables not

only for focusing on secular education but also for being able to foster unquestionable ethical and moral

values in its students. Graduates of Jamea, as such, have been able to demonstrate exemplary

achievements in all walks of life – cultural, academic, moral, spiritual and familial.

Jamea Al Kauthar: Everything you need to know about its history and other aspects

The esteemed institution is known for offering both Islamic and secular education. The Islamic Theology

course has been shrunk to 5-6 years. Since a major part of Islamic literature is written in Arabic and Urdu

languages, students are required learning these languages for the first three years of the course. The

Madressa courses cover a wide range of subjects including Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic History and the

life of Prophet, Study of Quran and its commentary, Arabic Grammar, Hadith Studies, Madhabs, English

lessons and more.

The Exact location of Jamea Al Kauthar: Safety and Comfort Guaranteed

The Victorian four storey building is situated right at the heart of Lancaster- home to some of the most

famous schools, colleges and universities of the UK. What more? It is also one of the safest cities in the

kingdom. The Madrasah and School are positioned in two separate places flanked by 20.5 acres of lush

grounds. Expect a perfectly relaxing ambience once you step inside. With a structural set up that can be

likened to that of Oxford, Jamea Al Kauthar offers comfortable, safe and secured boarding

accommodations as well.

The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall derives its historical significance from the fact that it had earned financial support

from the members of aristocracy during its time of construction. Successors of Queen Victoria including

King George V, King Edward VII, King George VI, among others continued their patronage for a

considerable period of time.

Jamea prides on the fact that it has consistently been able to attract students from different parts of the

world- thanks, to its enviable track record of scaling the zenith of academic excellence. What more?

Jamea Al Kauthar seeks further avenues of improvement and it is not stopping anytime soon.

Individuals from Canada, France, USA, Mauritius, Panama, Spain and Norway have received education

from Jamea Al Kauthar.

Students from all across the world have hailed the academic benchmark set by Jamea. First rate

academic environment, world-class faculty, a comprehensive curriculum, extraordinary infrastructural

facilities are hallmarks of Jamea. You got to be a part of it in order to experience excellence in

education. Graduates of Jamea Al Kauthar have unequivocally admitted that Jamea not only laid the

Jamea al kauthar centre of academic excellence

foundation of their success but also shaped their dreams at the first place and if given a chance, they will

not really mind going back to the institution once again.

Do get in touch with our proactive staff if you want to secure further details of the university.

http://www.jamea.co.uk/ | admin@jamea.co.uk | 01524 389898

Ashton Road,Lancaster LA1 5AJ