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The ideators – Ideation 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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The ideators – Ideation 2010

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The ideators – Ideation 2010
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The ideators – Ideation 2010

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  1. The ideators – Ideation 2010 A tour of the force behind IDEATION

  2. Presentation Purpose Ideation Overview History/Origins Of Ideation Market Uses Benefits Overall Process Techniques Tools In-Class Demonstration/Exercise

  3. IDEATION What is Ideation? Ideation is about exploring possibilities, generating new concepts and discovering new opportunities. It is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract One step in the Innovation process What isn’t? Not Innovation Subset of Innovation Not Traditional Brainstorming Traditional Brainstorming is involves validating ideas, weeding out bad concepts, and correcting current concepts

  4. HISTORY Innovation Research & Development Evolution Pool of resources has grown exponentially in several markets from a specific set of internal resources, to a broadened, internal approach, to reaching out to external resources. Internal R&D Enterprise Open Companies are now providing these services in many forms: consulting, web based application tools and business process development.

  5. Market Uses Ideation can be applied to almost any field including industries such as movies, video games, business, healthcare, etc. According to a 2005 Arthur D. Little global study, of five best practices identified, idea management has the strongest impact on the increase in sales by new products. Trend and Industry Analysis allows teams to understand immerging trends to understand high potential opportunities which tends to be the source for radical innovation. Customer Interactions serve as the source for new innovative thinking from the consumer perspective. “Lead Users”, pro users, innovators or early adopters for the most sound advice towards new innovative ideas. Internal Creative Thinking Stresses the importance of being free from constraints to allow for free flowing ideas. This approach goes against the traditional analytical nature of business to follow a defined process. This method can allow users to feel free in expression of off the path ideas and often raises the energy level of participants increasing interest in the planning activity. Several large companies, like Starbucks and Best Buy, have opened up this process to their consumers, inviting anyone to raise new ideas for possible company products using a dedicated idea management software open on the internet.

  6. Benefits When applied correctly, the techniques can add a high level of energy and fun to your planning activities as well as generate a large number of exciting ideas.  The quality of ideas is directly correlated to the quantity of ideas at a company’s disposal. Ideation provides a mechanism for the discussion and building of all known possibilities. Ideation uncovers or “discovers” new high-potential products, markets, needs, and features. Ideation adds significant confidence and efficiency to the product development funnel. Ideation can help any company develop new methods for uncovering the best ideas within the organization. The most successful companies have recognized that ideation is an integral part of their overall strategic portfolio.

  7. Ideation Process Principles Properly frame a question. This key skill can become engrained in the corporate DNA in order to ensure long-term success of any new model for creating and nurturing innovation Strategically grounded and outcome driven Built upon the values of trust, openness and respect Leverages the collective diversity and knowledge of the team Engaging, experiential and sensory stimulating Infused with fun! Recognizes and capitalizes upon multiple learning and creativity styles Promotes cross fertilization and true team collaboration Dynamic and flexible in nature to flow with the needs of your team Open discussion A medium that links all team members Option for anonymity   And when in doubt, remember the value of simplicity...let it be easy!

  8. Ideation Techniques Brain walking Mind Mapping Problem Redefinition 20 Questions Idea Hooks The Wish Technique Magazine Rip and Rap Collaging Bill boarding White boarding Idea Naming SCAMPER Lateral Thinking

  9. Ideation Tools

  10. An exercise in Mind Mapping utilizing Catalyst by IDEATION TOOLS & Techniques

  11. Mind Mapping Free brainstorming technique Developed by Tony Buzan

  12. Briggs’ Patterns of Collaboration Where does mind mapping fit? GENERATE – yes (Free Brainstorming Thinklet) CLARIFY – no ORGANIZE – maybe REDUCE – no EVALUATE – no COMMIT - no

  13. Selection Criteria Cost Ease of Use Collaboration Supports adding Files as attachments Hyperlinks Images

  14. How Catalyst stacks up Cost: $108 per year per user Ease of Use: relatively easy Collaboration: supported in real-time with co-editing Supports adding Files as attachments - yes Hyperlinks- yes Images – yes (but not too easy)

  15. Other Teams Criteria Cost “Advantages” Top 3 Tools Mindmeister Mindjet Xmind

  16. Similar Tools

  17. Demo of Catalyst by MindJet

  18. Mind Mapping Examples

  19. Summary Ideation is a subset of a multi-step innovation process It can be used in any industry or facet of life No matter the technique or tool, there are very basic principles in ideation that can always be used. The tool used today was Mindjet, which can be found @ 30 day free trial.

  20. Questions ?