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Outbound Opportunities for University of Bath Students PowerPoint Presentation
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Outbound Opportunities for University of Bath Students

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Outbound Opportunities for University of Bath Students
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Outbound Opportunities for University of Bath Students

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  1. Outbound Opportunities for University of Bath Students • Introduction • China: Study China, Shandong and Chongqing • India: Study India • Korea: Ewha University • Kazakhstan: KIMEP • Sri Lanka: IDEATORS • Funding

  2. Introduction Aim: To highlight short-term opportunities overseas for University of Bath students particularly those which further our links overseas • Many are with UoB partners or through contacts such as the British Council • A mixture of costing models: most involve some payment • Open to different groups of students • Most require independent planning (not arranged by IO)

  3. Study China 1 What is Study China? • Three week course every Easter and Summer aimed at all undergraduate students in the UK • Learn Chinese language, culture, history, economy, business… • Host universities are based in Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Hangzhou and Nanjing (East Coast) • Co-ordinated by University of Manchester for all UK students • Accommodation, food, tuition and excursions paid for by UK Government • Student pays flights, visas and travel insurance • Competitive entry but Bath has a great record of winning places on Study China.

  4. Study China 2

  5. Study China 3 • UNFORTUNATELY… • Easter 2011 may be the last Study China due to cuts but nothing has been decided yet so keep an eye on: • http://servalan.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/studychina/

  6. Shandong University SDU • Located in Jinan (Shandong Province) • Three hours from Beijing by train • Key cultural and historical part of China: Qufu (birthplace of Confucius; Tai Mountain; Qingdao a ‘treaty port’…) • Partner university of Bath since 2007 • Summer School: 4-31 July 2011 (tbc)

  7. Shandong University SDU 2 • 4 week course Chinese language and culture: language classes from beginners; culture classes in English • Lots of field trips and activities: folk customs, music, food, tea, volunteering, beer factory visit… • Much more individual attention than Study China but requires moreengagement from you • Buddy system: partnered with Chinese student

  8. SDU

  9. Shandong University SDU 3 • Check site at: http://www.ipo.sdu.edu.cn/iss.htm • 2 free places covering tuition and accommodation for Bath students: you pay flights and visas and living costs • Full fee places are about $1300 (2010 costs) • Open to all levels of study (UG, PGT, PGR) and visiting and exchange students

  10. Shandong University SDU 4 • Contact international-office@bath.ac.uk (Wessex House 2.15) to get your form countersigned if you would like to be considered for the scholarship • Attach short (one page) saying why you think you are a good candidate for scholarship • By 31 May 2011

  11. Shandong University SDU 5

  12. Study India 1 What is Study India? • Three week summer course aimed at all undergraduate students in UK • Dates: Application deadline normally end of March Experience: Mid August to first week in September • ?? We don’t know if it will run for 2011 ?? • Keep an eye on http://www.studyindia.org.uk/about • Mix of language and culture classes, lectures on Indian history and commerce and visits to cultural and historic sites… • Host universities are HR College, part of the University of Mumbai and the University of Delhi • Co-ordinated by King's College London's Centre for Indian Cultures and the University of Birmingham's International Office • Accommodation, food, tuition and excursions paid for by UK Government • Student pays flights, visas and travel insurance

  13. Study India

  14. Delhi programme • India’s capital city, is the seat of government and home to about 12 million people • New Delhi, with its wide tree-lined boulevards and magnificent government buildings, co-exists with crowded, vibrant Old Delhi, where traces of Delhi’s historic past can still be seen • India’s history and environment, morning yoga sessions, day trips to the Taj Mahal • Placements were provided by a variety of organisations from the private, public and NGO sectors

  15. Mumbai programme • Mumbai, India’s financial capital, lies on the west coast of India • Home to Bollywood film studios & over 14 million inhabitants • Lectures on Mumbai’s economy along with a visit to the Mumbai stock exchange, Hindi classes, yoga workshops and a visit to the Mahatma Gandhi Museum • Indian NGOs hosted placements such as; V Care Foundation which provides free help, awareness and education to cancer patients and their families

  16. Dive into Korea! A unique opportunity to ‘learn and experience’ Korea • Vibrant city with population of over 10 million • Nation’s cultural, educational, and political centre • Host of the 1988 Summer Olympics & 2002 World Cup • Summer programme offered by our partner in Seoul • 2 x 1 month programmes : academic + cultural • Open to UG and PGT students • International Relations in East Asia, Human Rights, Law, Politics and Culture, Economics & Business, Fine Arts and Design, Media and Music…

  17. Ewha Summer Programme • Build a simple traditional Korean house, learn traditional mask dance ‘Talchoom,’ make beautiful art work by using traditional Korean paper ‘Hanji’ • To have a taste of modern Korea, there will be visits to a major TV broadcasting company, ‘B-boy’ performance, & watching Korean movies together, just to name a few! • Dates: 24 June – 22 July & 1 - 12 August 2011 • Application deadline 18 May/ 6 July • Fees: £1,600 + flight • They do have scholarships you can apply for… • All information at: http://summer.ewha.ac.kr/

  18. Kazakhstan 1

  19. Kazakhstan 2 Why…? • Fascinating country: crossroads of Asia • Size of Europe but only 16m people • Former Soviet Union meets Asia meets Islam meets a Turkish language and cultural influence meets yurts and mountains= a weird and wonderful mixture • Almaty is an interesting and attractive city: tree lined; close to the mountains, laid back…great if you like trekking and outdoors WHY NOT… ?

  20. Kazakhstan 3 Where and What…? • KIMEP: a private university in central Almaty; specialises in Management, Economics and Social Sciences • KIMEP and University of Bath have a Memorandum of Understanding (2010) • Classes in business, law, or the social sciences taught by an international faculty from the United States, UK, France, Japan and India.  • Opportunity to learn Russian.  • You will meet the people of Kazakhstan, as well as dozens of other international students. • Open to UG or PG

  21. Kazakhstan 4 Dates: 9 July to 2 August 2011 Tuition fee • 172,200 KZT (about 1,170 USD or 890 Euro*) for undergraduate students248,400 KZT (about 1,675 USD or 1,285 Euro*) for graduate students(50% discount if apply before 6 June /for partners) Accommodation seems to be only 75 Euros! More info at: http://www.kimep.kz/academics/international/iss Email v.irwin@bath.ac.uk

  22. Sri Lanka • Fancy yourself as the next Apprentice? • Prepared to spend 30 days in Sri Lanka in late August/September? • IDEATORS’ is a reality TV Enterprise Competition which was first organised by the British Council • Aim - recognise & reward Graduate Entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka & UK • Competitors will be selected based on applications submitted by the Sri Lankan and UK universities followed by interviews • Fantastic opportunity !! • Hoping it will run again for 2011 • Announcement in early March…

  23. ‘Ideators’ Creating the next generation of entrepreneurs • Competition starts with 12 competitors: 6 undergraduates from Sri Lanka and 6 undergraduates from the UK • Aired on Sri Lankan TV and available to watch on Youtube • There will be 12 episodes, each featuring a new enterprise challenge aimed at measuring entrepreneurial skills of the competitors • Members from the losing team will be eliminated at the end of each episode as decided by the judges • Winner of the final episode will receive ‘THE IDEATOR’ challenge trophy and prizes http://www.britishcouncil.org/srilanka-projects-ideators-on-air.htm

  24. Funding • Sorry…International Office does not have funds for outbound but… • Try the Alumni Fund: there is a sub section for funding ‘projects to enhance the student experience’ and ‘enterprising placements’ • https://alumni.bath.ac.uk/NetCommunity/SSLPage.aspx?pid=459