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Electronic Field Guides

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Electronic Field Guides. By Teheitha Taylor Lawson State Community College. What are Field Guides?. Field Guides are documents that contain photographs or accurate drawings along with clear descriptions of plants or other species.

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electronic field guides

Electronic Field Guides

By Teheitha Taylor

Lawson State Community College

what are field guides
What are Field Guides?
  • Field Guides are documents that contain photographs or accurate drawings along with clear descriptions of plants or other species.
  • Field Guides are used by scientists, students, and citizens to help them identify species they encounter
  • Field Guides vary by size based on the intended audience and the geographic area covered
electronic field guides1
Electronic Field Guides
  • Field guides that are put into an electronic (digital) format are called Electronic Field Guides. There are field guides on CDs and on Web sites on the Internet.
  • Electronic field guides can be created through the use of scanners, digital cameras, image processing software, and Web site creation software.
electronic field guide examples
Electronic Field Guide Examples
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/animals/wildbritain/field_guides/animal_homes.shtml
  • http://www.rom.on.ca/ontario/fieldguides.php
  • http://www.enature.com/
use of personal digital assistants
Use of Personal Digital Assistants
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s) can be used to view electronic field guides as well as collect species information in the field
  • http://www.cybertracker.co.za/
use of electronic field guides to help preserve biodiversity
Use of Electronic Field Guides to Help Preserve Biodiversity
  • This link provides an excellent explanation of what biodiversity is: http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/Technical/ECS/wildlife/primermedres.pdf
  • Authors R. D. Stevenson, William A. Haber and Robert A. Morris believe that proper identification of species is critical to the conservation of biodiversity. They believe that with the use of new technologies and electronic field guides that citizens can participate in biodiversity monitoring. This increase in monitoring can help the scientific community gather more data in a timely manner and it helps citizens connect with the environment. http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol7/iss1/art3/main.html
other types of field guides
Other Types of Field Guides
  • There are other types of field guides that provide pictures and concise information about various things such as products.
  • Companies use guides to explain the uses their equipment. For example: http://www.cabelas.com/information/cabelasfieldguides.html?cmCAT=static_microsite
  • There are buying guides located on the Internet. For example: http://www.epinions.com/buyers_guide/Digital_Cameras_buyers_guide_p1.html
creation of an electronic field guide
Creation of an Electronic Field Guide
  • Project: Students will create an Electronic Field Guide with Microsoft Word
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