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1. FY09 GOES-R3 Project Proposal Title Page

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1. FY09 GOES-R3 Project Proposal Title Page - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. FY09 GOES-R3 Project Proposal Title Page. Title : An IDEA product for GOES-R data Project Type : GOES-R data utilization project Status : Renewal Duration : 2 years Leads: Shobha Kondragunta (NESDIS/STAR) Hai Zhang (UMBC) Other Participants : Raymond M. Hoff (UMBC)

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1 fy09 goes r3 project proposal title page
1. FY09 GOES-R3 Project Proposal Title Page

Title: An IDEA product for GOES-R data

Project Type: GOES-R data utilization project

Status: Renewal

Duration: 2 years


Shobha Kondragunta (NESDIS/STAR)

Hai Zhang (UMBC)

Other Participants:

Raymond M. Hoff (UMBC)

James Szykman (EPA)


2 project summary
2. Project Summary

Use operational MODIS, GOES Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) products, and OMI/GOME-2 Aerosol Index (AI) to provide near-real-time air quality monitoring and nowcasts. Research and development work done under this project will investigate the usefulness of satellite measurements in improving air quality forecasts and pave the way for using enhanced aerosol products from GOES-R ABI

Operational GOES AOD, MODIS AOD, OMI/GOME-2 AI data

GOES-R ABI like retrievals obtained from MODIS radiances


Develop a new component in IDEA product

Develop and evaluate new GOES AOD retrieval algorithm (MAIAC)

Expected Outcome

Improved IDEA product

Implementation of the new GOES AOD algorithm into IDEA

Demonstration of improved air quality predictions


3 motivation justification
3. Motivation/Justification

Supports NOAA Mission Goal(s):

Weather and water

GOES-R ABI aerosol products will support Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between EPA and NOAA

Current GOES aerosol products have limitations. Only AOD retrieval from a single channel is possible. Retrieval has uncertainties associated with surface reflectance retrieval and other assumptions. GOES-R ABI aerosol products are expected to be of better quality than current GOES.

Although there are more than six hundred surface PM2.5 (particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter) stations over North America, there are large areas without measurements between stations and there are no measurements over the ocean. Satellite derived column AOD measurements correlate with surface PM2.5 and can be used to fill in the gaps and provide contiguous estimation of PM2.5.

Correlation between GOES-12 AOD and Surface PM2.5 for a mid-western site


PM2.5 (µg/m3)


4 methodology
4. Methodology

New IDEA component

Develop aerosol winds for nowcasting applications by replacing current IDEA trajectory forecasts with winds derived from aerosol imagery

New GOES AOD retrieval algorithm (MAIAC)

Image registration, this is to reduce the shift found in GOES images due to the jitter of the satellite so that the pixels with same geolocations from different images are co-located within one pixel error

Project MODIS 2.12 um channel BRDF on GOES grid.

Assume GOES channel 1 BRDF is proportional to MODIS 2.12 m channel, retrieve AOD using MAIAC algorithm

Evaluate the AOD and surface reflectance retrievals by comparing to the results from AERONET, MODIS, GASP, etc.


6 expected outcomes
6. Expected Outcomes

Improved IDEA product

Air quality application/nowcasting tool for state and local forecasters

Satellite-derived air quality index map

Refine PM2.5/AOD relation by EPA region

Improved GOES AOD product

Implementation of MAIAC algorithm

Demonstration of improved air quality predictions using IDEA


7 major milestones
7. Major Milestones


Complete code modification of the MAIAC algorithm to conduct different retrieval experiments from GOES- completed

GOES AOD and surface reflectance retrieval test and evaluation

Archiving system setup - completed

Web redirecting algorithm design and implementation - ongoing

GOES-R ABI AOD proxy data inclusion algorithm design and implementation - ongoing

Comparison of ABI proxy data with GASP and MODIS and their relation to PM2.5 - ongoing

Rewrite part of IDEA system in C++ - ongoing

Documentation – ongoing


7 fy08 accomplishments
7. FY08 Accomplishments

Improved IDEA by Including additional satellite aerosol data in the IDEA system

MODIS Aqua AOD, an individual tab with all the five products

OMI AI, incorporated in the Aqua trajectory forecast so that trajectories are initiated at level where OMI AI are high


Comparison of OMI and GOME-2 Aerosol Index (AI) product

Developed GOES image registration method to prepare for the new AOD retrieval algorithm

Major findings

On average, GOME-2 AI is larger than OMI AI over most regions for absorbing aerosols, and is smaller for scattering aerosols

The GOES channel 1 images shift due to the satellite jitter. We use image registration to reduce this shift to less than 1 pixel.


7 fy08 accomplishments cont
7. FY08 Accomplishments (cont.)

IDEA with new satellite aerosol data added


7 fy08 accomplishments cont1
7. FY08 Accomplishments (cont.)

A portion from two GOES ch1

Images before registration

Substraction of the two images before

and after registration

Coast line

GOES image registration


7 major milestones1
7. Major Milestones



Complete the development of nowcasting component of IDEA product

Complete the development of Air Quality index map for IDEA product

Complete the refinement of IDEA website panels to make it more user friendly

Complete the adaptation of MAIAC algorithm to GOES

Complete the survey of users for feedback on IDEA tool and website



Compare GASP and MAIC AODs to AERONET to determine which product performs better over arid regions

Enhance IDEA by porting GOES-R near real time AOD retrievals that are generated by NESDIS to begin setting up for GOES-R launch

Coordinate with air quality proving ground


8 funding profile k
8. Funding Profile (K)

Summary of leveraged funding

STAR base funding for Shobha Kondragunta

Coordination with GOES-R algorithm development work and air quality proving ground efforts


9 expected purchase items
9. Expected Purchase Items

FY09 $110,000 Total Project Budget

(110K): UMBC scientist at full time from Sep 09 to Aug 10

110K for UMBC Grant

FY10 $110,000 Total Project Budget

(110K): UMBC scientist at full time from Sep 10 to Aug 11

110K for UMBC Grant