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Leadership. What comes to you mind ?. Christian Leadership. … All that Jesus began both to do and teach ( Act 1 : 1 ) جميع ما ابتدا يسوع يفعله و يعلم به. Leading your life to a purpose. Avoid C ontradictions Service is life mission and not a part time job Fruitful L ife

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  1. Leadership What comes to you mind ?

  2. Christian Leadership … All that Jesus began both to do and teach ( Act 1 : 1 ) جميع ما ابتدا يسوع يفعله و يعلم به

  3. Leading your life to a purpose • Avoid Contradictions • Service is life mission and not a part time job • Fruitful Life • The LORD was with Joseph, and he was a successful man ( Gen 39 : 2 ) • Balanced Life • Daniel “ Every thing is created twice “ Stephen R. Covey

  4. Does planning contradict with faith? Old Testament • Noah : Building His Ark • Joseph : Surviving the famine • Nehemiah : Building Jerusalem Walls New Testament • Feeding the multitude • Counting the Cost Parable • Ten Virgins Parable • The Talents Parable • Apostolic Church

  5. Strategic planning • For your personal life • For your service

  6. Strategic Planning • Long Term ( Five years or more ) • Inspired by a complete vision of service or institution • Vision is translated to Mission and then to strategic Goals then action plan • Most stakeholders share in formulating it • The large emphasis is on the Macroscopic picture rather than small details • Biblical Example : God’s Plan for the mankind SLAVATION

  7. Operational Planning • Usually Short or intermediate term • Might be a part of a strategic plan • Objectives are usually time bound • Focuses on fast and tangible achievements • Usually limited by recourses and budget • Action Plan should answer (What? Who? Where? When? How? How much? • Biblical Example: Building the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days

  8. Planning

  9. Importance of a vision for a service or a project • Where we would like to go ( Destination ) • Unified end • Reference point • Motive

  10. Why are you doing this ?

  11. Importance of a mission statement • How shall we go there ( Direction ) • Shared values and methods

  12. Mission Items • Who are you? Identity احنا مين • What are you offering? Product بنعمل ايه • How? Tools & Technology ازاى • Who are your target people? Customer لمين • Where? Market فين • Who is working with you? Personnel بمين • How do you want people to see you? Public Image • Why? Philosophy ليه • Project time span? Concept of Survival & Growth

  13. Vision & Mission Saint Paul Service

  14. Saint Paul Service Vision Engaging people to Christ, on the foundation of the Gospel and the Sacraments of our Living Church

  15. Saint Paul Service Mission To deliver the Living Christ within us and show His endless love, to all the unbelievers, uninvolved Christians, and Coptic people in whatever countries which are in need and willing to accept our service. We strive to draw people’s attention to the goal of our existence and afterlife destination, which is the Kingdom of Heaven, and to gain souls to Christ through running successful projects and preparing suitable calibers to be rooted on the Faith of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, and to be equipped for evangelism and pastoral care. St. Paul Evangelism service will humbly give the needed help and support, avoiding the authoritarian image; this will be achieved through loyal servantswho sincerely believe, carefully study, faithfully explain and relevantly apply the word of God through the Church.

  16. Research "And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock [and] one shepherd.”(John 10 : 16) و لي خراف اخر ليست من هذه الحظيرة ينبغي ان اتي بتلك ايضا فتسمع صوتي و تكون رعية واحدة و راع واحد.

  17. Research • Why • To know where to go and what to do • When • Before we start  to plan ( Exploratory ) • To develop our service  to enhance • What • Research Question

  18. Exploratory Research Methodology After defining the research question General Search (Literature Review) Problem definition Altering the variables of the problem Scientific Guess (Hypothesis formulation) Hypothesis Testing (Field Study, Survey, †…) Results Interpretation Decision Making

  19. Simplified Process ( Again More Practical ) • Research Question • What are the opportunities of Evangelism ? • General Search • Religions and Believes (Commons, Approaches, Places, …) • Challenges & Opportunities (Projects) • History of Christianity & Previous Missionaries (Do’s and Don'ts) • Define the problem • Try changing the problem variables • Suggest an answer • Examine your answer † • Decide

  20. † Studying Specific Projects † • Market Study • Regulations • Technologies • Co-operation Possibilities • Logistics • Finance • Market Study Process • Competitor • New Entrants • Substitute • Customer • Suppliers

  21. Q & A

  22. Homework2 November 2013Acts 16:1-10: Characteristics of St. PAUL as an EvangelistDaniel Chapter 6: Characteristics of DANIEL as an Evangelist9 November 2013Jesus Christ The Leader ( The Mastermind ) Please revise Bible of St. Mathew Chapter 10 St John Chapter 6 and identify the different events expressing points of Leadership & Effective Management

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