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Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration. BY: Sandy Gonzalez. What is Illegal Immigration?.

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Illegal Immigration

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illegal immigration

Illegal Immigration

BY: Sandy Gonzalez

what is illegal immigration
What is Illegal Immigration?
  • Illegal immigration indicates that foreigners are living in a country without government consent. Over the past years in the United States of America, illegal immigration has become a large issue. There are numerous arguments that go against this “crimeful” act; however, there are no clear solutions on how to fully put an end to it. There are many different ethnicities that try to cross the U.S. border but the vast majority come from Mexico. These innocent people usually come on a work visa and attempt to create to create a better for their life and their descendants.

(Fitz, January)

  • Illegal Immigration is a popular controversy that has been mentioned virally amongst U.S citizens. While most Americans would agree that illegal immigration should be a crime, the proper solution should be to grant these innocent people amnesty. In this research PowerPoint there are various forms of accusations that the average American would categorize these foreigner when all they are really seeking is a better life for themselves.
what does it mean to be an american
What does it mean to be an American?
  • To be an American one is given absolute freedom regardless of color, gender or ethnicity
  • Our constitution even states we are all ensured with justice
why do people immigrate to the u s
Why do people immigrate to the U.S.?
  • People immigrate to the U.S to conquer the “American Dream”
  • Everyone wants to be given a chance, and in America we are given that opportunity, Why not share it with others?
  • Any human being should be given a chance to become successful and that is why many people want to move to America
point of view
Point of View
  • America is loosing sight of the foundation of our nation which giving everyone a chance to succeed.
    • By giving all humans natural rights
    • Everyone was once an immigrant or a descendant of one
  • What does America really mean anymore
our economy
Our Economy



America loses money on taxes

High cost of cheap labor

The U.S. hospitalizes illegal immigrants

(Illegal Immigration)

  • Immigrants provide cheap labor for businesses
  • They contribute more to economic success instead of taking advantage if government services
  • They are a huge consumer base
  • Illegal immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers about 113 billion a year at the federal and state level.
  • Also paying for their children’s education
  • Policy makers usually create ways to burden illegal immigrants
  • The Illegal immigrants are taking our jobs and resources
  • The illegal families are taking from the poor legal families

(Reform, 2011)

  • Lower skilled and have lower wages
    • Economy gets better because they serve as flexible components to the workforce
    • Immigrants help both provide goods and services for the nation in compensation with the so called money America is “losing”
      • America is actually gaining with more adaptable workers(immigrants)
    • The U.S does not “hospitalize” illegal immigrants
      • Most immigrants are lower skilled and work for lower wages, they actually have to work a lot harder to obtain success.

(Illegal Immigration)

large numbers do not hinder
Large numbers do not hinder
  • As stated by Marshall Fitz, Immigrants are makers not takers.
  • When immigrants come in large numbers that can only benefit society.
  • As more money flows through the economy the more likely that it will grow
    • Legalized workers earn more than illegal workers
    • They use their money to purchase items such as homes or cell phone which equivalents to more of a money flow.
    • Thus, more immigrants equals more consumerism which then results in more money for the economy to distribute.
    • (Fitz, January)
  • How are immigrants hurting us ? They broke a law; however, who doesn’t brake laws? But how are they hurting us? Talking on the phone while driving, black marketing, buying pirated movies-these are all forms in which one pertains to breaking the law.

(We Need Illegal Immigration As Much As They Need Us, 2007)

why do we need illegal immigrants
Why do we need illegal immigrants?
  • They keep America prosperous

(Migration and Human Rights, 2010)

why does the u s care so much
Why does the U.S. care so much?
  • The U.S believes that a lot of the crimes committed are because of the mass amount of illegal immigrations
      • Some might say that we never know what type of people we are letting in, they could be murders or terrorists.
    • Yes some illegal immigrants break law, but so do legal residence members.
if the government cracked down on this illegal activity then
If the government cracked down on this illegal activity then…
  • Many of the jobs that the immigrants normally do will not get done, because they are the jobs that most legal Americans don’t want.
  • the difficult dirty and exhausting jobs such as farm labor
  • Employment rates decrease which causes money not to flow properly , and ultimately makes for an unstable economy.


results if cracked down
Results if cracked down
  • More crimes would be committed due to the fact that the government is restricting culture from growing. More restrictions causes people to rebel. Families would be separated from their loved ones forcefully which will cause conflicts to arise. I firmly believe that society would go on strike against the government or even picket if the U.S. were ever to crack down on illegal immigration. There would be economic, social and emotional turmoil fleeing everywhere.

(Fitz, January)

  • Amnesty, a pardon to the illegal immigrants
    • Immigrants aren’t criminals, they are merely seeking a better future for themselves and their families.
    • There are many innocent illegal immigrants who have lived in the U.S. for many years who have not committed a crime and are basically citizens, so why not grant them a pardon.


  • We are all children of immigrants would you kick out your own family from the U.S. for not being “legal”. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken in order to break barrios. In this case illegal immigration must occur in order for these innocent human beings to posses a better life. Keep in mind that somewhere along your family tree somebody had to take the first step the pursuit of happiness, this is exactly what these immigrants are trying to do-to take that first step. Everybody deserves a chance in life, and living in America can create these opportunities for an illegal immigrant. It is a horrible idea for both our government and culture to obstruct immigrants from moving to the U.S.
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