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ROMAN BRITAIN (AD 43-410). Extent of Roman Influence. Julius Caesar, 55-54 B.C . Prestige Economic Gain Strategic Celts in Gaul. Motives for the Ist Roman Invasion. Uphold Roman Authority Verica , King of the Atrebates Overthrown by Cunobelin’s son Implementation of Roman policy

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Roman britain ad 43 410 l.jpg

Motives for the ist roman invasion l.jpg

Julius Caesar, 55-54 B.C.


Economic Gain


Celts in Gaul

Motives for the Ist Roman Invasion

Motives for the 2 nd invasion l.jpg

Uphold Roman Authority

Verica, King of the Atrebates Overthrown by Cunobelin’s son

Implementation of Roman policy

Elimination of Drudism in Gaul

Internal Stability

Legitimize Emperor’s Authority

Motives for the 2nd Invasion

  • Emperor Claudius, AD 43

Urban communities l.jpg
Urban Communities

  • Urban Dwellers

  • Amenities

  • 3 Types Distinguished by Roman Citizenship and Roman Influence

  • Colonia

  • Municipium

  • Civitas

  • Government

Spanish Aqueduct

Celtic hut l.jpg
Celtic Hut

  • Historical Misconceptions

  • Isolated Farms & Villas

  • Existence of Villages

  • Full Gamut of Categories

  • Isolated Farms,

    Hamlets, Villages

Rural life l.jpg

2nd Misconception

Exalted View of Villas

Percentage of Impressive Villas

Geographic Location



Rural Life

Model of Typical Villa

Reconstruction of one villa l.jpg
Reconstruction of One Villa

Diamond Tile Villa

Rural life agriculture l.jpg
Rural Life: Agriculture

  • Improved Organization

  • Wells

  • Underground Silos

  • Water-Powered Machinery

Economy l.jpg

Roman Contributions

Improved Organization

Trade Expansion

Exports and Imports



Family life l.jpg


Architecture of Town Houses

Water Supplies



Family Life

Roman Arch in Lincoln

Limits of roman influence i l.jpg

Failure to Romanize Northern Military Zone

Boudicca’s Revolt


Governor Agricola


---Battle of Mons Graupius (84)

Limits of Roman Influence I

Limits of roman influence ii l.jpg

Roman Walls

Hadrian’s Wall (122-28)

Antonine Wall (142)


Limits of Roman Influence II

Hadrian’ Wall

Emperor Hadrian

Limits of roman influence iii l.jpg
Limits of Roman Influence III

  • Stagnation of Celtic Tribal Centers

  • Failure of Model Roman Towns to Expand

  • Minimal Contribution to Farming

Impact of roman britain l.jpg

Saxon Invasion Complicates Assessment



Paved Roads

Older Scholarly View

Town Sites

Saxon Cultural Level

Saxon Political Unity

Impact of Roman Britain

Lindisfarne Gospels

The end of roman britain l.jpg

5th Century Collapse

Assaults of 367

Terminal Date?



420 or 430

The End of Roman Britain

Porchester castle l.jpg
Porchester Castle

Built for Defense Against Invaders