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Glance on IP Phone

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Glance on IP Phone. LCD Display Features Key Soft Button Navigation Key Phone Button Contacts/ Home / History Buttons Ringer/Speaker Voulme Mute Button Key pad Speaker Button Handset.

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glance on ip phone
Glance on IP Phone
  • LCD Display
  • Features Key
  • Soft Button
  • Navigation Key
  • Phone Button
  • Contacts/ Home / History Buttons
  • Ringer/Speaker Voulme
  • Mute Button
  • Key pad
  • Speaker Button
  • Handset

By pressing the PHONE Button, the phone will be taken to the main screen, equivalent to the esc. key in the PC keyboard.

glance on ip phone1
Glance on IP Phone
  • Basic Telephone facility
    • Answering a call
    • Making a call
    • Boss - Sec Features
    • Conference

Features in the IP Phone

    • Call Forward
    • Auto call back
    • Call pick up
    • Station Lock
    • Beep

Accessing the P&T Facility

The existing facility provided to the users like Local, Tamil Nadu Mobile, STD or ISD has been provided in the new phones.

The same can be accessed by dialing ‘0’ instead of 921, 923 etc..

glance on ip phone2
Glance on IP Phone
  • Answering a call
  • Using Speaker -Press the speaker Button and start to talk


  • Using Handset -Lift the hand set, and talk using the handset
  • Making a Call
  • Using Speaker

Press the speaker button (you will hear the dial-tone)

Dial the phone number you want to connect. You will hear either ring-tone or Busy-tone (Engage-tone).

  • Using Handset

Lift the handset (you will hear the dial-tone)

Dial the phone number you want to connect. You will hear either ring-tone or Busy-tone (Engage-tone).

Note: If you press # button after dialing, the response will be immediate




When two persons are in a call,

  • A conference call can be initiated by any one of the two persons.
  • Press the CONF button.
  • Dial the required auto extension or P&T phone number. After the called person has responded press the JOIN Button.
  • Conference can be set up with maximum of SIX users.
  • Secretary can set up a conference on his/her phone and later transfer the same to the BOSS.


boss sec transfer for incoming call


Boss Sec. Transfer for Incoming call


Incoming call indication


During incoming call to Boss number, the SEC phone gets the ring tone. The BOSS Phone also blinks without ringtone.

The SEC can lift the handset answer the call.

To talk to the Boss to enquire whether to connect the call, the SEC can Press Transfer button and then the Boss button. The calling person will get the music-tone, when he is on hold.

If the SEC wants to connect the called person to the Boss, he will Press the COMPLETE button.

If the Boss is busy and not in a position to talk to the called person, the SEC can press the Incoming call Indication button to connect to the calling person and complete the call.

boss sec transfer to a remote extension
Boss sec. Transfer to a Remote extension


When there is an incoming call to the Boss and if the Boss has left his room and is available on another extension (auto number), SEC can press Transfer button and then dial the extension number

To connect the calling person to the Boss, press Complete Button.

Otherwise, Press Incoming call Indication button to connect to the Calling person and complete the call.

Incoming call indication



features in the ip phone
Features in the IP Phone

Call Forward


  • When the user is away from his/her seat,the calls can be forwarded to other extension by pressing the call forward button and dial the required number.


  • The user needs to press the Call forward feature button once again.

Call back

  • When the dialed number is Busy/ No response, by pressing the call back feature button, call back facility is initiated.

Call pick up

  • To pick another extension which is ringing, Press the call pick up feature button and dial the ringing extension number.

Station Lock

The phones which have been provided with DOD Facility have the Station lock feature. When the user leaves the seat for a long duration, he/she may lock he DOD facility by pressing the station lock button. To Unlock – Press Station lock and key-in #four digit password#.


This facility is provided in the Boss Phones. When the secretary is busy, to draw the attention of Secretary, Boss may press the Beep feature button.

Navigation Keys

By pressing the Navigation key upward /Downward/Side-ways, more feature buttons can be accessed

history button
History Button
  • History Button
    • A RED LED indicator (Top Right Corner) indicates that there is a missed call in the phone. By pressing the history button, we can know all call status of dialed numbers, Answered numbers and missed calls.
    • To call anyone from the history of the calls, press the Feature key adjacent to the Phone number.
    • By pressing the +Contact soft button, the highlighted numbers can be stored under User’s personal contacts.

(If a call is received from a person in the contacts list, his name will be displayed)

  • CUG Mobile calling
    • By dialing #944 followed by the BSNL CUG number, mobiles can be called from any of the phones. This facility will be enabled from 22/04/2013.