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  1. Do Now: • Title top of lined paper “We and They in History”

  2. Opening Question: • Rewrite the following lines in your own words and explain what it means to you personally “Differences between us did not cause hatred; hatred caused differences between us.” -The “In” Group

  3. What Similarities and Differences do you notice? What more would you like to know?

  4. What Similarities and Differences do you notice? What more would you like to know?

  5. Race • Category invented by people for the purpose of creating social hierarchies (power structures) • Scientists AGREE that there is no evidence to support the theory that some groups of people are genetically superior or inferior than others • In fact you are more likely to share genetic traits with someone that has a different skin tone than someone with similar skin tone(often the basis for racial classification)

  6. BUT, just because RACE is something created by people with no scientific evidence IT STILL IS a POWERFUL concept…. WHY?

  7. ANTI-SEMITISM • The hatred of and discrimination against Jewish People

  8. Religious Anti-Semitism • Ancient Greeks/Romans through the Middle Ages • c.500 B.C-1400 A.D • Persecution based on Religious Differences • Rituals • Belief in Jesus as the Messiah • *Could be accepted into society by converting to Christianity Arc of Titus that depicts Roman soldiers sacking the Second Temple in Jerusalem during the second Jewish-Roman War (circa 70 AD) Manuscript from The Chronicles of Offa that depicts Jews
being persecuted in medieval England.

  9. Religious Anti-Semitism • 1200s-1500s: Expulsion (Forced Out) • Jews of England, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy given the choice CONVERT TO CHRISTIANINTY OR BE EXPELED Map of Jewish expulsions and resettlement areas in Europe. 1100-1500.

  10. Secular (Non Religious) Anti-Semitism • 1700s – 1850s • After the Enlightenment Europe became less religious • Jews faced SOCIAL and ECONOMIC discrimination • Live in restricted areas • Denied Citizenship • Excluded from occupations • **But by the late 1800s in some parts of Europe Jews began to be more citizenship and equal rights… A 19th century French anti-Semitic cartoon, depicting the Jewish banker

  11. Racial Anti-Semitism • 1900s: Belief that Jews were a separate “Race” • (Falsely) Scientists wrote that Jews had separate genetic, and behavioral characteristics • Wanderers • Dangerous Criminals • Plotting to take over governments (The Protocols of Elders of Zion) The first postcard below was postmarked in 1904 from Brooklyn, NY

  12. Do Now: • Get out the page you have Titled “We and They in History” • New Section: Rumors • 1. Define what a RUMOR is in your own words and give an example • 2. What effect do RUMORS have…

  13. Blood Libel Rumor • Began in the 1144 with a book written by Monk Thomas Monmouth • Believed that Jews used Christian Children’s blood to make Matzah during Passover • Many stories followed of Jews and “ritual murder”

  14. Protocols of Zion • 1900 book written that supposedly showed Jews secretly planning to overthrow Christian European Governments • Really just a hoax by anti-semitic Russians • Henry Ford funded 500,00 copies sold in the U.s • 1933: Hitler made it a textbook in German Schools