Keep marijuana illegal
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Keep Marijuana Illegal. Arianne Faye Gonzales Mitchell Allbee Raymond Borigsay. Should marijuana be legalized?. Supporters of legalization say that medical marijuana has led to abuse that legalization would prevent.

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Keep marijuana illegal

Keep Marijuana Illegal

Arianne Faye Gonzales

Mitchell Allbee

Raymond Borigsay

Should marijuana be legalized
Should marijuana be legalized?

  • Supporters of legalization say that medical marijuana has led to abuse that legalization would prevent.

  • The goal of legalization is not to make access to marijuana easier, but to regulate who can obtain the substance.

How to tell if you re addicted
How to tell if you’re addicted

  • Some people are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction.

  • No matter how often or how little you’re consuming, if your drug use is causing problems in your life, then you likely have an addiction problem.

Common signs and symptoms of drug abuse
Common signs and symptoms of drug abuse

  • Neglecting your responsibilities

    -at school, work, or home

  • Using drugs under dangerous conditions or taking risks while high

    -using dirty needles

    -having unprotected sex.

  • Drug use can get you into legal trouble

    - arrests for disorderly conduct

    -driving under the influence

    -stealing to support a drug habit 

  • Drug use can cause problems in relationships

    -fights with your partner or family members

    -an unhappy boss,

    -loss of old friends.

Marijuana and its effects
Marijuana and its effects

  • Facts: The average age of first use is 14. Can be smoked using homemade pipes and bongs

  • Other names: Weed, pot, reefer, grass, dope, ganja, Mary Jane, sinsemilla, herb, Aunt Mary, skunk, boom, kif, gangster, chronic, 420, kush, L, leaf

  • How it is consumed: It can be smoked or eaten

  • Effects: Bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, impaired or reduced comprehension, altered sense of time, difficulty in performing tasks requiring concentration, bad memory, impairments in learning, perception, and judgment, difficulty speaking, listening effectively, thinking, and problem solving.

Positive and negative effects
Positive and Negative Effects

  • Negative

  • “stepping-stone” drug to other drugs.

  • Leads to “stoned" driving.

  • Easier for very young children to obtain.

  • Because of drug related arrests, people more likely to commit serious crimes and imprisonment.

  • Physical damage to users.

  • Would increase dangers to second hand smoke

  • Would lead to legalization of all drugs.

  • Positive

  • Not more harmful than alcohol or tobacco in moderation.

  • Limiting use intrudes personal freedom.

  • Related crimes would be reduced.

  • Medical benefits.

  • Police and court resource would be opened up.

  • FDA would regulate safety of the drug

Impact on society
Impact on Society

  • If marijuana is legalized in California, 85.1 to 93.6 million grams of marijuana would be sold a year

  • The price of drug abuse to the United States has amounted up to $180.9 billion in the past

  • Children whose parents abuse drugs often are physically or emotionally abused and often lack medical care, and necessities such as food, water, and shelter.

  • Drug abusers who are put into important positions (airplane pilots, policemen, doctors or nurses, drivers) can put other people’s lives at risk.


  • Marijuana’s use has increased among teenagers

  • People who use drugs as teenagers are at greater risk of becoming addicted

  • More likely to engage in unprotected sex

  • Teenagers associate little to no risk with marijuana use, and use marijuana anyway


  • Marijuana can be a potential medicine, but it should still be considered an illegal drug.

  • Legalization of marijuana supports other drugs.

  • We believe that marijuana should not be legalized because of the dangerous effects it could have on society.

  • Solution: Doctors need to be more strict when it comes to handing out marijuana prescriptions. It would make it more difficult to obtain and abuse marijuana, as well as implementing harsher punishments on people found with it.

  • How we plan to pay for it: People found with marijuana without a proper prescription should be fined instead of immediately being sent to prison.


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